Companies and Genuine Property.

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Companies and Genuine Property Venture Organizations Singular Financial specialists Singular Purchasers Corporate Speculators Corporate Makers Land Venture Believe About REITs An organization that possesses pay delivering land
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Enterprises and Real Property

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Investment Corporations Individual Investors Individual Consumers Corporate Investors Corporate Producers

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Real Estate Investment Trust All about REITs An organization that claims salary delivering land Created by Congress in 1960 to give anybody and everybody the opportunityâ  to put resources into huge scale business properties It mayâ  concentrate on a specific kind of property, for instance workplaces, flats, shopping centers, strip focuses or mechanical properties Its income is the aggregate rent rolling in from the occupants Its benefit is the thing that remaining parts after the property chiefs, janitors, lighting organizations, home loan organizations, and nearby units of government have been paid To be a REIT, an organization must circulate no less than 90% of its assessable pay to shareholders yearly as profits Public REITs in United States (Wikipedia) Real Estate Investment Trusts (Securities and Exchange Commission)

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1995 2006 Changes in Timberland Ownership

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Timber Investment Companies - Timber Investment Management Organizations An Introduction to Timberland Investing (Lyme Timber Co) Institutional Ownership of Timber (George Draffen) A Survey of TIMOs (Forest Service) Institutional Timberland Investment (Yale University) Hancock Timber Resources Group RMK Timberland Group Timberland Investment Resources (private) The Lyme Timber Company (private) TIMOs and REITs (.docstoc) Timber (SmartMoney 2001) REITs Spread to Timber Industry (Wall Street Journal Nov 2005) Wells Timberland REIT Plum Creek Potlatch Pact Will Form First Publicly Traded Timberland REIT (Memphis Business Journal) Timberland: Wealth Emerges From the Forest (Wealth Management Exchange, May 2008) RMK and Nature Conservancy in the Adirondacks (Timberland Blog)

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Corporations Real bequest organization Maintenance - Builder/remodeler, painter, circuit tester, handyman Utilities – Bundled information transfers, electric/gas, water Waste Retail organizations – purchaser products – furniture, sustenance, dress, solid merchandise, Banking and other monetary administrations – protection, contract, budgetary

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Corporations (Wikipedia) A company is a lawful element controlled by the state\'s law in which the business is fused Composed of individual proprietors however exists independently from them stockholders - investors possess an organization\'s piece that issues the stock bondholder - investors credit the organization cash Employs people and delivers great or gives administrations Corporate law which tries to adjust the premiums of the shareholders who contribute capital and the representatives who contribute work - ?obligation issues Recognized by law to have rights and obligations like genuine individuals May be in charge of human rights infringement - be indicted criminal offenses, for example, misrepresentation and murder “Born" into presence through its individuals acquiring an authentication of consolidation, they can "die" when they lose cash and get to be ruined

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A company is legitimately a state\'s national in which it is fused Corporate business law contrasts from state to state, and numerous forthcoming partnerships decide to fuse in an express whose laws are most ideal to its business premiums Many vast partnerships are fused in Delaware without being physically situated there on the grounds that that state has exceptionally positive corporate duty and revelation laws

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Public Corporations Joint stock organization - a business association in which capital is gathered from the individual commitments of shareholders, each of which is given endorsements of proprietorship (stocks) consequently The shareholders are allowed to exchange their proprietorship enthusiasm whenever by offering their stockholding to others Ownership of stock presents various benefits The organization is overseen for the benefit of the shareholders by a chose Board of Directors – surprising for shareholder to be ready Hold yearly broad meeting, deliver a yearly report, are examined yearly Shareholders offer in the organization\'s net benefit – additionally called a partitioned – computed as net benefit separated by the aggregate number of possessed shares (Individual offer of the benefit is the profit reproduced by the quantity of shares possessed) Shareholders are at risk for organization obligations that surpass the organization\'s capacity to pay yet restricted to the face estimation of their shareholding

