City of Brooklyn Park Bio-diesel Presentation .

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City of Brooklyn Park Bio-diesel Presentation. October 29th, 2007 Steve Lawrence. Report for "Soy-Based B-5 and B-20 Diesel Fuel Use". Jon Thiel
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City of Brooklyn Park Bio-diesel Presentation October 29th, 2007 Steve Lawrence

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Report for "Soy-Based B-5 & B-20 Diesel Fuel Use" Jon Thiel – Director Operations & Maintenance Steve Lawrence – Central Services Superintendent Ph # (763) 493-8028 Donn Braun – Field Supervisor Ph # (763) 493-8079 Prepared for: Biodiesel Task Force Meeting October 29th, 2007

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What\'s In Your Tank??? #1 Diesel #2 Diesel #1 & #2 Diesel #1 & #2 Diesel with added substances #1 & #2 ULSD with added substances Winter Blend #1 & #2 ULSD with added substances, & B-20 mixed I don\'t know and I couldn\'t care less the length of my hardware runs

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Price Guide Wholesale Biodiesel Thursday, February 1, 2007 Pricing for 7501 gallons of diesel, with extra valuing of Bio-Diesel with State on Road Fuel Tax and No Federal Tax 20% Bio Diesel Egan Oil Company (Hennepin County Contract #1616R4-232) Joyce Paden @ 763-421-0410 B 20 Bio Diesel 3,000 lady. of #1 ULSD Diesel @ 1.9852000 $/lady. 3,000 lady. of #2 ULSD Diesel @ 1.8966000 $/lady. 1,500 Gallons of B100 Bio Diesel 2.018800 $/B100/lady 7500 Gallons Delivered 0.035000 Delivery 7500 Gallons of Dyed Diesel 0.020000 Bid Constant-Dyed 2 7500 Gallons of B 20 Bio Diesel 0.255000 Bid Constant-B100 MN Clean up Fund 0.020000 Federal Lust Tax* 0.001000 Total for 7,500 Gallons of B 20 50/50 Blended Bio Diesel Fuel: $15,428.10 Grand Total: B 20 7,500 lady $15,428.10 or $2.05708/gallon starting at 2/1/2007 Egan Oil: (3/6/07) (10/29/07) B2        $2.137685/gal $2.6916/lady B5        $2.137216/gal $2.738/lady B10      $2.136429/gal $2.7915/lady B20      $2.134832/gal $2.881/lady *LUST assess ( L eaking U nderground S torage T ank impose )

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Why Does the City of Brooklyn Park Use Bio-diesel? 1. Bio-diesel is protected, biodegradable, and decreases genuine air contaminations, for example, residue, particulates, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and air poisons. Bio-Diesel acts like a cleanser added substance, extricating and dissolving silt. Bio-diesel is additionally an unrivaled oil. 2. We feel the changes in outflows, decrease in smell and calmer operation of diesel controlled vehicles/gear will balance any cost distinction in the fuel.

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Bio-Diesel Today Six Years Later We are: Still utilizing B-20 now & into 2008 One of the first in the State to utilize Bio-Diesel for all diesel gear in the armada (100 vehicles ) Blending B-20 with half #1 diesel & half #2 diesel for Winter Months (Artic mix) Have dependably purchased Biodiesel Standard (ASTM D 6751) American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) product(s) from a solid merchant

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Equipment in City of Brooklyn Park B-5 Bio Diesel Program

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Equipment in City of Brooklyn Park B-5 Bio Diesel Program

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B-D Vehicles in real life Replacement esteem $800,000 US

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B-D Vehicles in real life Replacement Value $140,000 US; utilized year round

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Conclusions and Recommendations Biodiesel is an option fuel delivered from vegetable oils or creature fats. Immaculate Bio-diesel contains no petroleum but is miscible with petrodiesel energizes. Bio-diesel has been appeared to build the greasing up characteristics of the fuel. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that is created in the United States and it\'s utilization diminishes reliance on abroad oil imports. Biodiesel consumes cleaner than petroleum diesel. Utilizing Bio-diesel decreases presentation to unsafe emanations that we inhale working around or riding in diesel fueled vehicles/hardware. Minnesota has passed a law that states B-2 will come into utilization when two things happen; 8 million gallons of biodiesel must be set up and, furthermore a government or state charge credit of 2 to 3 pennies for every gallon must be set up, or June 30 th 2005 is come to. (Rochester and Albert Lea Plants opened!) There is nothing for mechanics or drivers to change when utilizing B-20 or B-5. There have been watched no lubricity or gelling issues and no grievances from drivers or mechanics. To date the city has not found a "drawback to the item, B-20 or B-5. Since B-20 or B-5 is better for the earth, is a characteristic ointment and a renewable asset, over the long haul it is a superior venture for the city to utilize. The city means to keep taking a gander at all alternatives accessible to our armada of vehicles/hardware to best serve the subjects of our city. We will work intimately with others to create "win – win" systems setting us in the bleeding edge of innovation.

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