Cheerful Hearts HP School PC Lab Alutgama Grade School Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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The proposed PC room is with the yellow divider beneath. ... The Happy Hearts HP School Computer Lab: Nov-Dec 07 - school qualifying procedure. Jan 08 ...
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Glad Hearts + HP School Computer Lab Alutgama Primary School Colombo, Sri Lanka Jun 2008

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School: Alutgama Primary School Primary: Up to review 5 No. of classes: 5 No. of instructors: 7 (counting Principal) No. of understudies: 150 Class size: between 20 – 30 for every class The school is situated around 18Km from Colombo downtown and around 10 km from Savordaya Headquarters. Note: This school was once shut down for around 2 years, and re-opened in view of villagers\' solicitation (a year ago).

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From the passage, there are two principle structures On the left side, 2 classrooms (in primary lobby) On the right, 3 classrooms. The proposed PC room is with the yellow divider beneath. Proposed PC room 3 classrooms with half concrete and half wired net (6m x 6m) Main corridor with 2 classrooms.

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Inside the room… (Before)

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Proposal 3m 7m after segment 10m Student Tables measurements 1.2m x 0.5m 4 units every confronting divider . Show screens confronting Teacher\'s table 6 m Door 8 x lights 4 x roof fans Childrens library.

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Milestones The Happy Hearts+HP School Computer Lab: Nov-Dec 07 -school qualifying process Jan 08 -school site visit, appraisal, and proposition Feb - Mar 08 -settle all setup arrangement April - May 08 -development/framework works May 08 - last setup and preparing June 08 - official opening

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I mplementation Student Table 1.2m x 0.5m 4 units every confronting divider. Instructor\'s table Door Post Renovation Room with Computers Installed

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Main setup day (23 May). A gathering of 26 understudies unpacked and associate up the PCs.

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Student Helpers Teacher Helpers

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Student\'s Computer work area with LCD screen & speakers. . Instructor\'s table. .

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Teachers\' preparation Introduction to PCs – real parts, associations, start up & shutdown, fundamental windows, mouse aptitudes Many instructors exhibited solid enthusiasm by staying back after formal lessons for further self learning.

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Good Practices: Improvement on pre-setup with engagement of all gatherings amid site appraisal – nearby philanthropy, temporary workers and instructors. Base - Lighting, Switches, Fans, Partitions, Door & Window security, Grounding, UPS. Divider mount LAN association (maintains a strategic distance from muddled link runs that would be inclined to rodent assaults) LCD Monitors – lower power load, vision insurance Attached Library Students\' assistance for setup Teachers\' instructional meeting Pre-setup of HDD Image (OS settings, applications) at Sarvodaya HQ Hard Disk Backup & Recovery process (Restore from HDD, Restore from bootable DVD) Train neighborhood IT on upkeep, picture recuperation Good correspondence between all gatherings.

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