College Data: NCAA 2008 task.

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College Data: NCAA 2008 task Schools highlighted: Boise State George Artisan College of Kentucky Mount St. Mary's Siena Austin Peay Belmont Duke Head servant Cal State at Fullerton
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College Information: NCAA 2008 task Schools highlighted: Boise State George Mason University of Kentucky Mount St. Mary’s Siena Austin Peay Belmont Duke Butler Cal State at Fullerton Davidson Georgetown Gonzaga Kansas Mississippi Valley State Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Oral Roberts Portland State Purdue St. Mary’s (Ca) Univ. of Cal at Los Angeles Univ. of Nevada at Las Vegas Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison

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Location: Boise, Idaho (capital) City Pop: Student Pop: 18,844 Staff Pop: 496 School Colors: blue + orange Mascot: Buster Bronco Public school Undergrad educational cost: $12,578 (non idaho occupants) per yr Room/Board: $2,969 per semester Admission prerequisites: 2.16 GPA w/fantastic SAT+ACT or 4.00 GPA w/870 SAT+ 18 ACT Classes (semesters) English: 8 – Math: 6 – Natural Science: 6 – Social Science: 5 – Humanities/Foreign Languae: 2 – Other College Prep: 3 Pamela Nonga Ngue Boise State University “Splendor sine occasu ”

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Basketball Season STATS 07-08: 25-8 (as of blemish. 16) 06-07: 17-14 Tradition First yr: 1933 Junior College/1969 NCAA Most Consecutive Wins: 14 (68-69) Special Interests Fields Over 190 fields Studying abroad Largest temporary position program in Northwest Campus Life Over 200 understudy associations Fun Facts Celebrations Annual Gene Harris Jazz Festival Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Celebration Service 1,660 Students performed 35,365 hours of administration in Treasure Valley Supports research Alzeihmer’s malady and disease research Boise State University Research Links: Pamela Nonga Ngue/Period: 3/March 18, 2008

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Location-Northern Virginia Mascot-Patriot Student Headcount-29,728 Specialty-programs in building, data innovation, biotechnology and medicinal services New Student expense 160.00 Out of state educational cost 9042.00 for 11 credit hours Dormitory-style lodging $38 every day Graduation necessity GPA of 3.0 or better, letters of suggestion from 2 partners and 1 from essential George Mason University

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Men’s Basketball-chose as 12 th seed George Mason University will be showing up in school history Coach-Jim Larranaga Its School of Law is perceived by U.S. News & World Report as one of the main 35 graduate schools in the United States. FUN FACTS - Basketball Coach Jim Larranaga is teming up with leukemia and lymphoma Society’s National Capital Area Chapter to offer blessings to youngsters who are hospitalized at Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children George Mason University

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Bibliography All Searches made nearby above By Justin Shie 3/17/08 Period 3

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UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY By John Byun The University of Kentucky, otherwise called UK, is an open, co-instructive, area gift college situated in Lexington, Kentucky, with more than 26,000 (18,000 students) understudies. The UK hues are blue and white, and their mascot is a “Wildcat” Combined food and lodging costs : $7,973 - $7,973 Undergraduate educational cost : $6,302; $14,102 out-of-state Scholarships are offered to approaching freshmens with high scholastic or with remarkable athletic capacities. Kentucky University has been assigned a Research University of the First Class by the Carnegie Foundation — one of only 59 state funded colleges in the nation. The UK instructs 39% of all understudies going to private and open universities in Kentucky. UK Healthcare is comprised of UK Hospital, Kentucky Children’s Hospital which is positioned among America’s best Hospitals in three fortes.

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The Kentucky Wildcats completed off with a record of 22-12, second baffling season consecutively. Like the year prior to, the group entered the NCAA competition as a #8 seed where they found themselves able to win their first round amusement, however missed the mark in the second round to a #1 seed. This time their adversary was a Kansas group that was just excessively athletic for the Wildcats. The UK gives numerous extraordinary exercises to understudies, for example, workmanship, sports(football, soccer, and so forth), trekking, and some more. Fun Facts : 1. Kentucky leads the NCAA in NCAA competition appearances, NCAA competition wins, NCAA competition diversions, and positions second to UCLA in NCAA titles with 7. 2. The University of Kentucky Library keeps up more than 2.5 million volumes, the 49th biggest accumulation in the nation. Reference : Walter Cornet and WinterGreen Orchard House THE KETUCKY WILDCATS

