Commas in Sentences.

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Utilize a comma before a conjunction that joins free conditions in a compound ... EX: I appreciate swimming in the late spring, and I like water games on the lake. ...
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Commas in Sentences Grammar English Department Bidwell Jr. Secondary School

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*Commas in Compound Sentences Use a comma before a conjunction that joins autonomous statements in a compound sentence. EX: I told my educator that my pooch ate my homework , however she didn\'t trust me. EX: I appreciate swimming in the mid year , and I like water games on the lake.

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Commas with Items in a Series Use a comma after each thing in an arrangement aside from the last one. EX: Justin, Caleb, Cody, and Tim are all welcomed to my birthday party. EX: Tommy is an athletic, dynamic kid.

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Commas with Introductory Words and Phrases Use a comma after an initial word or expression to separate it from whatever remains of the sentence. EX: Slowly , he got on his bicycle. EX: In 1492 , he overviewed the town.

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Commas with Interrupters Use a comma to set off words or expressions that intrude, or break, the stream of thought in a sentence. EX: Edison , finally , would get entire transmit messages.

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Commas with Direct Address Use commas to set off things of direct address. EX: Tell us , Brandon , why you are late to class. EX: Shane , go to the store.

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Commas with Appositives An appositive is a word or expression that recognizes or renames a thing that comes just before it. Utilize a comma to separate appositive definitions. EX: Thomas Edison , an American creator , is in charge of numerous licenses. EX: Mrs. Hansen , my English instructor , needs us to see how to utilize commas.

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1. In 1492 Columbus cruised the sea blue. 2. Rapidly she got her keys. 3. Oranges apples carrots and broccoli all are incredible wellsprings of vitamin C. 4. He concentrated hard however he didn\'t breeze through the test. 5. Infants are charming cuddly individuals. 6. Justin finally completed his book. 7. Disclose to us Kenny how you tackled the issue. 8. Mrs. Parsley our school primary truly thinks about every understudy at our school.

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9. My most loved instrument the trumpet has a long history. 10. Trumpets in certainty are no less than 3,500 years of age. 11. In the feeling of numerous specialists these trumpets were utilized for regal functions. 12. Initially however trumpets could sound stand out or two notes. 13. By 1400 the straight trumpet was twisted into a S-shape. 14. I asked Mr. Holmes our band educator about the trumpet. 15. He is a patient capable man. 16. As per him valves came into utilization just in the nineteenth century. 17. You know Tom some jazz trumpeters additionally play established music. 18. In decision the trumpet has a long history.

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