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COLON CANCER. A MAJOR ISSUE IN ALASKA. A common malignancy. 200,000 cases in the U. S. in 2008 Greater than 50 new cases each year in Alaska Natives . RISK FACTORS. Age Family history Genetic predisposition Adenomatous polyps History of other gastrointestinal malignancies. Screening.
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A typical threat 200,000 cases in the U. S. in 2008 Greater than 50 new cases every year in Alaska Natives

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RISK FACTORS Age Family history Genetic inclination Adenomatous polyps History of other gastrointestinal malignancies

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Screening FOBT Problematic in our patient populace on account of H. pylori Cannot separate upper from lower drains another test being concentrated can Sigmoidoscopy Colonoscopy

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Diagnosis Tissue biopsy

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Staging I limited to the mucosa II into the muscularis III including the lymph hubs IV far off metastases

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Special contemplations Colon versus Rectum An alternate methodology for rectal tumor both prior and then afterward surgery

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Treatment Surgery is the essential therapeudic treatment Pre-operation chemotherapy-radiotherapy for rectal growth unless the sore is shallow For patients with metastastic malady who are or may soon get to be discouraged

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CEA Good to have a pattern CEA, for both development and to take after for repeat or movement

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Chemotherapy Adjuvant For Stage III For high hazard stage II (T4 N0) Obstruction Perforation circumferential For pre-operation in rectal sores, then post operation

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Radiation for rectal malignancies Pre-Op Stage III High hazard stage II After trans-butt-centric resection of sores more noteworthy than T2

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Agents FOLFOX XELOX Irinotecan Avastin Cetuximab Penitumumab

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Unusual symptoms Hand-Foot disorder Cold-incited neuropathy Cholera disorder Skin rash Perforation (inside, lung, wound) Accelerated hypertension