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2/15/2012. clrc. 2. Motivation. CLRC visionBackgroundRationaleMinistriesPrinciples/Core values. Brief CLRC historyCurrent status/planCLRC needs. 2/15/2012. clrc. 3. . CLRC is devoted to offer Chinese some assistance with churching in creating and reinforcing their pioneers to understand their maximum capacity keeping in mind the end goal to meet the difficulties and chances of the 21st century in satisfying the colossal commission. CLRC p
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Christian Leadership Renewal Center Albert Yeh

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CLRC vision Background Rationale Ministries Principles/Core values Brief CLRC history Current status/arrange CLRC needs Agenda clrc

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Vision CLRC is devoted to help Chinese houses of worship in creating and fortifying their pioneers to understand their maximum capacity with a specific end goal to meet the difficulties and chances of the 21 st century in satisfying the colossal commission. CLRC gives offices to an all encompassing, triple service approach of Focused administration preparing Co-laborers association withdraws Personal withdraw and reestablishment clrc

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Background God\'s working in my life MGS look into venture Scriptures Review of more than 50 Christian writing sources on initiative and different parts of Chinese houses of worship Comprehensive overview of chapel pioneers 44 positioning/remarks survey 4 regular Chinese temples and 5 recognized Chinese Christian pioneers Critical church needs/issues Critical individual needs/issues Proposed arrangements clrc

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Rationale for CLRC Biblical Centrality of chapel in God\'s arrangement (Mt 28:19-20; Eph 3:10-11… ) Importance of qualified otherworldly pioneers (Eph 4:11-12; 1 Ti 3:1-12; 2 Ti 2:2… ) Need for persistent preparing (1 Ti 4:7-8) Need for veritable and taught cooperation (He 10:24-25… ) Need for individual recharging/refreshment (Ex 20:8-11; Mk 6:31… ) clrc

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Rationale for CLRC (cont.) Critical needs/marvels in lion\'s share of NA Chinese places of worship Leadership emergency Lack of collaboration/Internal clashes Limited effect on the group Significant patterns Growth of Mainland Chinese populace worldwide and their gospel receptivity combined with hazardous Church development inside China turning into a politically influential nation and its inexorably open strategy by the legislature The dire need to pass the implement from last era profound pioneers to the current clrc

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Rationale for CLRC (cont.) Historical/social variables Small size/free nature of a normal church Lack of methodical preparing for normal lay pioneers Diverse and complex multi-ethnic and sub-societies Low need for authority improvement by exhausted ministers/pioneers Certain Chinese subculture/convention introduction Influence of common polished skill Faulty ideas of minister\'s part Adaptation of outsider ministers from more established era clrc

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Ministries (I) : Specialized Leadership Training Content Spiritual development/Character building Basic scriptural tenet/contemporary issues Leadership aptitudes Mentoring by develop/experienced Christian pioneers Periodic, brief length, starting to cutting edge workshops or occupant programs Small classes (up to 20 participants) Specially chose educators/educators building Basic scriptural regulation Leadership abilities Contemporary issues clrc

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Ministries (II) : Co-laborers Fellowship Retreats Corporate dedication and love Developing trust Genuine sharing Ministry organizing/association clrc

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Ministries (III) : Personal Retreat and Renewal Spiritual controls Solitude, hush, contemplation, supplication and fasting… Self information, reflection & objective setting Physical refreshment Periodic getaway Relax & Recreation clrc

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CLRC Principles & Core Values Integrity and commitment Bible construct Emphasis in light of preparing and avoidance Holistic approach Innovative, adaptable, and down to earth showing strategies and materials Cooperation with neighborhood Bible accepting holy places and other fervent associations Filling the crevices Coordination and bolster Priority to Chinese holy places and potential lay pioneers clrc

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Brief History of the CLRC Vision God\'s working in my life Baptized in 1954 in Shanghai, China Church encounters in Hong Kong, Japan Founded and served at the Mid-Hudson CBSG/MCCC, Poughkeepsie, NY. Service at RCCC, Raleigh, NC (BOE,BOD… ) Early retirement from IBM following 25 years Lessons learned in Chinese temples Further learn at Moody Graduate School (1994-1999) clrc

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Brief History of the CLRC Vision (cont.) God\'s direction/arrangement for CLRC Site area and buy (1997) first stage building (1999-2000) Speakers\' hotel, classroom, library, dinning… Various arrangements (2004 – display) Physical offices (library, media hardware… ) and ground enhancements Brochures, application, site, association, programs… clrc

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Current Status & Plan Thanksgiving/Dedication (4/30/05) IRS non-benefit assess excluded status endorsed (9/05) 2 nd stage building (2005-2006) 20+ people residence, pontoon dock… Leadership preparing workshops March 24-26, 2006 : Personal Devotions and Spiritual Renewal April 26-28, 2007 : standards and procedure of chapel administration preparing April 24-26, 2008 : execution of chapel authority preparing April 23-25, 2009 : the peaceful service of a congregation April 22-24, 2010 : petition Co-appointment/co-operation on preparing programs with other outreaching associations/augmentation courses/neighborhood places of worship Co-specialists\' partnership and individual retreats Programs to address your issues clrc

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CLRC Needs Part time supervisor and volunteers for program/operations/fund/advertising/innovation collaborators Support for upkeep and further office upgrades Tax deductible commitments Volunteer/general laborers God\'s constant direction and your pious bolster Prayer/News letter Co-specialists supplication meeting Commitment and participation clrc

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Volunteer Services Facility: Ground/office upkeep (clean, weed, clear, splash… ) Repair/paint stockpiling shed… Landscaping (outline/usage) Technology: Library association, interpretations… A/V/Network setup/support; PC input Website upkeep, redesign… Program: subjects, speakers, plans… Finance: accounting… Public Relations: Promotions, flyers, enrollment… clrc

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CLRC Logo clrc

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Personal Background Saved and sanctified through water (1954) in Shanghai, China Active in the Chinese houses of worship in Hong Kong and Japan (1956-1961) Founder and service at the Mid-Hudson CBSG/MCCC in Poughkeepsie, NY. (1968 - 1982) Ministry at Raleigh Chinese Christian Church, since 1982 (instructor/mentor, Deacon, and Elder) Early retirement following 25 years with IBM in 1992 Completed review (MA Min) at Moody Graduate School in 1999 clrc

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