Christmas in Tucson.

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Also, unfortunately some pal out there is searching for a spot to sit tight. ... music. Hip jump. R&b. Jazz. Cumbias. Oldies. Rap. Christmas melodies. What I like about Christmas. We ...
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Christmas in Tucson By Konstynce Mcmarion Per3 12/15/05

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Christmas is on December 25 It is in winter time So individuals inspire trees to enhance

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Events Some individuals go to parades Some go to see lights Some individuals simply stay home with their family And unfortunately some mate out there is searching for a spot to remain.

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Family custom Go over to a relatives house They trade presents They make a major supper They take a gander at the lights They get intoxicated

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Places to go Mt. Lemon Winter Haven Down Town Reid park To the shopping center

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La Comida Cookies Tamales Menudo Posole Hot chocolate Carne asada

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music Hip bounce R&b Jazz Cumbias Oldies Rap Christmas melodies

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What I like about Christmas We get the chance to see the family We all get along. Everybody is upbeat We get presents We get the opportunity to eat We are all cheerful

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