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Mount St. Mary’s is situated in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Under 2,500 understudies result in these present circumstances college. The school hues are blue and white. The mascot is a mountain. Downright students: 1,681 Degree-looking for students: 1,681 First-time degree-looking for green beans: 449 Graduate enlistment: 364. The expense for food and lodging is $9,130 living on grounds, $2,100 living at home, and $4,500 conmmuting, not living at home. They give 67% for grants and 33% for credits. Obliges SAT Reasoning Test or ACT. Mount St. Mary\'s University Jeff Kim (Period 3) & Steve Wang (Period 4)

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20 Jones, Kevin 22 Schwarz, John 30 Kenny, Ed 31 Thompson, Danny 34 Jackson, Tayvon 40 Atupem, Sam 45 Mitchell, Markus 50 Loughry, Jason Mount St. Mary\'s University Team Lineup 0 Cajou, Jean 1 Goode, Jeremy 2 Vann, Chris 4 Beidler, Kelly 5 Brown, Pierre 10 Atupem, Shawn 11 Holland, Will 12 Ashcroft, Matt Head mentor - Milan Brown Assistant Coach - Brion Dunlap, Dan Engelstad, Kevin Robinson Jr. Fun Facts Roman Catholic School Mount St. Mary\'s University was established in 1808, making it the most seasoned autonomous Catholic school in the United States. The Knott Athletic Recreation Complex contains a 3,500-seat coliseum, indoor b-ball and tennis courts, a 25-meter swimming pool, handball/racquetball courts, and work out, preparing and games solution offices. References

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Siena College Costs: Tuition for the 2007-2008 scholastic year aggregate is $22,510 and food and lodging is $8,875. Surroundings: Suburban, 166 sections of land. Kind: Private Admission necessities: Essay(s) obliged SAT Test or ACT Very critical confirmation variables: Rigor of auxiliary school record Academic GPA Location: Loudonville, New York (two Miles north of Albany, NY and under Three hours from New York city and Boston . Hues: Gold and Green Mascot: Saint Bernard Size: 3,000 student understudies Author: Michael Serio

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Siena College Sports: #13 Midwest The men\'s b-ball group has In 2002-2003, won 21 recreations and progressed to the second round of the NIT-their fourth postseason appearance in five years. The Siena baseball group has won four MAAC Championships since 1995 and progressed to the 1999 NCAA Tournament. Assets: Author: Michael Serio Interesting truths: Created by Franciscan Friars Schools: School of Business School of Liberal Arts School of Science

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Austin Peay State University Home of the Governors Colors : Red and White Tuition : Undergraduate : In-state educational cost (entire year): $4,365 Out-of-state educational cost (entire year): $13,947 Graduate: In-state educational cost (entire year): $2,290 Out-of-state educational cost (entire year): $6,072 Demographics : Total enlistment for Fall 2006 was 9,207 . Enlistment breakdown is as per the following : Number of Undergraduate understudies: 8,467 Male/Female proportion: 45 : 55 Number of Graduate understudies: 740 Male/Female proportion: 45 : 55 Minority representation at APSU for Fall 2006 is as per the following : American Indian/Alaskan Native: 0.8% Asian/Pacific Islander: 2.4% Black/Non-Hispanic: 17.1% Hispanic/Latino: 4.5% Caucasian: 64.7% Race not reported: 10.4%

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Athletics The Govs and Lady Govsâ compete in NCAA Division I as a major aspect of the Ohio Valley Conference. The men’s and women’s ball groups and the men’s golf group went to the NCAA competition in 2003, and the baseball group won the OVC standard season in 2003, 2004 and 2007 and the OVC Tournament in 2005 and 2007. The men\'s ball group finished an undefeated meeting season at 16-0 in 2004 andâ earned a berthâ in the NIT in 2007. Different games incorporate tennis, crosscountry, and cheerleading for men, and volleyball, tennis, crosscountry, softball, indoor/outside track, golf, soccer and cheerleading for ladies.

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Belmont University Home of the Bruins

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Located in Nashville Tennessee Has around 4800 understudies Mascot is a Bruin named Bruiser Their hues are naval force blue and red Known for their specialty division Have a surely understood personnel Large city with a populace more than 250,000 Belmont University

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Private School A Competitive school Undergraduate Tuition per semester $10,035 Very liberal with grants and money related guide Rooms and Dorms $7570 a year Requires around a 3.333 GPA

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Belmont University Seeded 15 th They’re best known for b-ball with a record of 516-294 Have a surely understood women’s volleyball group, and a surely understood men’s baseball group You ought to go if y

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