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Eight homes were rehabbed citywide and seven family units got up front installment ... Private redesign in North Gaskin Avenue Historic District. Before ...
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CITY OF DOUGLAS 2008 GICH REPORT YEAR ONE ACCOMPLISHMENTS Housing review of target region directed by the Southeast Georgia RDC Code Enforcement got to be proactive as opposed to responsive Established Annual Junk Free Week Provided up front installment help and lodging recovery to qualified candidates utilizing CHIP/DCA stipend stores Established a Neighborhood Involvement Program

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City of Douglas 2008 GICH Report HOUSING SURVEY Southeast Georgia RDC got award reserves from DCA to lead a lodging study of Pearl Avenue/East Cleveland target region. The overview decided proprietor involved units, rental units, pay, number in family, time of structure, rent & contract sums, lodging needs, kind of lodging favored. The study uncovered that there were an aggregate of 228 structures in the objective region. Sixty six 66% of the structures were standard; 28% were crumbled and 6% incapacitated. Two noteworthy issues communicated by inhabitants were (1) expanding wrongdoing rate and (2) the absence of support of investment property via landowners .

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City of Douglas 2008 GICH Report Code Enforcement Three flimsy structures were wrecked and expelled through Code Enforcement. A few property proprietors told of code infringement selected to convey their property up to least code principles as opposed to show up in court, along these lines making all the more better than average, safe, and clean lodging accessible. There are various other code requirement cases pending running from congested parcels to bedraggled structures.

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City of Douglas 2008 GICH Report Code Enforcement - Meeting with Landlords The City of Douglas and Trans Waste started strict authorization of their arrangements in regards to things they get that had been set by the street. Proprietors or occupants were putting things considered "development flotsam and jetsam" in the city for get and neither the city or Trans Waste were lifting it up. This made a blemish and Code Enforcement got grievances. The motivation behind this meeting was to make the proprietors mindful of the sort of garbage the City of Douglas and Trans Waste were in charge of and what was their obligation.

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City of Douglas 2008 GICH Report Housing Infill lodging was built all through the city, including the objective zone by private engineers.

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Infill Development – Apartment Complex

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CITY OF DOUGLAS GICH REPORT Eight homes were rehabbed citywide and seven family units got up front installment help utilizing CDBG/CHIP stores. Likewise USDA Rural Development assets were utilized also. Initial installment Program Down Payment Program

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Reconstruction with CHIP stores

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Private remodel in North Gaskin Avenue Historic District Before and after photographs

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Private Renovation Before After

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City of Douglas 2008 GICH Report Junk Free Week City and Trans Waste banded together to actualize first Annual Junk Free Week by giving natives a chance to discard a wide range of garbage and flotsam and jetsam, (barring tires) at no charge. Trans Waste gave influence autos and waived tipping expenses. The city gave space to the influence autos and transported the garbage/flotsam and jetsam to the landfill. An aggregate of 46.23 tons of trash was gathered; $3,581.00 in tipping expenses were waived. This will end up being a yearly occasion for the month of April.

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City of Douglas 2008 GICH Report Neighborhood Involvement Program NIP was created to set up an organization and enable the habitations to play a dynamic part in enhancing their neighborhood. Utilizing GIS, the city was separated into 11 zones. Neighborhood gatherings will be held in every zone. GICH colleagues and city chose authorities are included in these gatherings. A flyer clarifying the motivation behind NIP with the meeting area and time is sent to every living arrangement in the zone. At first, the essential center of NIP will be on Code Enforcement and Public Safety. City Officials and GICH colleagues will listen to concerns identifying with Code Enforcement and Public Safety and location the worries. Staff will set up a report on proposed activity arrangement from NIP. The principal NIP meeting was hung on February 19, 2009.

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City of Douglas 2008 GICH Report This finishes up our first year report!

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