Completely Organized Auto and Environmental Change.

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Completely Arranged Auto and Environmental Change. Remarkable advancement in Car Organizing. Marc Osajda Worldwide Car System Chief Freescale Semiconductor . Car Megatrends. 80. 7.50. 7.00. 70. Fuel utilization [l/100km]. Motor force [kW]. 6.50. 60. 6.00. 50. 5.50.
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Completely Networked Car and Climate Change Outstanding development in Automotive Networking Marc Osajda Global Automotive Strategy Manager Freescale Semiconductor

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Automotive Megatrends

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80 7.50 7.00 70 Fuel utilization [l/100km] Engine power [kW] 6.50 60 6.00 50 5.50 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Engine force Fuel utilization What Electronic assist accomplished With averaging Vehicle Power +38% Enabling EURO 6 and past CO2 lessening by 15%* Stop & Go, Hybrid Diesel Fuel utilization diminishment by 15% Battery Technology regardless of 19% expansion in vehicle weight …

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Emission Reduction Focus Area Integrated Central Body/Gateway Energy Efficiency Powertrain Electrification Efficient IC Engine Control Power on interest Electric driven helpers Electric Park Brake Internal Combustion Engine Powertrain zap (HEV, EV) FlexRay™, CAN , LIN, MOST… Fuel Pump Weight Reduction Electrification of the auto In-Vehicle Networking Greater Integration Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Airbag Control with ESP Sensor Cluster Starter/Alternator Electric Power Steering

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Holistic Approach to Energy Efficient Products Process Technology Packaging Circuit and Module Design Component Design Platform Design System and Application Software Tools and Modeling

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Networking Multicore Automotive Multicore Why Multicore in Embedded Applications Frequency scaling of CPU centers no more substantial because of force imperatives Multicore processors saw as most feasible way to deal with accomplish obliged execution picks up inside of force spending plans 1xCPU Device Hot Device Hot - spot Power Limit Power Limit P d = CV 2 F Power nxCPU Performance Requirement Performance Requirement New Challenge Ahead : Software for Multicore Processors

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Immobilizer RKE and TPMS Rx Amplifier Video Instrument Cluster Radio Nav Display Video Seat Modules Motors Body Controller/Gateway Engine Management Glow Plug Motors Alarm Airbag Motors Steering Column Cooling Fan Rear Module Occupant Classification Rain Sensor HVAC Chassis Management Flaps Fuel Pump Flaps Sunroof Flaps Driver Seat Belt Pretensioner Motors Flaps Motors Flaps SJB Lighting L Power Steering Motors Transmission Door Module Pass. Safety belt Pretensioner Motors 4x4 Lighting R Motors Active Steering Motors Door Module Motors Temp Blind Spot Detection Suspension Motors Sensor Cluster Suspension Motors Rear Lighting Suspension Motors Wipers Anti-lock Braking Suspension Battery Management Park Assist Adaptive Cruise Control In-Vehicle Networking multifaceted nature NOX Blower 1996 Typical Vehicle: 6 ECUs 2008 High-End Vehicle: > 70 ECUs

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In-Vehicle Networking Evolution Current Situtation Heterogenous systems administration nearby and prorietary structrures Up to 80 distinct ECUs Market Trends More Bandwidth Required More Embedded figuring force obliged Green Trend, decrease power utilization Tommorow’s in vehicle organizing Domain Controller interconnected by means of a focal entryway Reduced number of ECUs, expand functionnality and processing force per space controller ECU Intelligent satellite modules Source: BMW, Ludwigsburg 2008 The portal module is the main issue of joining of all systems & dataflow in the vehicle 8

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Automotive Gateways – Enabling ITS Next Gen Gateway 2.0 will empower ITS  Highway to information Gateway 1.0 Embedded Computing motor Dual-center Power Architecture ® 250+ DMIPS, 2MB Flash Enabling Ethernet for car

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Wireless in and around the auto Within and around the lodge ISM, Bluetoothâ®, ZigBee™, Wi-Fiâ®, NFC/RFID, UWB From the carport to home or e-business stand Wi-Fi/802.11.P, possibly Bluetooth 3.0, DSRC, UWB From the car to roadside foundation Wi-Fi/802.11.P, ZigBee, DSRC From the car to whatever is left of the world Cellular, Wi-Fi/802.11.P and WiMAX Open Connectivity to the outer world

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Summary Electronic is basic to adjust expanding individual transportation and diminishing discharges and setbacks Connection of in-vehicle system to ITS framework by means of the cutting edge passage will empower the deployement of EV armadas High Embedded Computing Power Deterministic Multiplexed systems administration Gateway to the outside world

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TM Fully Networked Car and Climate Change Thank you for you consideration

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