Common Freedoms: A More intensive Look.

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Infringement of Civil Liberties: Right to Privacy/Right to be not to mention. Center: U.S. Local electronic reconnaissance of American and Non-American nationals ...
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Common Liberties: A Closer Look Homeland Security or Big Brother? Performing artist: National Security Agency

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Homeland Security or Big Brother? Strife: PATRIOT ACT: Violation of Civil Liberties: Right to Privacy/Right to be not to mention Focus: U.S. Local electronic surveillance of American and Non-American citizens Author: National Security Agency

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Newsbyte Justice Dept. Exploring Leak of NSA Wiretapping Probe Seeks Source Of Classified Data - By Dan Eggen, Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, December 31, 2005; Page A01 "The Justice Department has opened a criminal examination concerning late exposures around a dubious residential listening in system that was furtively approved by President Bush after the Sept. 11, 2001 assaults, authorities said yesterday ." 1

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Newsbyte Slouching Towards Big Brother By Bruce Schneier " CNET , January 30, 2004 - The reiteration proceeds. CAPPS-II, the administration\'s immense mechanized framework for testing the foundations of all travelers loading up flights, will be handled for the current year. Complete Information Awareness, a project that would connect various databases and permit the FBI to order data on all Americans, was ended at the government level after an immense open objection, yet is proceeding at a state level with elected financing. Over New Year\'s, the FBI gathered the names of 260,000 individuals staying at Las Vegas lodgings. To an ever increasing extent, at each level of society, the "Big Brother is watching you" style of aggregate reconnaissance is gradually turning into a reality." 2

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Introduction Advanced Technology Advanced innovation has taken this nation in the expressions of the TV show Star Trek to " places where no man has gone before ." 3 The improvement of cutting edge innovation has empowered our nation to be more aggressive in different zones of industry, correspondences, training and so forth. Similarly, propelled innovation has earned our administration the notoriety of one not to be effortlessly tested. In any case, with cutting edge innovation come attentiveness toward common freedoms, generally affected by the PATRIOT ACT Law. While there are numerous worries with respect to the late law, this presentation just spotlights on the present observation issue. The reconnaissance part of the law is an issue in light of the fact that the national government is currently utilizing propelled innovation to keep an eye on natives inside the United States fringes. This presentation addresses those worries and leaves the peruser/gathering of people with the inquiry, " Homeland Security or Big Brother?"

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State of Terror September 11, 2001 (911), is recorded by numerous as the most noticeably bad State of Terror in U.S. history. Since we were gotten ill-equipped, the fear based oppressor assault of 9/11 brought the U.S. to its knees . The assault uncovered a haughty U.S. soul and uncovered the shortcoming of our country security. The State of Terror made a domino impact of frenzy and a scramble for quick shields guaranteeing a solid residential barrier by means of country efforts to establish safety. As per James X. Dempsey, agent chief of the Center for Democracy and Technology, 4 the frenzy by the national government included :

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State of Terror Secret capture of a great many individuals who were held without criminal allegations Wiretaps of lawyer customer phone calls without legal endorsement Authorization of the production of military courts to covertly attempt fear based oppression suspects Rewritten Surveillance Laws Increased forces of both the FBI and CIA to gather data inside the U.S. on residents and noncitizens 4

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State of Terror Birthed from the frenzy of 911, was the PATRIOT ACT the acronym for Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism , marked into law October 26, 2001. Fathered by the Federal Government, the PATRIOT ACT, legitimized a number of the laws in the past set up to ensure common freedoms . NOTE : The USA PATRIOT ACT: HR 3162, S 1510, Public Law 107-56, is a United States Legislative Law. 5 The bill passed the U. S. Senate by a vote of 98-1 and it passed the U.S. Place of Representatives by a vote of 357-66. 6

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What Are Civil Liberties It is essential to comprehend what are affable freedoms. Numerous mistake common freedoms for social liberties and allude to them conversely. Nonetheless, considerate freedoms are rights that people have against government. Alternately "territories of individual flexibility with which governments are obliged from meddling." 7 Only the administration can damage your common freedoms.

