Clinical Utility of CellSearch .

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What is CellSearch
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Clinical Utility of CellSearch Richard A. Bender,MD,FACP Medical Director-Hematology/Oncology Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute

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What is CellSearch™ another innovation created by the Veridex Division of Johnson & Johnson and authorized by the FDA for foreseeing movement free and general survival and reaction to chemotherapy in patients with metastatic bosom growth A technique to quantitate the quantity of circling tumor cells (CTC) contained in 7.5 ml of fringe blood Specimens are steady at room temperature for 72 hrs. post gathering in unique tubes and are be handled at Nichols Institute in Chantilly, Va. then again San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

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Epithelial Cell Kit MagNest TM Molecular Analysis CellSearch™ System

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Positive for CK-PE (Cytokeratin) Morphology: Round to oval; once in a while stretched At slightest 4 m in size (ought to fit in the white square inside the measuring box) In-class (the phone & all edges are in-consideration) Positive for DAPI (Nucleus): Must have a core Should fit in the cytoplasm Should be no less than half inside the cytoplasm Negative for Blank Channel: Good, Bright cell in Ctrl section = Control Positive < 3 spots = Control Negative NOTE: All patient example tumor cells ought to be negative in Control Column Negative for CD45/APC (Leukocyte cytoplasm): The tumor cells ought to be negative for CD45/APC Composite: TUMOR CELL CK-PE CK-PE DAPI COMP or CD45-APC COMP CD45-APC CK-PE DAPI Defining a Tumor Cell

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CellSpotter Images For Review COMP CD45-APC CK-PE DAPI

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CTC\'s in Various Carcinomas

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Recovery of CTC\'s Processed By CellSearch Instrumentation

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Overall Survival of Pts. (n=177) With <5 or > 5 CTC Quantitated by CellSearch-TM

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what\'s more, … The # CTC\'s can be utilized to screen a patient\'s reaction to chemotherapy as right on time as 3-4 weeks taking after the underlying measurement to figure out whether Rx influenced the #CTC\'s as a surrogate to its antitumor effect. This test "… is proposed for use in adjunctively observing and anticipating growth infection movement and reaction to treatment" for patients with cutting edge bosom malignancy as indicated by the FDA.

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Does a Reduction in CTC\'s at First Follow-Up Predict For Improved PFS?

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References Allard WJ, Matera J, Miller, MC et al. (2004). Tumor cells course in the fringe blood of every single real carcinoma yet not in solid subjects of patients with nonmalignant maladies. Clinical Cancer Research, 10: 6897-6904. Cristofanilli M, Budd GT, Ellis M et al. (2004). Circling tumor cells, infection movement , and survival in metastatic bosom malignancy. The New England Journal of Medicine, 351: 781-791. Cristofanilli M, Hayes DF, Budd T et. al. (2005) Circulating Tumor cells: A novel prognostic variable for recently analyzed metastatic bosom growth. Diary of Clinical Oncology 23: 1420-1430.

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CellSearch Information Name : CellSearch™ Circulating Tumor Cells, Breast Cancer Test Code : 16011X CPT codes : 88346 (X2); 88361 Specimen prerequisites : 10mL room temperature entire blood gathered in CellSave Preservative Tube™ Specimen must be gotten at Nichols Institute inside 72 hours from draw.

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Additional Information If you might want to get extra data on this test please contact: Richard Bender, MD, FACP Phone: 949-728-4086 Jamie Arking, Ph.D., MBA Phone: 703-802-7168

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