Computerized Narrative Film Making.

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Computerized Narrative Film Making. Fellow Mullins, Ken Fagan Arizona State College. Destinations. Characterize Narrative Film Styles of Documentaries Video Generation Process Film Making Employments and Obligations Examine Orme Dam Research. Speaking with Video. Show Instructional Video
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Computerized Documentary Film Making Guy Mullins, Ken Fagan Arizona State University

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Objectives Define Documentary Film Styles of Documentaries Video Production Process Film Making Jobs & Duties Discuss Orme Dam Research

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Communicating with Video Drama Instructional Video News/Magazine position News Documentary Research and Data Collection Surveillance MORE SCRIPT LESS SCRIPT

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Documentary Film & Video “Creative treatment of actuality” -John Grierson Every Documentary falls some place between the most unadulterated type of “telling a discovered story” and the less immaculate “contrived fiction” Surveillance Camera Hollywood Film

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Video Documentary Types of Documentary Film Expository Addresses Viewers Directly Impressionistic Poetic, Lyrical Observational “On the Fly” Capture of Events Reflexive Interactive, Autobiographical, Reality TV (?) Robert Flaherty\'s "Nanook of the North” 1922

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Reality TV? An American Family, 1972 MTV - The Real World PBS - The 1900 House, The Farmer’s Wife CBS - Survivor , Big Brother, Amazing Race

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Observational or Nature Video Moving from Public Space to Private Space Social Orientation Photographer as Participant Observer Photography and Rapport

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The Video Interview “Talking Head” Three Point Lighting Adequate Microphone Boom Lavalier Question and Answer Simple to Edit Restricts Quality of Content Open Ended Questions Difficult to Edit Content May be Unrestricted/Unexpected Head Room Nose Room Rule of Thirds Background

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Using Photographs in the Video Interview Photo Elicitation Still Photographs may be utilized as topic to inspire reactions from sources Rough Cuts may be utilized to direct further research taking into account group/witness reactions

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Using Photographs in the Video Interview Photo Elicitation

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Video Text Resources Cross-Cultural Filmmaking , Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Taylor Visual Anthropology, John Collier, Jr., and Malcolm Collier The Corporate Scriptwriting Book, Donna Matrazzo Camcorder in the Classroom, Adrienne Herrell, and Joel Fowler, Jr.

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Additional Text Resources The Little Digital Video Book by Michael Rubin In The Blink of An Eye by Walter Murch Setting Up Your Shots. Incredible Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know by Jeremy Vineyard Film Directing: Cinematic Motion by Steven Katz Film Directing: Shot by Shot by Steven Katz Digital Moviemaking by Scott Billups Digital Guerrilla Video: A Grassroots Guide to the Revolution by Avi Hoffer Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos: A Practical Guide to Planning, Filming, and Editing Documentaries of Real Events by Barry Hampe Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects (With CD-ROM) by Trish Meyer, Chris Meyer

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Digital Documentary Film Making Part 1 - Objectives Fundamental Technical Knowledge of Digital Video and Digital Photography Traditional Skills of Video Production (i.e.., shot structure, sound nuts and bolts, lighting standards) Digital Video Editing Techniques

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Recent History of Video Technology Analog = Expensive and Complicated Digital = Relatively Inexpensive and Simple Non-Linear Editing (NLE) miniDV Videotape, Firewire (iLink, IEEE1394)

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Traditional “A/B Roll” Analog Editing System

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Modern Digital Video Replaces Big Hardware with Big Software

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Modern Tools of Video Production Digital Camcorder miniDV, Digital 8, D-9, Digital-Betacam Non-Linear Video Editing System iMovie, Premiere, FinalCut, Media100, Avid NLE accomplishes for Video today what the Laser Printer accomplished for Print in the late 1980s Digital Still Camera 2-Megapixel, 3-Megapixel, or better… Graphics and Animation Software Photoshop, After Effects, even PowerPoint

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Digital Video On-Location…

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Digital Video Composite Arizona’s Towns: Planning the Past, Saving the Future College of Architecture - Summer 2000

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Traditional Tools of “Good” Video Production Wordprocessor Microsoft Word, Pencil & Paper, 3M Post-It⮠Tripod Microphones Handheld, Shotgun, Lavalier, PZM Lighting Equipment Lights, Reflectors, Umbrellas A/C Extension Cords Batteries Gaffer’s Tape Ballpoint Pen…

