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offers home guarantees to expand the offering cost of your home. ... Home guarantees give the vender a superior shot of offering, in a shorter sum ...
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Coldwell Banker ® Seller Services Proposal START ©2003 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. ®, TM and SM Are Licensed Trademarks To Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. An Equal Opportunity Company. Rise to Housing Opportunity. Every Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

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Meeting Your Needs Meeting Your Needs

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Meeting Your Needs Coldwell Banker ® Seller Services Proposal For advertising the property of _________________________________________________ Presented by Sales Associate: _________________________________________________

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Meeting Your Needs What Is Important To You In The Sale Of Your Property? We have solicited thousands from home dealers what is imperative to them. Five most vital vender needs: The best value The briefest time available Convenience Good correspondence Diligent exertion by us Rank the accompanying needs all together of significance, 1 to 5: (1 = not worried to 5 = concerned) Broker\'s qualifications ______ Home improvement recommendations ______ Pricing ______ Marketing and advertising ______ Promotion on the Internet ______ Open houses ______ Avoiding inconvenience ______ Staying informed ______ Time on market ______ Security of your property ______ Buyer\'s money related qualifications ______ Financing options ______ Negotiation strategy ______ Closing expenses and net proceeds ______ Handling the details ______ Post-deal take after up ______ Other ______

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Listening to our clients We persistently study our clients to discover what is critical to them. For us, the listening and adapting never stops. Ensured administration gauges We create administration measures taking into account what we get notification from our clients, and we set our administration models in motion with the Coldwell Banker Seller Services Guarantee. Tweaked advertising arrangement We complete our guarantees with a Marketing Action Plan particularly intended to address the issues of every merchant. We convey steady, unsurprising, dependable execution — Guaranteed! Addressing Your Needs How Coldwell Banker ® Meets The Needs Of Sellers While others may discuss client administration, we ask, tune in, and make a move. Showcasing We will display an altered, composed Marketing Action Plan SELLER SERVICES GUARANTEE

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Meeting Your Needs The Coldwell Banker ® Seller Services Guarantee MARKETING We will build up a promoting arrangement that will use demonstrated systems to offer your home rapidly, and at the most ideal cost. Client SERVICE Whether some time recently, amid or after the deal, we are focused on addressing your needs in an expert and opportune way. Directing SERVICE We will speak to you and your interests with expert and solid direction all through the whole exchange.

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Meeting Your Needs Important Factors in Choosing a Real Estate Agent An assortment of variables impact a merchant\'s choice to list with a specific land operator. Source: The 2002 National Association of Realtors ® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

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Meeting Your Needs What Sellers Want Most From Real Estate Professionals Real bequest operators can best serve their customers when they completely comprehend what their customers anticipate from them. Source: The 2002 National Association of Realtors ® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

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Meeting Your Needs Factors Influencing Housing Change Many components impact home purchasers in their buy choice. Source: The 2002 National Association of Realtors ® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

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Meeting Your Needs What Buyers Want Most From Real Estate Professionals Real bequest experts best serve their customers when they realize what home purchasers anticipate from them. Source: The 2002 National Association of Realtors ® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

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Marketing Activities Marketing Activities

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Marketing Activities Marketing Action Plan We do our guarantees with an arrangement interestingly intended for every property. Limited time system We will work with you to build up an advertising plan to draw in planned purchasers to your property. Property Preview We will direct an office sneak peak of your property. Cost and terms offered An exhaustive Competitive Market Analysis is the way to deciding practical cost and terms. Arranging and dealing with the deal We will work to pre-qualify and pre-support forthcoming purchasers, arrange terms that are positive for you, and deal with the points of interest of the exchange. Showcasing We will display a tweaked, composed Marketing Action Plan to advertise your property SELLER SERVICES GUARANTEE

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Marketing Activities Where Buyer First Learned About Home Purchased Marketing We will familiarize you with the home finding and purchasing process SELLER SERVICES GUARANTEE Source: The 2002 National Association of Realtors ® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