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Civil Liberties: Federal & State It is fascinating to note that The fourteenth Amendment likewise connected the arrangements of the Bill of Rights to all levels of government - not only the government, as was initially the case, additionally to state and nearby government offices. This took numerous years to work out as intended. The guideline of particular joining was the procedure by which distinctive insurances in the Bill of Rights were fused into the 14 th Amendment … " 8

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Civil Liberties Civil freedoms are fundamental rights and flexibilities that are ensured. They are either sketched out in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, or they have been translated as so by the courts and legislators. Such rights are: Freedom of discourse Freedom of religion The privilege to protection The privilege to be free from outlandish ventures & seizure The privilege to a reasonable court trial The privilege to wed The privilege to vote Civil Rights Historically, social equality have rotated around the essential right to be free from unequal treatment in view of certain ensured attributes, for example, Race Gender Disability, and so on Civil rights apply in situations as vocation and lodging Comparison: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

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Purpose of PATRIOT ACT According to Bob Barr, an UPI Outside Commentator, the PATRIOT ACT, marked into law on 10-26, 2001, "The law was intended to overhaul the force of the administration to align it with rising innovation; to give added assets to interpreters, fringe security and crisis casualty help; and to guarantee the American individuals that something was being finished." 9 The Legal Database translates its motivation as: "The law – as at first planned – was intended to make it troublesome for fear monger to proceed destructive exercises against the United States. Essentially, the law gives additional forces to the knowledge officers and other law authorization work force – both remote and residential." 10

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Author: National Security Agency Conflict: Civil Liberties Right to Privacy Author & Conflict

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National Security Agency From Wikipedia, the free reference book According to the Wikipedia site, "The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) is accepted to be the biggest United States government knowledge organization. It is in charge of the gathering and examination of remote correspondences and for the security of US government interchanges against comparative organizations somewhere else. Built up by a U.S. presidential official request, the NSA works intimately with the Department of Defense and is commonly coordinated by a military officer. NSA is a key segment of the United States Intelligence Community headed by the Director of National Intelligence." 11

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Thesaurus Big Brother thing A flat out ruler, particularly one who is brutal and severe: tyrant , despot , führer, man on horseback , oppressor , strongman , totalitarian , dictator . See over/under . 12

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Overview: 1984 - Big Brother 1984 is an anecdotal novel and motion picture around a general public ruled by a The Party. The Party is a totalitarian government who holds its residents under both consistent physical and thought observation. The subjects were checked by telescreens and announcements that Big Brother was Journalist Derek Shaw gives a decent review of George Orwell\'s "1984, in the section of the Daily Trojan. "1984 delineates a world that has been diminished to total legislative control over all regions of life, banishing the flexibility to love, read and even think unreservedly. The danger of consistent fighting dishonestly spread by the "Party," the single political force in the totalitarian condition of Oceania, permits the legislature to keep up and extend its rule over the lives of its kin ."

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Questions Are the extended powers of reconnaissance conceded to the president and other government offices by means of the PATRIOT ACT an antecedent to a Brotherhood Society? Is propelled innovation in the hands of the Federal Government an enticement for a Brotherhood Society? Could Liberty and Security co-environment a general public?

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Society Under Bush & PATRIOT ACT Attorney General Ashcroft, "freedom is pointless without security." 15 Society Under Big Brother Slogan of the Party "War is Peace, Freedom is servitude. Obliviousness is Strength" 14 Let\'s Compare

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Let\'s Compare Society Under Big Brother In the novel 1984 Big Brother is watching you" was put on Billboards all around the nation. This was a type of control to remind the general population that each progression or move they made was under reconnaissance. 16 Society Under Bush & Patriot Act Bruce Schneier, a universally famous security technologist cites White House lawyer John Yoo as takes after: "In protecting this mystery keeping an eye on Americans, Bush said that he depended on his established forces (Article 2) and the joint determination went by Congress after 9/11 that prompted the war in Iraq. This justification was spelled out in a reminder composed by John Yoo, a White House lawyer, under two weeks after the assaults of 9/11. It\'s a thick perused and an alarming bit of lawful extreme flexibility, however it fundamentally says that the president has boundless forces to battle terro

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