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Public Companies Public partnerships – those claimed by the general population, whose stock is exchanged on the New York Stock Exchange or different trades Any organization that records a Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and raises cash from the general population An open organization needs to document reports an open organization with 300 or more shareholders as characterized in the 1933 Securities Act can choose to turn into a reporting organization an open organization with 500 or more open shareholders or an organization with some open shareholders and resources of $5 million dollars must turn into a reporting organization May fuse in any state Minnesota Statutes Minnesota Department of Commerce

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Stock partnerships offer stock to produce capital Most are for the most part revenue driven Publicly exchanged company, the shares of which are exchanged on an open stock trade (the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ in the United States where shares of supply of organizations are purchased and sold by and to the overall population Most of the biggest organizations on the planet are traded on an open market partnerships Non-stock enterprises is an organization without stockholders yet numerous have individuals - utilitarian likeness stockholders Most are not-revenue driven Tax-absolved non-benefit partnerships are frequently called “501(c)3 corporation”, after the segment of the Internal Revenue Code that addresses their expense status A common advantage not-for-profit organization is a partnership shaped in the United States exclusively for the advantage of its individuals - a golf club

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Securities & Exchange Commission The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to ensure financial specialists, look after reasonable, methodical, and effective markets, and encourage capital arrangement Statutes and principles that represent the securities business in the United States get from a basic and clear idea All speculators, whether expansive foundations or private people, ought to have admittance to certain fundamental truths around a venture preceding purchasing it, thus long as they hold it Statutes that oversee the securities business 17 CFR Securities and Exchange Commission Securities Law (FindLaw) (The Securities Law Blog)

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Consumers\' helpful Limited organization Limited obligation organization Limited risk constrained association Limited obligation organization Limited association Low-benefit restricted obligation organization Not-revenue driven enterprise Partnership Sole proprietorship Trust organization , Trust law Minnesota Business Corporation Act (Minnesota Statutes 302A) Corporations, Business Organizations, and Associations Law (LawMoose) Importance of Corporations ( Corporations (Anup Shar) Other corporate elements (Wikipedia)

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Private Corporations Companies which are exclusive Capital raised by means of private stores Does not have to meet the strict Securities and Exchange Commission documenting necessities of open organizations US biggest privately owned businesses ( Finding out about privately owned businesses (Chris Roush, UNC) Often family possessed Cargill , Carlson Companies , Dairy Queen , Anderson Windows

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The 200 biggest U.S. Foundations (Forbes Magazine) A manual for ecological philanthropies (MotherJones) Environmental Law Institute Environmental Defense Fund Natural Resources Defense Council Land Trust Alliance Tax for Nonprofits (Internal Revenue Service) A Guide to Minnesota\'s philanthropy laws (MN Dept of Agriculture) Council of Minnesota Nonprofits Minnesota Largest Nonprofits (Star Tribune) Political, religious, natural, and altruistic purposes Nonprofit Organizations

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Government Corporations (GAO) A corporate substance set up by Congress in which the administration holds all value Most recorded in the Government Corporation Control Act (1945) The Act does not serve as a general joining law; each of these companies have their own empowering enactment that stipulates its forces Commodity Credit Corporation Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) The Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation US Postal Service Fannie Mae The weight of government undertakings (Cato Institute)

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Municipal enterprise (Wikipedia) Minnesota Statutes Minneapolis

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Federal Statutes 15 USC Commerce & Trade (Cornell University) 12 USC Banks & Banking (Cornell University) 29 USC Internal Revenue Code (Cornell University) Federal Regulation 12 CFR Banks & Banking 13 CFR Business Credit & Assistance 16 CFR Commercial Practices 17 CFR Commodities & Security Exchange US Department of Labor Occupational Health & Safety US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration Federal Trade Commission Uniform Commercial Code – law representing business exchanges Federal Policy to a limited extent

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Standard Industrial Classification United States government framework for grouping businesses by a four-digit code Established in 1937, it is being supplanted by the six-digit North American Industry Classification System discharged in 1997 Certain administration offices and offices, for example, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), still utilize the SIC codes Manual Structure

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Division C. Development building development by general contractual workers or by agent manufacturers

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