Clean Advancement System Usage by the Netherlands.

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Clean Advancement Component Usage by the Netherlands. Lex de Jonge Service of Lodging, Spatial Arranging and Nature (VROM). Netherlands' enthusiasm for CDM. Dutch Kyoto target: diminish 200 Mton CO2 half worldwide (= 100 Mton CO2): Clean Advancement System (CDM)
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Clean Development Mechanism Implementation by the Netherlands Lex de Jonge Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM)

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Netherlands’ enthusiasm for CDM Dutch Kyoto target: diminish 200 Mton CO2 half universal (= 100 Mton CO2): Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Joint Implementation (attach 1 nations) Government accounts CDM and JI 2 Objectives CDM: Contribute to economical advancement Purchase CO2 at sensible cost and worthy danger

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4 tracks for actualizing CDM International multilateral budgetary foundations: IFC, World Bank, IDB, ADB, CAF and other improvement banks Procurement delicate by Dutch office Senter: CERUPT (shut 31 January 2002) Private money related establishments (under examination) Bilateral between nations (under thought)

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Balancing premiums/lessening dangers Apply Marrakech (CoP7) standards and strategies Most approach dangers are on VROM Dutch CDM financing is extra to ODA Price between US$ 2 and US$ 5/ton CO2, contingent upon level of maintainability Guaranteed installment, on conveyance Criteria for dependable venture financing Detailed data

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Commitment of all gatherings National Focal Points for CDM (required) Documents: Letter of No Objection (LoNO) Host Country  Intermediary Letter of Endorsement (LoE) Host Country  Project Sponsor Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Host Country  Netherlands Letter of Approval (LoA), compulsory Host Country  all gatherings included Declaration of Approval (DoA), mandatory Netherlands  Host Country

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Capacity Building Budgets and obligations of VROM and Development Cooperation are isolated VROM spending plan: buy CO2 credits and inescapable undertaking related arrangement costs (= Project Related Capacity Building) No different movement (unless no CDM premium) Development Cooperation: Institutional Capacity Building Coordination Development Cooperation - VROM, however no commitments to offer CDM attributes solely to VROM .:tsli

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