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Reason. Classification Rating is a distinct option for conventional rating and positioning for designated looking at positions.The reason for classification rating is to build the quantity of qualified hopefuls on assigned analyzing authentications from which a selecting authority can pick, while saving veterans\' inclination rights..
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Classification Rating Briefing Regina James NOAA Staffing and Position Management Program Manager Policies and Program Management Office Workforce Management Office Serving NOAA\'s Most Valuable Asset – People January 2008

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Purpose Category Rating is an other option to customary rating and positioning for designated analyzing positions. The motivation behind classification rating is to build the quantity of qualified applicants on assigned analyzing endorsements from which a selecting authority can pick, while saving veterans\' inclination rights.

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Coverage HR Bulletin #066 dated August 30, 2007, approves the utilization of the classification rating adaptability all through the Department for all positions, which are not secured by the Luevano Consent Decree, when focused looking at techniques are utilized to fill opportunities. NOAA won\'t build up supplemental direction executing this adaptability as the DOC notice covers the required focuses for utilization of class rating.

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Basic Components Requires utilization of employment related abilities (KSAs). Competitors are positioned by pre-characterized classes and NOT positioned in numeric score arrange. Three classifications set up by the Department: GOLD (Best Qualified) SILVER (Highly Qualified) BRONZE (Qualified) Selection is produced using the most noteworthy quality class.

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Basic Components (2) Applicants must meet least capability necessities, then allocated to the proper quality classification. Every single qualified applicant in the most noteworthy quality class are alluded to the selecting official. Inclination eligibles are recorded in front of non-inclination eligibles inside every quality classification. A not qualified class must not be built up.

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Announcements The utilization of class rating is approved for positions declared under our assigned analyzing (DE) specialist. Hence, we can\'t issue a consolidated MAP and DE declaration as we are utilizing two separate rating forms. Class Rating can\'t be utilized to declare positions secured by the Luevano Consent Decree. Must express that the class rating procedure will be utilized.

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Announcements (2) Must state how veterans\' inclination is connected. Must incorporate a portrayal of the three quality classes. Will consider all qualified CTAP and ICTAP candidates who surpass essential capabilities and are set in the gold or silver classification as meeting the administrative meaning of very much qualified.

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Veteran\'s Preference eligibles must be distinguished No inclination focuses are added to scores Preference eligibles must be set above non-inclination eligibles inside every classification (Gold, Silver or Bronze) Qualified inclination eligibles with a compensable administration associated inability of at least 30% (CPS) and those with a compensable administration associated incapacity of over 10% yet under 30% (CP) move from the class in which initially set to the highest point of the most elevated class – EXCEPT for logical or expert positions at the GS-9 level (or proportionate) or higher Preference eligibles who don\'t have an administration associated handicap of at least 10% (TP/XP) are relegated to fitting quality classification (Gold, Silver or Bronze) construct exclusively in light of occupation related evaluation (i.e., reactions to Experience Questions in opening declaration and required KSAs)

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Merging Categories Combines most noteworthy classification with the following lower class Optional Use when less than 3 qualifying candidates in the most elevated quality class Newly blended classification is the new most astounding quality classification Preference eligibles must be recorded in front of non-inclination eligibles in the recently consolidated classification Decision to union can be made at two focuses in employing process: Before issuing an endorsement of eligibles Before selecting a qualified

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Order of Referral CTAP eligibles RPL eligibles ICTAP Eligibles who lost thought due to earlier mistaken accreditation All qualified eligibles in the most noteworthy quality classification

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Selection Process May choose from most elevated quality classification without being restricted to the main three qualified competitors May NOT choose a non-inclination qualified over an inclination qualified Approvals to ignore an inclination qualified must be gotten from the Director for Human Resources Management at the Department (Follow techniques set up in HR Bulletin #001 dated March 10, 2005.)

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Reporting Requirements Quarterly appointed looking at workload reports must incorporate your classification rating numbers, alongside your customary rating numbers. Tell Regina James by email ( ) when a class rating declaration has been issued with the opening declaration number.

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References DOC Human Resources (HR) Bulletin #066, FY 07 dated August 30, 2007 Public Law 107-296, Homeland Security Act of 2002, dated November 25, 2002 5 USC 3319 5 CFR Part 337, Subpart C Delegated Examining Operations Handbook, Chapter 5, Section B

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