College of Wisconsin Oshkosh School of Instruction and Human Administrations Evaluation Framework.

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Custom curriculum 2.98. General normal 3.05. Current Findings (Fall 2001 Data) ... Custom curriculum. Double Majors (exceptional & rudimentary instruction) Portfolio Includes ...
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College of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Education and Human Services Assessment System "Gathering and breaking down information on candidate capabilities, applicant and graduate execution, and school operations to assess and enhance the school and its projects."

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"Move is a characteristic procedure of confusion and reorientation that denote the defining moments of the way of development and recharging." - - William Bridges

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Our Assessment System is… Intentionally cautious, attentive, and planned in its basic leadership process Dynamic experiencing significant change Met with shifting degrees of backing and comprehension

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COEHS Assessment System All educational modules and appraisal choices are attached to our Conceptual Framework Multiple evaluations and appraisal focuses Developed in conjunction with outer and inside expert group Considers Wisconsin Teacher Standards and expert benchmarks Responsive to outside desires

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COEHS Assessment System (Candidates, Programs, and Unit) Initial Level Advanced Programs Individual Programs Counseling Curriculum & Instruction Educational Leadership Reading Special Education Shared Elements Linking Candidate Assessment to Standard One PEP Assessing the Assessment Linking Candidate Assessments to Standard One

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"… even as we seem to be, we are getting to be." - - Jerry Spinelli "It\'s what you learn after you know it every one of that matters." - - Earl Weaver

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