College Industry Collaboration in ZnO Nanotechnology .

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World Innovation Forum, United Nation, 10-11Aug2007, K.L. Malaysia. University-Industry Collaboration in ZnO Nanotechnology. Shahrom Mahmud and Peter J. Robinson Integrated Resource Management ( IRM ) (131662900RT0001) Ontario, Canada N1M 2W5 In Collaboration with
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World Innovation Forum, United Nation, 10-11Aug2007, K.L. Malaysia University-Industry Collaboration in ZnO Nanotechnology Shahrom Mahmud and Peter J. Robinson Integrated Resource Management ( IRM ) (131662900RT0001) Ontario, Canada N1M 2W5 In Collaboration with M.J. Abdullah, Universiti Sains Malaysia M.Z. Zakaria, J. Chong, A.K. Mohamad Approfit ZnO Mfg Sdn Bhd , Seremban Azmi Zakaria, M. Zobir Hussein, Z. Rizwan Universiti Putra Malaysia

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Brief Introduction to IRM Canada A world master in Zinc Wastage Recycling and ZnO Manufacturing Built about six Zn-ZnO plants in a few nations 7 US licenses in zinc recuperation from wastages and ZnO fabricating 5 US licenses in ZnO varistors , surge arresters . IRM advisors have 10-40 years involvement in MNCs Projects in UK, Europe, India, S. America, Canada & USA . Most up to date task is nano ZnO , right now searching for financial specialists . Key Consultant is Dr Peter J. Robinson , Phd in ZnO, 40 years involvement in industry in 4 landmasses.

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The Essence of this discussion Three issues on University-Industry Linkage: How to produce linkage ? A contextual investigation : Novel nanotechnology disclosure from college industry coordinated effort Joint-wander recommendation on new modern scale nanotechnology

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3 issues on University-Industry Linkage Issue 1 : Thinking at the same wavelength Issue 2 : Complementary skill and learning Issue 3 : Security for weakness

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Issue 1: Thinking at the Same Wavelength INDUSTRY Money Good Products Big Profit Margin Low Production Costs RESEARCHER Impact-Factor Papers Research Awards Career Promotion Produce Graduates CALIBRATE MINDSET One Goal One Aspiration Win-Win for All High Commercial Value Big Market NEW PRODUCTS Low Production Cost Satisfy International Standards Big Profit Margin

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Issue 2: Complementary Expertise One Fact – Most processing plants make particular items. Particular innovation Specialized market Specific sets of details (UL,FDA,ASTM,CECC,JS,BS, and so forth) Another Fact – Industry individuals would be inspired if college specialists have information that can tackle their issues. This sort of information is integral or significant to industry needs.

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How to get integral ability ? 1. Visit Google – study item determinations, item innovation and item advertise. 2. For a specific item, list down a few fundamental issues confronted by makers, ie. issues that cause tremendous money related misfortunes . 3. Do research to tackle the business issues – purchase processing plant apparatuses, not lab hardware ; and use plant crude materials, not lab materials 4. Take experienced/resigned engineers as guides 5. Use global determinations to judge research items 6. Following quite a while, visit industry individuals and say "Hello, I can take care of your issues." exp.1

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Issue 3: Security for Insecurity One Fact – Most organizations are defensive over their innovation How do organizations ensure their insider facts? 1. Mystery assentions 2. Exceptional access to basic division 3. Amid manufacturing plant visits by people in general, basic offices are obstructed from perspective . 4. Hostile to worker bouncing assention among contender organizations. 5. Lawful suit for mechanical reconnaissance or copyright encroachments. 6. Research on center innovation just done by worker ; other exploration work can be offered to colleges.

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Some organizations feel uncertain for the security of center innovation in this way feel hesitant to impart to others How to pull in organizations to share center innovation? · 1. Scientists must make own center innovation that can supplement industry center innovation. · 2. Mystery assentions, sovereignties, produce pay.

