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Northeastern Junior College Partners Advisory Council Members. NextEra Energy (Formerly FPL Energy) Largest generator of renewable vitality in the United States.Colorado Highlands Wind, LLCGeneral ElectricWazee WindExcel EnergyLogan CountyUSDANE CO WFC. The U.S. wind industry is right now ruled by substantial organizations.
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Colorado Renewable Energy Forum Northeastern Junior College Lance Bolton, Ph.D. 3-4-09

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Northeastern Junior College Partners Advisory Council Members NextEra Energy (Formerly FPL Energy) Largest generator of renewable vitality in the United States. Colorado Highlands Wind, LLC General Electric Wazee Wind Excel Energy Logan County USDA NE CO WFC

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6.0 5.0 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 0.0 Iberdrola AES Wind FPL Energy EDP Horizon Wind Energy Babcock & Brown MidAmerican Energy 2007 Installed Wind Capacity (1) The U.S. wind industry is presently overwhelmed by huge organizations Top U.S. Wind Developers/Owners MW (000) Strong U.S. wind essentials keep on presenting a huge development opportunity (1) Source: Emerging Energy Research

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Material Support NextEra Energy - $170,000 got. Dynamic cooperation in our Advisory Council Colorado Highlands Wind LLC $25,000 every year in grant financing 15 Internships for each year furnishing every understudy with 320 hours of on location encounter Access to Highlands Wind towers and turbines for preparing. Good countries Wind workers preparing NJC understudies Total Support an incentive in abundance of $500,000 Active interest in our Advisory Council

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Why Invest in NJC Wind Training? Neighborhood Workforce FPL Energy reports that 80% of their representatives stay at the Peetz Wind Farm for under year and a half. The individuals stay\'s identity regularly neighborhood laborers who have gotten preparing and taken employments at the wind cultivate. FPL Energy, GE, and Colorado Highlands Wind all report that they very much want to enlist prepared neighborhood ability since it drastically decreases turnover and related preparing and movement costs.

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Why Local Talent? Conditions are brutal Climate Wind Physical Ability Wind Farms are in extremely country territories Peetz, CO – Population 227 Fleming, CO – Population 442 30 Miles to Sterling Over 100 miles to Greeley, CO. The closest city with a populace more than 50,000

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Who Is the Ideal Worker Young men or ladies brought on a ranch up in the NE Colorado area Experienced with Agriculture Machinery Trained in a wind-tech program that incorporates fundamental instruction courses, for example, material science and also electrical frameworks, high voltage, mechanics, and even essential administration or business courses. Capable of keeping up today\'s turbines, as well as equipped for climbing in the association and adapting new advancements as the arrive. Veterans with experience keeping up military gear.

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How Many Jobs Created After Towers are developed: FPL Energy keeps up a group of 17 professionals that are once in a while (bolstered by 6 other support specialists who travel a bigger domain) at their Peetz, CO site (2 nd biggest twist cultivate in the U.S.) GE keeps up a group of 7 experts in Peetz for guarantee work.

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Why Northeast Colorado According to GE delegates who test wind conditions across the country, "Upper east Colorado and SE Wyoming have the most astounding quality twist assets in the country." They went ahead to clarify that NE Colorado wind assets are 10% – 20% prevalent in wind speed and consistency than some other wind improvement regions in the country.

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NE Colorado: Rapidly Growing Wind Development Region The Peetz, CO Wind ranch is the second biggest wind cultivate working in the country.

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Wind Energy: Good for America Good for Northeast Colorado Biggest riches generator in provincial Colorado since the presentation of the rotate sprinkler framework. Expanded Property Tax Base Logan County – Now 2 nd biggest twist cultivate in America $1 billion dollar Wind Energy Investment 350 Towers producing more than 525 MW of force - enough for more than 250,000 homes Land Leases for agriculturists Jobs Sales Tax for Logan County – up 9% in January

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Planned Developments Colorado Highlands Wind – 60 Towers instantly creating 90 MW of force and over $100 million dollars in venture NECO – 60 Towers East of Sterling producing (60 x 1.8) 108 MW of force and over $100 million dollars in speculation NextEra Energy – 100 new Siemens Towers producing 230 extra MW of Power and over $150 million dollars of new venture

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Energy Markets

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Getting Energy to Market Transmission Upgrades National Scope Immediate Colorado Highlands Wind LLC Developing area in NE Logan County, close Fleming, CO Currently introducing 60 GE towers creating 90 MW of vitality Capable of building up their present property to convey more than 2,500 MW on the off chance that they could achieve a market with the vitality.

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Energy Markets From 1948 through the 1960\'s Saudi Arabian oil arrived at the midpoint of amongst $2.50 and $3.00 per barrel. There was seriously restricted ability to get oil from the center east to whatever is left of the world. Practically equivalent to NE Colorado today – vitality rich yet transmission poor .

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Alternative Energy Needs Gov. Ritter has multiplied Colorado\'s renewable vitality standard, requiring that 20 percent of the state\'s power originated from renewable sources by 2020 Excel as of late contracted with NextEra Energy for their new Peetz creation. Close to meeting this standard. Exceed expectations creates roughly 70% of state\'s vitality.

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Cost of Electricity as of November 2008 (Cents per Kw Hour) Colorado – 9.94 – positions 30 th from high to low of the 50 states. New York – 16.92 New Jersey – 15.55 Connecticut – 19.81 Massachusetts – 17.74 California – 14.76 Delaware – 14.54

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Cost of Building a National Smart Grid Estimated Cost - $30 Billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 , put aside $11 billion for the formation of a savvy framework Estimated Annual Cost of Power Outages in the U.S. - $50 Billon - Electric Power Research Institute

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