Computerized Chronicles Framework DAS Swiss Radio DRS Presentation EBU Dublin.

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Online offers: telecasts of the documents are straightforwardly integrable (single shows, indexes, records) ... system area the DAS show conventions make it conceivable ...
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Advanced Archives System DAS Swiss Radio DRS Presentation EBU Dublin Dokumentation+Archive 19 April 2007

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Content Dokumentation+Archive Summary Potential of the Digital Archive System DAS Digitisation Network incorporation Problems of the task DAS Added esteem Profitability Feedback to DAS Archive frameworks at SRG SSR idée suisse (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation)

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1. Advanced Archive System (DAS): Summary (1) Dokumentation+Archive social information base for State of the Art recorded prerequisites splendidly incorporated into a present day computerized radio environment this incorporates the immediate linkage with the telecom and the music programming frameworks linkage to mass stockpiling direct connecting with digitisation stations for attractive tapes and CDs

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1. Advanced Archive System (DAS): Summary (2) Dokumentation+Archive Based on the item \'Media Archives\' of Blue Order The current BASIS+ file database must be supplanted by a separated information model and the whole put away information must be relocated. The mix of various sorts of sound components were a high test: DAS is presently appropriate for the characterisation and recovery of traditional music, light and mainstream music or sounds, and additionally for discourse - all on the same surface.

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1. Advanced Archive System (DAS): Summary (3) Dokumentation+Archive Simple publication look and broad inquiry (documentaries and elements) Pre-listening and direct fare to some other computerized framework The whole communicate generation is put away in a different part and can be examined in communicate conventions in communicate quality notwithstanding sound components in various organizations, the computerized file framework additionally stores going with materials and photographs  Operational since summer 2006

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2. Capability of DAS (1) Dokumentation+Archive Search: Simple or broad inquiry in metadata of filed projects (thesauri, expert information: bolster the consistency) in each of the 5 programs through communicate plans look over all put away information and sorts of substance (music, discourse, sounds) Pre-listening All digitized put away information can be listened to.

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2. Capability of DAS (3) Dokumentation+Archive Transfer from the communicate framework into DAS: Audio components are chosen by system delegates as a team with D+A (documentation + files) and imported straightforwardly from DigaSystem into DAS (metadata comprehensive).

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3. Digitisation of the document in participation Dokumentation+Archive 200\'000 discourse yields and unrecorded music recordings in the files of SR DRS (Swiss Radio DRS: German-speaking Swiss Radio) ��  25 % are digitized ��  determination by system delegates Support by "Memoriav"/national co-financing/Lotteriefonds An aggregate of 3,5 representatives of Swiss Radio DRS and Memoriav for digitisation Audible for the general population in libraries/chronicles by means of Memobase

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FAStT 600 42x 146,8 GB p520-TSM aCMS-Netzwerk 4. System reconciliation SRDRS-system SR DRS Netzwerk x345-Web x345-DM Fibrechannel-Netzwerk FASTt600: 42 x 146 GB - MediaArchive (substance information) - database Dokumentation+Archive x360-DB 1 Gbit house net x345-EM IBM 2145 SAN Volume Controller Cluster x345-ExpImp IBM 3584 LTO2 with 3 drives x345-Browse Cisco MDS 9216 SAN Switches x345 SAN-commu-nication 11.1.1.x SDS frameworks

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5. Issues of the task DAS Dokumentation+Archive No instant framework accessible available ��  high adjustment input/improvement work of the supplier was essential Interface to the communicate framework: complex, obligations misty Migration of expansive information volumes: tedious, thoughtfully requesting, danger of information misfortune, learning of put away date vital Archives databases: are mind boggling und challenging....because they need to oversee immense information volumes adroitly (thesauri, expert information, ...) Demand of fundamental and complex hunt ��  reasonable work Many redresses vital due to high many-sided quality Response time: effective equipment important

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6. Included quality Dokumentation+Archive Archived programs for broadcasting: look, pre-tuning in, fare (meta information comprehensive) ��  lead time for communicates decays ��  low value file sounds rather than costly new creations ��  lessening of expenses in the conventional files ��  esteem support and upgrade of in-house preparations (containing more than 200 man years narrative work, approx. € 13 a great many staff uses) Online offers: communicates of the chronicles are specifically integrable (single communicates, inventories, documents) New music discharges: straightforwardly as advanced records into the files framework (soon likewise digitally supplied) Long term stockpiling for publication frameworks (e.g. likewise for information of music programming): spine for dependable metadata und stable sounds

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7. Gainfulness (1) Dokumentation+Archive One-off venture costs 2003-2007: € 2.5 millions Reduction of expenses in the projects: € 180\'500/year Reduction of expenses in the documents division: € 170\'600/year

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7. Gainfulness (2): stockpiling and get to Dokumentation+Archive

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8. Input to DAS: Dokumentation+Archive 5 ticks, quick pre-tuning in, fare and the documented sound components prepared for broadcasting inside minutes! Moreover: make extra utilization of a project, re-listen to a system segment – the DAS communicate conventions make it conceivable - brisk and uncomplicated. Jürg Oehninger, proofreader DRS 1 "A great working instrument with loads of information, straightforward and straightforward – in the sense: "he who hunts will in fact find ." Simone Simona Meier, editorial manager DRS 1 "Digital radio chronicles are an open entryway to the aggregate memory. It liberates the radio from the chains that it has conveyed from the earliest starting point: the subjugation of time." Thomas Weibel, press officer of Schweizer Radio DRS 2 "DAS is an exceptionally helpful working instrument, considerably more advantageous than the previous files database. The main thing I miss is the entrance to the whole music load of SRG SSR (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) – as we used to have in PHONO...". Geri Stocker, music supervisor DRS 3

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9. Other chronicle frameworks in the communicate undertakings of SRG SSR (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) Dokumentation+Archive RSR (French-speaking Swiss Radio): System Siraneau of the supplier \'Inquiries d\'images\' and Cap Gemini as general contractual worker, 25% of the documents are digitized (notwithstanding digitisation when used), elements of the web plant and Digital Rights Management (connected to the communicate framework) comprehensive, somewhat extern access of libraries and so forth through \'Bergerac\', RTSI (Italian-speaking Swiss Radio and Television): Radio and TV preparations in one file framework, LTO2-robot framework, assumed control from RAI, 60% of the old files digitised, all in-house creations saved, yet just incompletely open. RTR (Romansch-speaking Swiss Radio and Television): basic chronicling by means of DigaSystem

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Thank you for your consideration Dokumentation+Archive Walter Rüegg

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