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Marketing Activities Immediate Actions Over the following few days, we will find a way to discover a purchaser for your property: Action Target Date Install lock box __________ Install Coldwell Banker ® FOR SALE sign __________ Place data on __________ Submit data to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) __________ Promote at Coldwell Banker office deals meeting __________ Hold Coldwell Banker office preview __________ Prepare property data flyers __________ Distribute JUST LISTED notification to target areas __________ Promote through nearby Association of REALTORS ® __________ ____________________________________________ __________ Marketing We will familiarize you with the home finding and purchasing process SELLER SERVICES GUARANTEE

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A critical piece of our advertising arrangement A very much organized open house can be a capable approach to flaunt your property to intrigued purchasers. Forceful advancement to draw in more purchasers We will publicize your open house and advance it ahead of time in the encompassing range to pull in the consideration of purchasers who are scanning for a home in this area. Most extreme effect We will plan open houses when fitting, and as consented to ahead of time with you, for the best effect available. Promoting Activities Open House Open houses can bring intrigued Home Buyers through your entryway. Advertising Your redid Marketing Action Plan may incorporate an open house SELLER SERVICES GUARANTEE

Slide 16 Your property will be set on our recompense winning national site, where purchasers can find out about your home with the Coldwell Banker ® Personal Retriever. Different Listing Service We\'ll get your property on the MLS so nearby land experts can have quick access to data about your home. Purchaser\'s Guide and daily paper promoting Your home will be recorded in neighborhood Buyer\'s Guides and additionally our customary, characterized publicizing. Advertising Activities Property Promotion We will advance your property in the best approaches to get you the best cost in the most brief conceivable time. Advertising We will circulate limited time materials on your property in key business sector regions SELLER SERVICES GUARANTEE

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Helping purchasers all through the world The Cendant Global Referral Network (CGRN) joins Coldwell Banker ® workplaces comprehensively by means of the Internet. Moment data about away purchasers Buyers moving here can be alluded to us by their Coldwell Banker Sales Associates rapidly and proficiently through the itemized indexes of CGRN. Data on the Internet The webpage can give you data on ranges and properties all through North America. Home value examination We will give you a duplicate of the Coldwell Banker Home Price Comparison Index, with data on home costs in more than 200 lodging markets over the U.S. what\'s more, Canada. Showcasing Activities Cendant Global Referral Network The Cendant Global Referral Network creates purchaser contacts from around the world.

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Cendant Mobility Services Cendant Mobility Services oversees representative migrations for almost 2,100 worldwide customers. Potential purchasers overall Serves corporate customers, government offices, the military, and enrollment associations with more than 110,000 transferees yearly in more than 140 nations. Showcasing Activities Cendant Mobility ® Services Your property can get extra purchaser introduction through North America\'s driving worldwide supplier of migration administrations.

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Home Buyers know the Coldwell Banker ® name Our national promoting on system and digital TV inclines Home Buyers to consider Coldwell Banker recorded properties. More noteworthy name acknowledgment through advertising Our driving national advertising programs make acknowledgment for neighborhood Coldwell Banker postings among Home Buyers all through North America. Nearby publicizing We will give you devices to make extraordinary neighborhood and territorial promoting and advertising programs. Coldwell Banker yard sign Our broadly perceived Coldwell Banker yard sign is an exceptionally viable publicizing device that advances your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Marketing Activities Advertising Our promoting system is intended to create purchaser prospects for your property. Showcasing We will survey how our publicizing will draw in purchasers to your property SELLER SERVICES GUARANTEE

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Virtual Tours We can make a virtual voyage through your home that permits clients to take a 360 degree, room-by-room voyage through your home, utilizing their mouse. Neighborhood Explorer Our Neighborhood Explorer highlight empowers potential purchasers to see a preview of your group including school information, populace, demographics and even atmosphere data. Office Locator With only three ticks of the mouse, potential purchasers can be placed in contact with any Coldwell Banker ® office from around the United States. Sixt

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