Colorado Bike Occasion Top.

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Bike Events Galore $1.2 billion monetary effect. 700,000 sightseers ... Bike Colorado contacts occasions. Formal letter set to State Patrol asking for topple of ...
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Colorado Bicycle Event Cap Dan Grunig

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Colorado Biking Bicycle Events Galore $1.2 billion financial effect 700,000 travelers Events raise millions for philanthropy "Late spring Ski Industry"

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Bicycle Event Cap November 2005 Colorado State Patrol illuminates occasion coordinators of 2,500 rider top Sites Colorado Statute, "The Chief might not affirm an occasion which the state does not have adequate assets to appropriately oversee in a way reliable with the conservation of the general population peace, wellbeing, and safety."

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Bicycle Event Cap December 2005 Bicycle Colorado contacts occasions Formal letter set to State Patrol asking for topple of top State Patrol formally says top is set up

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Bicycle Event Cap Campaign Begins All occasions undermined Email and public statement Petition began Letters coordinated to Chief

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Bicycle Event Cap Day 3 of Campaign Media Attention "Cut in Stone" Legislators weight

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Colorado\'s Biking/Farming Senator

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Bicycle Event Cap Day 5 of Campaign 18,000 request 500+ letters Chief lifts top for 1 year

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Bicycle Event Cap Big Meeting State Patrol, DOT, Legislator, Events Ambush!?! Boss lifts top for 1 year

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Bicycle Event Cap State Patrol Issues Only 20 cruisers Same number of troopers as 1986 300 rider to 1 trooper proportion Overtime just For-benefit versus Non-benefit

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Bicycle Event Cap State Patrol Issues Lack of shoulders on streets Increased engine movement Complaints from drivers Bicyclists not taking after activity laws Two side by side Stop signs/lights Centerline

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Bicycle Event Cap Current Status Chief will lift top in April Revised license process Change drivers desires Increased bike wellbeing data Greater requirement

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Bicycle Event Cap Future Problems Grounds to prevent a grant Lack from securing State Patrol officers First come/initially served? Administrative changes More autos on streets Coming Soon to State Near You…

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Bicycle Event Cap Solutions Legislation Permit points of interest and risk Education of Police Strong Advocacy Groups

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