Co-item Feeds are Taylor Made for Sheep .

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Co-items for Livestock . Ethanol industry coproducts (dry-milling)Distillers Grain w/solubles (DDGS, MDGS, WDGS)CCDS (
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Co-item Feeds are "Taylor Made" for Sheep Jeff Held SDSU Extension Sheep Specialist

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Co-items for Livestock Ethanol industry coproducts (dry-processing) Distillers Grain w/solubles (DDGS, MDGS, WDGS) CCDS ("syrup") Corn sweetner industry co-items (wet-processing) Corn Gluten Feed (CGF) Soyhulls (SH) Beet Pulp Wheat Middlings ("Midds")

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Why consider co-items for sheep Cost Energy and unrefined protein (pennies/lb) Forage substitution Animal execution Growth and lactation

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Co-item Concerns and Conditions Handling and Storage Unique Nutrient Profiles Minerals - phosphorus, sulfur, copper Level of fat

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What are dried distillers grains with solubles? The dry-process ethanol generation handle utilizes just the starch segment of the corn, which is around 70% of the bit. All the rest of the supplements – protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins – are packed into distillers grain. A bushel of corn will deliver no less than 2.8 gallons of ethanol and 18 pounds of distillers grain.

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Distillers Grain with Solubles (DDGS) 28 - 30% CP (35% DIP) 0.8 % phosphorus 0.4-0.8 % sulfur 8-10 % fat

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Modified Distiller\'s Grains

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Condensed Corn Distillers Solubles (CCDS) 30-50 % dry matter 20-30 % unrefined protein 0.8 % phosphorus 0.7 % sulfur 10-20 % fat **Added back to distillers grain at 10 - 20%

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Corn Gluten Feed 19-22% CP (80% DIP) 0.9 % phosphorus 0.4-1.0 % sulfur 2 % fat

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Soyhulls 10-12 % Crude Protein 0.2 % phosphorus 0.2 % sulfur 2.0 % fat

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Beet Pulp 7 % Crude Protein 0.1 % phosphorus 0.2 % sulfur 0.6 % fat

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Wheat Middlings 18 % CP 1.05 % phosphorus 0.21 % sulfur 3.5 % fat 25 % starch

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Summary - Coproduct Nutrient Composition **Expect critical plant to plant variety for CP and minerals

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DDGS - Variability From University of Minnesota DDGS site us/index.htm

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Common Characteristics of Co-items Energy and protein rich sustains exceptionally fermentable fiber sugars (NDF, ADF) low starch content decreases acidosis hazard Limitations on domesticated animals eat less carbs definition mineral profile fat content Practical stockpiling, dealing with and neighborhood accessibility will decide possibility for fuse into a bolstering framework. Sheep makers ought to consider dry put away coproducts that are financially esteemed. These coproducts are esteemed as vitality bolsters versus corn. DDGS – handy and financially savvy

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185 ethanol plants

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US Ethanol Production 35 mil tons DDGS Renewable Fuels Association, 2009

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Where does DDGS fit into Sheep Diets?????

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DDGS Research-Lactating Ewes Protein - suckling sheep development reaction comparative for DDGS and SBM supplemented diets (Univ. of Kentucky) Energy - DDGS substituted for corn at 2 lb for every head, 25 % of eating routine DM brought about a slight positive execution reaction in triplet raised sheep. (Iowa State Univ.) Recommended most extreme incorporation: 2 lb/hd/d or 25% of dietary DM

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South Dakota State University DDGS Research-Lactation Diets SDSU Lactation Trial DDGS and soyhulls supplanting feed to build vitality thickness amid lactation Results: Higher drain creation Higher sheep pick up Excellent wellbeing status

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DDGS Research-Lamb Mixed Diets Few reviews with sheep sustained DDGS in US SDSU led 1 st bolstering trial in 2004 Response to maker request Restrictions incorporate feast type of item and mineral contemplations – phosphorus Designed straightforward blended eating routine definition rules for on location application SDSU Extension distribution EXEX 2053

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Mixed Ration utilizing DDGS

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Whole Corn MDGS Liquid Supplement

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South Dakota State University DDGS Research-Lamb Diets SDSU Lamb Finishing Trials* DDGS substitution for SBM DDGS and corn or soyhulls Mixed fixing diets Completely pelleted * slapped together encouraging administration

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Use of Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles in Lamb Diets SDSU Sheep Research and Extension

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Using Dried Distillers Grains as a Protein and Energy Source in Market Lamb Diets T. Frames, A. Bartosh, R. Zelinsky, J. A. Daniel and A. Wertz-Lutz

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Experimental Diets were figured to be 14.5 % rough protein and isocaloric

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Growth Performance

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Carcass Merit

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Conclusions –Huls., et. al. DDGS can be utilized as a protein and vitality source in sheep completing weight control plans Excellent sheep development execution and corpse justify Excellent wellbeing status However to be most financially savvy ought to assess DDGS in a blended fixing diet

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The impact of corn or soybean body diets supplemented with DDGS in blended eating regimens on completing sheep execution and remains justify R. Zelinsky, J. A. Daniel, and J.E. Held

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Experimental Design 80 white-confronted and brockle-confronted wethers and ewe sheep Conducted December 23, 2004 at 92 days of age (range 79 to 105) and nourished for 64 days after a 7-d adjustment period Eight bolstering pens with 10 sheep for every pen Feed vanishing was recorded to ascertain admission and sustain to pick up proportion. Normal every day pick up was resolved in 3 wk interims. Sheep were butchered and corpse information gathered at a business pressing plant. (Iowa Lamb Corp)

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Experimental Diets were detailed to contain 14 % rough protein

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Growth and Performance Data

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Corn Based (L) Soyhull Based Diets (R)

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Carcass Data

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Conclusions - Zelinsky, DDGS was appeared to be a fantastic decision in blended sheep completing eating routine definition. ADG at 0.78 lb/d met or surpassed desires for development execution. Leftover encourage (squander) for the soybean body eating routine was roughly 40% of the corn eat less carbs. Soybean structures bolstered to sheep reliably have higher admission contrasted with grain based eating methodologies.

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DDGS Considerations - Lamb Feeding Residual sustain squander in blended fixing diets -Adds more work and bolster cost -Diet sorting adjusts creature supplement utilization Diet plan must record for large amounts of: Phosphorus - secure against urinary calculi -keep up Ca:P at 2:1 (P < 0.4%) -include ammonium chloride at 0.5% of dietary DM Sulfur – add up to dietary levels >0.3% chance for (PEM) -include 10 mg thiamine for every lb of dietary DM

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DDGS Recommendations-Lamb Feeding Up to 20% of dietary DM is commonsense 16 % CP developing or completing blended eating routine. Blended eating routine with DDGS is perfect for bunk encouraged sheep, can use in slapped together bolstering framework. Must have high administration aptitudes DDGS and pelleted soyhulls compliment Ca:P proportion and lower remaining food versus corn/DDGS

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DDGS Summary Lamb Feeding DDGS use in sheep completing weight control plans advances magnificent sheep development execution, cadaver benefits and wellbeing status. DDGS and soyhulls can fill in as the sole vitality, protein and fiber sources in sheep completing weight control plans.

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For more points of interest on SDSU Sheep DDGS Research Principal Investigators: Zelinsky, R.D., Wertz-Lutz, A.E. furthermore, J.E. Held SDSU Animal and Range Sciences EX 2052 and 2053

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