CLACKAMAS Modern Zone: BUSINESS OUTREACH Activity June 2005.

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Business maintenance/help/development. Up close and personal with issues and opportunities ... Contain business costs as a discriminating approach to enhance the monetary ...
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Team Effort

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Purpose Business maintenance/help/extension Face-to-face with issues and opportunities Enhance/give great administration Seek chances to \'tell Clackamas stories\'

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Most (24) are makers Distribution (17) Commercial (12) Transportation/Logistics (10) 55 Companies Interviewed

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Long term "occupants"

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Small Business

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Business is gazing upward…

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Key impacts? Industry union Consumer inclinations Fuel costs Defense spending Technology

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China Some organizations boat to China Some keep away from any contact with China

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Critical Success Factors

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Major Issues/Barriers to Success The main five issues recognized by organizations are: 1. General working costs, 46% 2. Accessibility of representatives, 37% 3. Rivalry, 35% 4. Transportation/movement, 29% 5. Property/space imperatives, 25%

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"The instability of the Sunrise Corridor — its area and regardless of whether it comes—is a tremendous variable in our basic leadership."

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Aha\'s "It is difficult discovering youngsters out of school who need to work in our industry." (Food bundling, expendable supplies organization) "We require representatives who are: sans drug, Reliable and have some Skill."

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"Physical work is a censorious term in the government funded educational system. Be that as it may, the occupations pay a living compensation."

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Let the instruction framework know… "Today\'s youngsters are not given the presentation to exchange administrations and open doors for preparing. Instruction needs to begin at a youthful age—occupations like handymen and circuit repairmen pay extremely well and are sought after."

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Where\'s the up and coming era of workers? "We have to tell today\'s childhood that assembling is spotless and regularly cutting edge."

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Meth Crisis Indirect impacts—Labor enrollment and maintenance on location robbery Quality of life

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Issues & Opportunities

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How\'s the C.I.A.?

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How are we doing by and large?

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Important Strategies for Improvement Contain business costs as a basic approach to enhance the monetary atmosphere of the region (37 - essential)

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Enhance transportation/decreased blockage (21 – critical) In many cases rail is not an issue… .

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What\'s the message to BCCC? "Area activities, regulations and postponements directly affect how our business performs and whether we keep on growing." "Whatever Portland is doing, do the inverse. Hold our expenses down. Be delicate to the requirements of business."

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Interest in Business Assistance? Tepid… Job preparing and Finance \'Independence\' is the guideline

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Business Forum Interest #1-Sunrise Regulations, utility costs Damascus It\'s about moving merchandise…

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Key Messages "Don\'t limit us in attempting to make a buck. We require a helpful area and great working air." "We blossom with being allowed to sit unbothered!"

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"We are glad to be in this area. I\'d like the Board of County Commissioners to be not kidding accomplices with business. Try not to give us ANY political talk. You\'ll lose our trust." Newly found CIA business

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Concurrency (before!) Permitting process 15% Landscaping Requirements Inflexibility in necessities Most noticeable concerns

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Accolades, as well "Clackamas has been helpful for working together for quite a while; we trust it remains as such." "We are exceptionally content with Clackamas County. A decent area to be in. Would situate here again ."

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Customized/work preparing, 4 ESL program help, 2 Utility and railroad contacts, 4 Employment Department contact data, 3 Financing programs, 5 Lean assembling, 4 Info/illumination on district regulations—sign mandate, arranging necessities, stormwater expenses, 9 Special needs: Brownfield\'s help/information, 2 30 requested data/help Outcomes, to date…

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Removal of simultaneousness Enabled 7 neighborhood business to grow!

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Recommendations Policy Education Tax structure Lands/land use Utility costs Minimize regs

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Recommendations County Service to Business "1 Door, 1 Form, 1 Stop, 1 Person" Business Ombudsman Customer administration overviews Performance measures—turnaround time, responsiveness, and so forth. Track, measure, advance

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Recommendations Business to Business-Limited enthusiasm Bidding and contracts Supplier index "We\'re extremely independent. We know where to discover what we require."

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Recommendations Communications and Outreach Forums: Sunrise, Employee Recruitment, Biz Incentives, County Legislative Agenda Regular contact—quarterly… Annual meetings—main 10 to 20 Continue advancing linkages

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Communication Recs Cont\'d Tell the Clackamas stories… . Numerous business visionaries! Numerous multi-generational organizations Brand Oregon Models Industry Leaders… .

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"Making the County an alluring spot to work together must be a synergistic relationship. We\'re in this together. We as a whole need to cooperate on streets, employments and schools." Clackamas County Business Owner

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