City of Santa Clause Rosa Lodging Component Redesign.

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Presentation of draft Housing Element. Different open doors for open association ... Remarks on Draft HE foundation data. Current HE strategies and ...
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City of Santa Rosa Housing Element Update October 2, 2008

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Santa Rosa 2035 General Plan Revision Focused on Housing Element upgrade Will join key strategies from different arrangements Will incorporate approaches identified with atmosphere assurance To be finished by June 2009

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Housing Element Update Introductory Housing Meeting Background information gathering/destinations stock Presentation of foundation information – meeting 2 Policy advancement Release of draft Housing Element/General Plan Presentation of draft Housing Element Other open doors for open association

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Tonight\'s Agenda Housing Element overhaul program HAP Background Report data Comments on Draft HE foundation data Current HE strategies and projects

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Housing Allocation Plan Report Station Area Specific Plan strategy Acreage based to unit based system Mixed use exclusion Affordability at 20% low/low, 20% moderate and 60% above moderate

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Housing Allocation Plan Requires tasks of 15 or more sections of land give 15% of units to low wages Most ventures pay charge in lieu 20+ section of land activities may give units off webpage Land commitment is a choice Exemptions

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Report breaks down: Effects of an on location prerequisite 15 percent reasonable to low salary 20 percent moderate to low pay 10 percent reasonable to low, 10 percent to low, 20 percent moderate Change from real esatate based to unit based necessity Elimination of exception for blended use improvements webpage hand versus expenses for off webpage creation

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webpage the vicinity moderate necessity may: Reduce costs engineers will pay for area Integrate moderate units in new advancement Scatter moderate units Decrease stores accessible for reasonable lodging Not achieve lower level of reasonableness

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Unit based necessity More undertakings required to give reasonable units on location Reduce costs designers will pay for area Decrease reserves accessible for moderate lodging

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Elimination of blended use exception Reduce costs designers will pay for area Fees or units would be produced in blended use ventures webpage hand prerequisite diminishes land spending plan yet not exactly for private ventures because of estimation of retail segment

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website the vicinity versus off webpage generation webpage location: Disperses units all through the city, in every task Ensures simultaneous development of reasonable units Level of moderateness could be less

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webpage location versus off webpage creation In lieu expenses (off website): Fees can be utilized to get different assets Deeper level of sponsorship might be accomplished Units created are regularly rentals, whose long haul moderateness is increasingly sure

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Next Steps – HAP Report Posted on site for open audit Integration with Housing Element

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Full report accessible: (Departments>City Admin>Advance Planning)

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Draft Housing Element Background Existing conditions – lodging costs and supply, extraordinary needs, limitations, programs Comments/questions

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Housing Element Policies & Programs Existing arrangements Existing lodging programs

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General Plan Update Timeframe Draft General Plan December 2008 Submittal of Housing Element to State Boards/Commission survey in mid 2009 City Council April 2009

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