Colleges and the Thousand years Improvement Objectives.

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Colleges and the Millennium Development Goals. Colleges and the Millennium Development Goals. Universal Perspective: ICT in Teacher Education – Global Trends Sir John Daniel Commonwealth of Learning. The 20-year crusade to accomplish UNIVERSAL PRIMARY EDUCATION (UPE) is a mix of
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Colleges and the Millennium Development Goals

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Universities and the Millennium Development Goals International Perspective: ICT in Teacher Education – Global Trends Sir John Daniel Commonwealth of Learning

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The 20-year battle to accomplish UNIVERSAL PRIMARY EDUCATION (UPE) is a mix of SUCCESS and FAILURE

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SUCCESS! Numerous nations have accomplished UPE CONSEQUENCE Many kids looking for auxiliary school

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FAILURE! Enormous holes – 50 million still out by 2015 CONSEQUENCE Millions of new educators need preparing

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The Secondary Surge Challenges: Scale: 400 million youngsters matured 12-17 not in secondary school Climate change: Secondary instruction for young ladies the best weapon against it

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If the unit expense of SECONDARY is more than twofold PRIMARY A nation will NEVER accomplish UNIVERSAL SECONDARY EDUCATION Professor Keith Lewin

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The Secondary Surge Radically new methodologies required: Private schools for the exceptionally poor Computers for kids Open tutoring - cuts costs - broadens access

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National Institute for Open Schooling – India 400,000 new understudies every year

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Namibian College of Open Learning 28,000 students = 40% of optional

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Training Teachers 10 million more instructors required by 2015 UNESCO (2008) China + India + Indonesia + Nigeria + Pakistan = 5.7 million 15 different nations need 100,000 each

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Training Teachers "nations are currently selecting individuals and sending them into the classroom inside negligible preparing. This is not only a creating nation marvel. California, for instance, utilizes a great many untrained educators to staff its schools"

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Training Teachers Pre-Service In-Service

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Training Teachers In-Service Pre-Service

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Training Teachers In-Service: benefits Recruits hold their underlying eagerness

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Training Teachers In-Service: benefits Focus on nature of youngsters\' learning

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Training Teachers In-Service: benefits Focus on nature of kids\' learning -In the schools -Address classroom substances

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"Since much proceeding with expert improvement is done without reference to class needs – regularly without the information of the school central – it urges instructors to move to different occupations as opposed to enhancing their adequacy in their schools." Professor Keith Lewin

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Jenny Leach & Bob Moon UK Open University PGCE Program \'No action, perusing or perception could be set that did not relate straightforwardly to involvement in schools\' and \'the connection must be unequivocal\'

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Training Teachers Conducting in-administration preparing -In the schools -that locations classroom substances REQUIRES INSTITUTIONS to utilize OPEN & DISTANCE LEARNING AND ICT

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Profiles of Eight Distance Learning Teacher Education programs

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a consortium of 13 African colleges, the UK Open University and five global associations. It works crosswise over nine African nations – with all the more partaking casually – by making instructor training materials in Arabic, English, French and Kiswahili.

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Last year almost a large portion of a million African educators worked with materials and assets created through the TESSA people group. Since these are classroom-situated in-administration materials they directly affect a huge number of youngsters through their utilization in the classroom

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"An entire area and multisectoral way to deal with accomplishing instructive objectives" World Bank (2010) Open schools and school-situated in-administration educator training projects could go about as incorporating variables in making the entire part approach a reality.

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21 st Century Educational Ecosystem

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Expanded learning open doors

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Teacher 2.0 Adapted from Courosa.

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How does Teacher Training in ICT resemble? Consolidating ICT abilities with new perspectives in instructional method, educational modules and school association Teachers to utilize distinctive ICT aptitudes and assets to enhance their educating, team up with partners and get to be creative pioneers in their classroom and foundations

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