Cleveland Metropolitan School District Human Ware Update .

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. A Marathon Not A Sprint. 5 Year Plan. . Tending to the Challenges of Change. Coming to JudgmentConcerns Based Adoption ModelManaging Change. . Distinguishing Stages of Concern. SELF. Errand. Sway. Lobby
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´╗┐Cleveland Metropolitan School District Human Ware Update David Osher, Ph.D.

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A Marathon Not A Sprint 5 Year Plan

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Addressing the Challenges of Change Coming to Judgment Concerns Based Adoption Model Managing Change

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Identifying Stages of Concern IMPACT TASK SELF Hall & Hord, p. 63

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Employing A Three-Tiered Approach to Improving the Conditions for Learning and Academic Achievement

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A Comprehensive Approach Not a Silver Bullet 10 Aligned Strategies

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Human Ware District and AIR Leads, By Strategy and Activity

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Ownership for Every Task: Strategy 3 as an Example

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