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MSN. AOL. Hurray!. YouTube. Google Video. In any case, hold up, there is more. What is Brightcove? ... that extensive channels, for example, AOL might later on produce around your feature ...
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COM 597 Streaming Media Class 5 July 6, 2006

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Fortune 1000 Companies desires on Streaming Budgets 2004

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The open deliberation recently is less about stages and more about how would you profit? Plans of action is the present concentrate Better mouse trap?

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Issues nearby How huge does your media library should be? What are the authorizing issues? What is Fair Use? "Stock spillage" versus "Content adaptation" How can this innovation upgrade the brand? Create income? Interface with clients? Increment deals? What is the ROI? Channel Control

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Digital Darwinism 1 st computerized content conveyance system in 1996 Sandpiper Networks 1997 FastForward Networks 1997 These were consumed by different systems Other once encouraging organizations: Razorfish Scient Viant Zephyr

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Four Keys to a Profitable Digital Media Business Scalability Security Intelligence Quality The decisions you make around these four issues will represent the moment of truth your business

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Scalability Marketshare does not equivalent profitablity Free v. promotion income upheld content MTV case Live webcasts expecting the advertisement income would take after What is the genuine expense to achieve viewers?

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Security Digital Rights Management

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Intelligence You should get exact, solid and helpful utilization and crowd insight You can\'t think little of the significance of always measuring the achievement of your business. Server logs Total megabytes exchanged Views by clasp, guest and day and age Player and form sort Average perspective length

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Intelligence 2 of 2 Server logs proceeded with Maximum number of synchronous clients Unique clients Most regular guests Storage use Total number of client sessions Maximum number of concurrent clients per cut File fame Successful solicitations, fizzled demands, inadequate document exchanges

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Quality Garbage in, junk out Today\'s clients hope to surrender some quality in the picture when contrasted with TV The issue is encoding decisions, as well as the whole conveyance way. Servers, switches, wiring, and the whole foundation must be inspected

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Four parts to a Digital Media Business Licensing the innovation Securing the substance Distributing the substance Quality measurements Getting the message crosswise over or Getting the shopper to pay

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What player do you pick?

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Some Examples of Digital Media on the web iTunes MSN AOL Yahoo! YouTube Google Video But hold up, there is more

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What is Brightcove?

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Brightcove Presenting video on the web is more than simply recording, altering and production You require the foundation and apparatuses to generally disseminate, syndicate, bundle and adapt video content

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Brightcove 1 of 4 With Brightcove: Create and begin utilizing an Internet broadband video appropriation channel, actually in a matter of minutes. Your channel perhaps a gathering of several recordings in various topical classifications, or only one short clasp. Brightcove supplies the devices and server space Videos are .flv (Flash Video documents)

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Brightcove 2 of 4 You can utilize canned players or make and change your own, taking into account marking needs You can make playlists for your clients, make RSS channels and even let others republish your substance for that genuinely popular video experience You can offer chose "players" to different destinations, basically syndicating your substance, while controlling your drm and dispersion

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Brightcove 3 of 4 Brightcove likewise permits you as a substance distributer to gain an income from the benefit that extensive channels, for example, AOL may later on produce around your video For those littler online video distributers that don\'t as of now have an advertisement deals division, Brightcove has set-up its own publicizing system,

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Brightcove 4 of 4 On the less side , as a substance maker you can do all that Brightcove permits just from IE and just from a PC. In any event until further notice. For survey, all you need is Flash in any program.

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Additional QuckTime Notes QuickTime The QuickTime Server runs just on Mac Hardware Apple likewise offers the Darwin Streaming server and that will keep running on Unix and Windows. The pleasant part is Apple offers the Server programming for nothing. RealServer can stream QT as can Sun\'s StorEdge Media Central

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Blog for Tuesday July 11 Review two of the Brightcove accomplices and thoroughly analyze how they are executing the innovation Workshop demo pressure demo making a gushing metafile utilizing Catalyst

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