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Simple strides to making feature Video Vocabulary Shot Composition Lighting & Audio Basics The Video Production Process

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Video Production Process Pre-Production Outline Treatment Script & Storyboard Production Shooting Video Creating Graphics and Animation Recording Narration, Music, Sound Effects Post-Production Editing Distribution (VHS, www)

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Video Shot Vocabulary Fundamental Shot Types Establishing Shot Medium Shot (MS), Medium Close-Up Close-Up (CU), Extreme Close-Up Over-the-Shoulder (OTS) Two Shot

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Establishing Shot, Wide Shot

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Medium Shot, Medium Close-Up “Talking Head”

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Close-Up, Extreme Close-Up

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Over-the-Shoulder (OTS) Two Shot Other Fundamental Shot Types

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Centered, an excess of headroom Off-focus, better headroom Head Room & Nose Room

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“Rule of Thirds”

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Basic Principals of Lighting Key Light Fill Light Back Light or Hair Light Three Point Lighting

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Three Point Lighting Hair Light Key Light Background Light Fill Light

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Three Point Lighting Hair Light Key Light Fill Light

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Audio Recording Basics “Good” Video needs “Good” Audio Different Types of Recording Require Different Types of Microphones Handheld Lavalier/Lapel Shotgun PZM (Pressure Zone Mic)

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Things to Keep in Mind when Shooting Video Shot Composition Basics Headroom, Noseroom Lighting for Image Quality Three Point Lighting Audio Recording Checklist Batteries Videotape Microphone Focus Framing/Shot Composition

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DV on the PC? Studio DV Pinnacle Systems Ulead Video Studio Dazzle DV-Editor MovieDV Suite ( screenshot ) Microsoft Producer Ulead Video Studio Dazzle DV-Editor & Firewire card

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AIST MovieDVSuite ( )

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Digital Video: Graphics & Animation Objectives Introduction to Producing Graphics for Video Advanced Video & Audio Editing Techniques Digital Video Compression & Web Video Internet Distribution

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Creating Graphics for Video Illustrations Special Effects Title Screens “Lower Third”

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Creating Graphics for Video Illustrations Special Effects Title Screens “Lower Third”

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Creating Graphics for Video The “Darwin Movie” click motion picture to play

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Graphics Tools for Video Adobe Photoshop for still pictures Adobe After Effects for vivified pictures Digital Still Photography

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Creating Graphics for Video Limitations of NTSC (Analog Television) Color scope of Television and Computers Analog NTSC Video maybe 5-7 million hues Computer RGB more than 16 million hues Interlaced Properties of NTSC Causes flash in fine subtle elements of pictures Overscan and Underscan Graphic Compositions might just use around 80% of the screen land

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Creating Graphics for Video Limitations of NTSC (Analog Television) Launch Photoshop DEMO

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Video and Audio Editing Techniques Inserting Elements into a DV Program Graphics Audio Narration from mouthpiece & tape Music from CD Sound Effects Working with DV Video Clips Adjusting Clips inside of the Program Timeline Cropping Clips Launch iMovie DEMO

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Video Compression Producing Video for Computer Presentations Powerpoint, CD-ROM, Kiosk Compressing Video for Internet Broadcasting/Webcasting/Netcasting

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Video Compression Nearly all Digital Video is Compressed NTSC Video plays at 30 outlines/second 1 Frame of Uncompressed Digital Video is more or less 1 MB (30 MB/second)

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Video Compression Methods of Compression Reduce the Number of edges/second 15 fps is alright Less than 10-12 fps gets to be jerky Reduce the Video\'s Size edge Reduce the Image Quality

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Video Compression Flavors of Video Compression (MPEG I - MP3, MPEG II - DVD, MPEG IV), Quicktime Cinepak, Sorenson, Apple Video, Motion-JPEG) DV miniDV Camcorder Videotape, iMovie RealVideo AVI Microsoft ASF

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How To Compress Video Many Desktop Video Editing projects will Export a mixed bag of packed configurations Exports are typically layout pressure settings without much control Media Cleaner (Current Version 5.0) is the most mainstream instrument for the

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