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Case Study: University-Industry Success Universiti Sains Malaysia ZnO research bunch  Approfit ZnO Co. Ltd (production line) Using processing plant hardware and crude materials, we imagined a novel nanofabrication (CFCOM) to blend nano-precious stones of ZnO.  Discovered 4 new nanostructures of ZnO. Distributed 4 sway variable diary papers and 6 papers. Presently, making a model plant to mass produce with the assistance of a world master in ZnO industry from Canada. Need venture USD2-3 million . Universiti Putra Malaysia ZnO research bunches Integrated Resource Management (IRM) Canada Dr. Subside J Robinson

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The new nanofabrication (CFCOM) is produced in a manufacturing plant, Approfit ZnO Mfg Co. Ltd. Typical ZnO Nano ZnO

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Nano ZnO has improved optical emanation, >30 times higher than ordinary ZnO – can utilize less ZnO in genuine application. Nano ZnO can likewise show numerous hues (blue, green, yellow and red) – promising wellspring of lighting gadgets.

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Nanoproducts Materials Special Properties Sunscreen & Cosmetics Nano ZnO and TiO 2 Better UV ingestion, higher SPF, less hazard to skin disease. Tire Composite Carbon Black Increase quality of tires, better sturdiness Anti static bundling Plastic Carbon Nanotubes in Polymer Enhance conductivity of polymers making it hostile to static and more grounded. Auto Bumpers Nano Clay Lighter and more grounded Window Coatings Nano TiO 2 Self-cleaning, hostile to scratch Nano Textiles Nano ZnO Anti-microbial, self-cleaning, against wrinkle, water repellent Cutting Tools SiC, TiC Wear safe, last more Current Nanoproducts , about USD1 billion (2005)

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Future Nano ZnO Applications

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What Nano? Nanotechnology = the connected science managing measurements under 100 nm ; electron magnifying instrument is required . USD 10.5 billion = world\'s venture on nano research in 2005. 90% of it originated from USA, Europe & Japan [Ref 1] USD 2.6 trillion = expected income from nano items by 2014 [Ref 2] Nanomaterials research commands improvement and future markets of nanotechnology. [Ref 1] P. Harrison, "Nanotechnology and the Environment" Geo Year Book 2007, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), pp 61-70, 2007 [Ref 2] Lux Research, "Income from nanotechnology-empowered items to equivalent IT and telecom by 2014", official statement 25 October 2004

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Nanotechnology Facts From a study done by European Commission [Ref 3] , 74% of nanomaterials undertakings are SMEs Main achievement variables are prevalent material properties (78%) and quality change (47%). Most nano organizations complete exploration exercises all alone . Four most imperative hindrances for the use of nanomaterials by SMEs are blemished creation process tech (41%) Agglomeration issue high generation costs (37%) Results in costly nano powder absence of learning exchange from experimental focuses to SMEs (33%) little market volume (18%) Reluctant to utilize nanomaterial [Ref 3] European Commission, "European overview on achievement elements, boundaries and requirements for the modern uptake of nanomaterials in SMEs", Nanomaterial Roadmap 2015 venture, 6 th system program, official statement January 2006

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Why do businesses hesitant to utilize nano ZnO? Costly >USD50 per kg

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How to make nano ZnO modest ? IRM Canada , we are building up another ZnO model plant that can mass produce CHEAP nano ZnO underneath USD30 per kg. 1. Venture: Nano ZnO model plant 2. Item: Nanoscale ZnO 10-50 nm 3. Limit: 2-5 kg for each hour, 17-43 tons for every year 4. Composed by IRM Canada, to be inherent Germany and Canada, and collected in speculator\'s reason. Joint-patent. Venture: USD 2-3 million 7. Future Project: Full Size Factory with limit of 300 tons for every year and salary of USD 9 million every year. 8.

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1. Costing Estimates: Material Cost = USD 4 for every kg Manpower Cost = USD 3 for every kg Utilities/Other Cost = USD 3 for each kg Royalties = USD 2 for each kg Profit Margin = HUGE How would we be able to make it modest? 1. Basic procedure Simple apparatuses Innovative thoughts

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IRM Canada offers these administrations IRM Canada offers innovation for these industrial facility set-ups Zinc reusing plants from electrifies dross/wastages Zinc Oxide fabricating foundries Energy Regenerative Systems Nano Zinc Oxide plant We can showcase your items globally We additionally offer conference for examination ventures on ZnO, Nanomaterials, Electronic Materials, Ferrites, Varistors. Capacitors, Solid-state Devices. We help in paper distribution in effect element diaries . " We change harmful zinc into biosafe zinc oxide for feasible development and cleaner environment ."

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