Clinical Parts of Lipids and Human Multiplication.

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See Bettelheim et al. Fig. 20.7, p. 491, for hormone levels amid a cycle. Hormone ... Uterine topography lesson. Top #1, Cranial width #2,
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Clinical Aspects of Lipids & Human Reproduction Induce ovulation (Clomid) Assess lung development (L/S proportion) Accelerate lung improvement (glucocorticoids)

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See Bettelheim et al. Fig. 20.7, p. 491, for hormone levels amid a cycle. Hormone levels, follicle development, and improvement of the endometrium

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Not getting pregnant? Male issues: not as promptly drew closer hormonally Female issues: Physical (Can you think about a case?) Chemical, two conceivable outcomes: Not ovulating (peptide, protein, or steroid hormone) Luteal inadequacy (insufficient progesterone)

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Is the patient ovulating? Basal body temperature Hormone levels Direct endoscopic examination

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Clomid has few reactions. 1. This is the reason it was verifiably recommended as a first line treatment. 2. One outstanding symptom: expanded rate of congenial products.

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Back in the (great?) olde days… Clomid was regularly the main medication of decision paying little respect to the real reason for barrenness. On the off chance that a patient was ovulating normally, and Clomid was directed, what do you think would happen?

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Uterine topography lesson Top 2 3 1

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#1, Cranial width

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#2, "Howdy! (furthermore, ribs)

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#3, Cranial breadth

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Femur length

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Abdominal periphery

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Heart rate

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Obtain test of amniotic liquid for investigation of lecithin/sphingomyelin (L/S) Amniocentesis needle was embedded into sac #3 Top 2 3 1

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L/S proportions and Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) L/S chances of RDS > 2.0 1 in 50* 1.5-2.0 1 in 3 < 1.5 3 in 4 *Action level 2.4 From Practical Clinical Biochemistry 6 th ed., Gowenlock, p. 867

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What if the L/S proportion < 2.4? 1. Control corticosteroids to mother to-be. 2. These lipids are exchanged to the hatchling where they build the rate of lung development. Sit tight for a fitting time. 3. In the wake of sitting tight ( for time, see McEvoy C, et al. A m J Obstet Gynecol 2000 Oct; 183 (4):895-9 ), affect work or do elective Ceasarean.

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What if your wombmates L/S proportion > 2.4, yet yours isn\'t? (~2.5 days after the fact)

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~2.5 years after the fact

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~ 22 yrs later

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