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Presentation. Clyde Gateway is a noteworthy recovery task covering the internal east end of the City and intersection the River Clyde to incorporate parts of South Lanarkshire. It reaches out to around 830 hectares (2050 acres).There were 5 principle accomplices included in the vital improvement of the task, namely:Glasgow City CouncilScottish Enterprise NationalScottish Enterprise GlasgowScottish Enter
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Clyde Gateway Presentation East End Housing Associations Forum Keith Pender Project Manager, Glasgow City Council

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Introduction Clyde Gateway is a noteworthy recovery extend covering the inward east end of the City and intersection the River Clyde to incorporate parts of South Lanarkshire. It reaches out to around 830 hectares (2050 sections of land). There were 5 principle accomplices required in the key advancement of the venture, to be specific: Glasgow City Council Scottish Enterprise National Scottish Enterprise Glasgow Scottish Enterprise Lanarkshire South Lanarkshire Council However, since the planning of the marketable strategy, Communities Scotland has been welcome to have a full influence of the rising task system and is viewed as a full accomplice. Different associations may likewise be welcome to partake at accomplice level once the procedure is more characterized.

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Why Clyde Gateway? Opportunity M74 and East End Regeneration Route broad empty and forsaken arrive, giving ability to development Proximity to City Center - 12 Miles of Waterfront Land National Indoor Sports Arena/relaxation employments. Require Population declining speedier than rest of city/area Low financial movement – just half working age in business Nearly 30% of abandoned land in Glasgow/South Lanarkshire Significant seepage framework and defilement limitations But requires duty & real Public Sector intercession.

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Goals and Objectives Goal 1. Make Sustainable Place Transformation misuse advantages of significant streets framework make a great safe environment create quality in building and open domain address the issues of defiled, empty and neglected land turn around relocation and increment populace advance urban outline quality Goal 2. Increment Economic Activity make monetary open door advance a comprehensive, gifted and versatile workforce make employments and open door for neighborhood individuals increment financial investment rates broaden the nearby financial base advance business proficiency measures

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Goals and Objectives Goal 3. Create Community Capacity draw in with neighborhood groups secure re-populace create abilities and learning projects to bolster group cooperation secure association attempting to convey group programs

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Strategic Context Clyde Gateway would one say one is of 3 lead activities inside Glasgow Metropolitan Area Priority inside Glasgow and Clyde Valley Structure Plan Priority inside National Planning Framework for Scotland

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Locational Context Kingston Baillieston Maryville Fullarton

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Key Facts What is Clyde Gateway? Add up to Project Area Approx. 830 hectares (2050 sections of land) Total Population Approx. 19000

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Clyde Gateway Scale Comparison Isle of Dogs

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Progress to Date July 2003 – Project Manager named September 2003 – Masterplanner, Economic Consultant and Geotechnical/Transport Consultant selected June 2004 – draft Development Framework displayed August 2004 – Ernst and Young named to get ready business case December 2004 – extend closed down by Steering Group, to be approved by accomplices\' Committees and Boards

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Master Plan & Development Framework

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Net Investment Program Expenditure Acquisitions £40 million Strategic £88 million Infrastructure £69 million Professional fees £11 million Sub total £208 million Income Land Receipts £119 million Less designer abnormals £44 million Net income £75 million Total Net Investment £133 million

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Economic Returns Total New Investment £1.6 billion New work 22,000 FTE Of which neighborhood people 5,500 FTE Increase in GDP from new business £477 million Increase in Income from new employment £378 million Increase in Local Tax Revenue £15 million for each annum Construction employment 5,240 Of which preparing places 525

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Outcomes Over 25 years What is a practical piece of the pie for Gateway to target? Business Space – 400,000 Sq M: 10% Regional share; 30% City share Residential – 10,000 lodging units: 7% Regional share; 13% City share Commercial/Retail Local markets just Leisure/Sport National/Regional activities

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Program Public Investment 10 years Outcomes 25 years Critical points of reference M74 decision March 05 EERR arranging submission Nov 04 National Arena decision Confirmed M74 Business Relocations Operational Statutory Adoption of Masterplan Underway Acquisition Strategy Underway

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Outline Delivery Structure Strategic Board Key Public Sector Partners (SE; GCC; SLC; CS; Scot Exec) Clyde Gateway (non-consolidated ) Strategic Management Executive Team Management; Project Development; Delivery; GCVSPT SPTE Scottish Water GGHB LHB EE SIP New Leaf GGHA Local HA Education Authority East End Partnership Operational Delivery Partnership Group Marketing Delivery Plan

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Conclusion Clyde Gateway is an aggressive 25 year program to recover the East End of Glasgow and parts of South Lanarkshire It will include a multi organization association worried with physical advancement, business improvement, improvement and re-skilling of nearby individuals and group contribution The point is to change the region into one where it turns into a looked for after city area, building up itself as one of the premier places in West Scotland to live and work, supporting Glasgow\'s aspiration to be a world class city district

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