Community SIG Presentation: Projects to Profit Fundamentals .

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Collaborative SIG Presentation: Projects to Profit Fundamentals. Becky Alvarez, Rysigo Technologies Corp. and Wendy Lamar, Rolta TUSC. Agenda About the Presenters Introduction Configuration Flow. Wendy Lamar . Senior Management Consultant with Rolta TUSC
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Community SIG Presentation: Projects to Profit Fundamentals Becky Alvarez, Rysigo Technologies Corp. furthermore, Wendy Lamar, Rolta TUSC

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Agenda About the Presenters Introduction Configuration Flow

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Wendy Lamar Senior Management Consultant with Rolta TUSC Over 13 Years Experience Implementing and Supporting Oracle Applications OAUG Project SIG Development Liaison Duties Include Gathering Customer ERs and Facilitating Prioritization and Communicating Those to Oracle Product Strategy

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Becky Alvarez – Director of E&C Practice WHAT WE DO STRATEGIC CONSULTING SERVICES SPECIALIST AREAS Engineering and Construction Professional Services Energy and Utilities Hi Tech/IT Transportation Oracle EBS, CRM, Primavera, OBIEE Global Deployments, Shared Service Centers Global Program Offices™ Project Centric Organizations PRODUCTS Collaborative Proposal Management Collaborative Risk Management Risk Management for Oracle Projects 70 years of aggregate experience planning, assembling and actualizing a number of the Oracle Application is utilize today. Rysigo Technologies Corp. gives Collaborative Work Management programming and administrations. Business and Finance Transformation Management Consulting ERP, CRM and Analytics Reporting Applications Management

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Introduction Where are we in the P2P Flow

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Where are we now in P2P? Quote to Cash People to Paycheck Start Procure to Pay Project to Close Design to Build Accounting to Financial Reports End

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Configuration How to Set Up Projects for P2P

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Configuration Define Payables Options for Discounts Prorate Expense: Discount allocated over all circulation lines Prorate Tax: Percentage of rebate customized over all duty dissemination lines System Account: Credits the aggregate markdown to the markdown considered characterized in AP Financial Options

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Configuration Profile Options PA: Allow Adjustments to Receipt Accruals and Exchange Rate Variance PA: Allow Override of PA Distributions in AP/PO PA: Default Expenditure Item Date for Supplier Cost PA: Default Expenditure Organization in AP/PO

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Configuration Supplier Invoice and Project Related Purchasing Account Generators Default Supplier Cost Credit Account (PA System Options) Interface AP & PO DFF Profile Options PA: Transfer DFF with AP Expense Reports, Vendor Invoices PA: Transfer DFF with PO Receipt Accruals

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Project Suite Considerations When running the procedure \'PRC: Interface Supplier Costs\' guarantee that the accompanying parameters are set to Yes: Interface Supplier Invoices Interface Receipt Accruals Interface AP Discounts

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Project Suite Considerations All modules have a Create Accounting process that interfaces diary passages to Subledger Accounting. The parameters control interface to GL and posting of GL diary passage. The Create Accounting process per module normally should finish effectively preceding interface of use thing to Project Transactions make diary sections in the source module – cost gathers in Project module

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P2P Flow How Contract/Billable Projects are overhauled by POs

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P2P Process Flow

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Create Requisition as well as PO Requisition or PO Line is Entered Referencing: Project Task Expenditure Item and Expenditure Organization Account Generator Derives Default Charge Account, Accrued Liability (Inventory AP Accrual), and Variance Accounts

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Create PO

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Distribute to Project

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Updates Committed Costs Before After

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Receive Goods/Confirm Work Receive Goods/Confirm Work - Accrue on Receipt Interfaces Cost to Project @ PO Price Receiving Transaction Processor Create Accounting for Receiving DR Inventory or Expense Account OR CIP CR Accrued Liability PRC: Interface Supplier Cost Parameter " Interface Receipt Accruals\' = YES

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Receive Goods/Confirm Work

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Match Vendor Invoice to PO Vendor Invoice Match to PO - Variances are Interfaced to Project (New Expenditure Item) Validate Vendor Invoice Create Accounting DR Accrued Liability CR Accounts Payable DR/CR Price Variance

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Match to PO

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Update Projects Before Supplier Invoice for Match against PO After $5,000 Supplier Invoice Entered and Interfaced to Projects. Period to Date and Inception to Date Costs increment by the receipt sum and the Commitment is lessened by the receipt sum.

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Pay Vendor Invoice Pay Vendor Invoice - Discounts Taken are Interfaced to Project (New Expenditure Item) Create Accounting DR Accounts Payable DR Discounts Taken** CR Cash PRC: Interface Supplier Cost Parameter \'Interface Payment Discounts\' = YES **Discounts Taken ward upon AP setup

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P2P Flow How Capital Projects are redesigned by POs

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Capital Project to Assets Flow

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Asset Charges – AP to PA AP Distribution Line Charges Project and Asset Clearing Account: Contract Project Payables Interfaces the Cost to Oracle Assets for Capitalization and GL Accounting Payables Interfaces the Cost to Oracle Projects for Cost Collection to the Project and Reporting; No GL Impact Capital Project Payables Interfaces the Cost to Oracle Projects for Capitalization, GL Account Generation, Project Cost Collection and Reporting. Diary Entry Sources are Payables and Assets.

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Capital Project Create Capital Project Add Asset Definition including Asset Attributes at Project or Task Collect Costs against Project Distribute all Costs, Generate Cost Accounting Events, Create Accounting BEFORE Generating Asset Lines Summarize your Project Data (Project Performance or Project Summary) BEFORE Generating Asset Lines

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Project Asset Setup

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Project Task Asset Line

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Project Task Asset Setup

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Capital Project When Ready to Place the Asset in Service, Update the Asset Assignment with an Actual In Service Date (Current Period) Run the PRC: Generate Asset Lines procedure to Create Summary Asset Lines Adjust Lines, Associate Unassigned Lines Auto Accounting Rules Determine Journal Entry DR Asset CR CIP

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Update Asset Service

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PRC: Generate Asset Lines Creates the Asset Line(s)

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Capital Project Run the PRC: Interface Assets to Oracle Assets handle In Oracle Assets Review and Post Mass Additions Monthly: Run Depreciation Creates Accounting Interfaces and Posts Journal Entry to GL

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Interface Asset to FA

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View Asset in FA after Additions

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Contract Project Create Contract Project Include Customer and Billing Setup Collect Costs Distribute Costs Generate Cost Accounting Events Create Accounting

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Customer Invoice Flow

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Revenue Recognition Flow

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Contract Project - Revenue Generate Draft Revenue in light of Distribution Rule of Project Release Generate Revenue Accounting Events Create Accounting Transfers and Posts Journal Entry to GL DR UBR CR Revenue

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Contract Project - Receivables Generate Draft Invoice in view of Distribution Rule of Project Approve and Release The following three stages can be joined in PRC: Submit Interface Streamline (Option XI) PRC: Interface Invoices to Receivables Autoinvoice Import PRC: Tieback Invoices from Receivables

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Thank You Becky Alvarez, Director E&C Practice Rysigo Technologies Corp. Join us for a Project to Profit Q&A development and a drawing for a FREE Wii Console & Game Today (Wednesday) 3:00pm The Peabody Hotel Tower 2, Business Suite 21111

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Q&A Q & A Wendy Lamar: Becky Alvarez:

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