Concentrate Abroad in the Netherlands Summer, 2004.

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Concentrate Abroad in the Netherlands Summer, 2004. Brain science 3970/5997 Multicultural Human Conduct Dr. Charge Kirk and Dr. Mike Havey. Dates. Around May 14 through June 15 Straddles Intersession and first Four-Week Back in time for second and third Four-Week Sessions. Location .
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Concentrate Abroad in the Netherlands Summer, 2004 Psychology 3970/5997 Multicultural Human Behavior Dr. Charge Kirk & Dr. Mike Havey

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Dates Approximately May 14 through June 15 Straddles Intersession & first Four-Week Back in time for second & third Four-Week Sessions

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Location Maastricht, the Netherlands Teikyo University Former Hospital: Small appealing grounds containing different projects International understudies Maastricht Center for Transatlantic Studies Individual rooms Eat, Sleep, go to Class, Compute, do clothing all in the same building

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City of Maastricht Capital of the Province of Limburg Walk to Belgium, 30 moment transport ride to Germany Centrally situated in Europe

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City of Maastricht Oldest city in the Netherlands Roman stays Medieval Churches Cafes, Cafes, Cafes

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City of Maastricht Cobblestone roads Walled city Beautiful & Picturesque

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City of Maastricht Heelport City door around 1280

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City of Maastricht The "Onze Lieve Vrouwe” church is one of the most established houses of worship in Maastricht. It is based on the remaining parts of an antiquated Roman sanctuary.

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City of Maastricht Interior of St. Servaas Church

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City of Maastricht The "Dinghuis", this was the townhall until 1664. The Tourist office is currently arranged in this building.

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City of Maastricht " St. Servaas" span.

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City of Maastricht View of Maastricht from the east St. Servaas span & Maas River in closer view Church of Our Lady in foundation

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City of Maastricht This is the most well known bar of Maastricht, the "Vogelstruys". It’s arranged on the "Vrijthof" square.

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City of Maastricht Another walkway cafã©â€™

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City of Maastricht The primary shopping road the "Grote Staat" on a Saturday evening.

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City of Maastricht Modern shops in old structures.

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City of Maastricht The court of equity (The previous Annadal healing facility).

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Teikyo U. Grounds View from fundamental building indicating parking garage and two visitor houses

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Teikyo U. cont. PC lab for understudy use

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Teikyo U. cont. Run of the mill single-individual apartment

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Teikyo U. Cont. Cafeteria

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Costs Tuition, Room, Board & Fees Approximate Cost: $1900 Airfare Approximate Cost: $550 - $700

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Travel Arrangements Flexible plans Go all alone Possibilities for go before or after the class Go with a gathering Keep your eyes open for modest passages

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Course Format Four days of class for each week Approximately 9 - 12, Mon. through Th. Address, talk, movies, visitor speakers Sample points: Aggression & Violence, Gender Differences, Models of Culture

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Field trips Potential destinations: the Hague: American Embassy, International Tribunal for the previous Yugoslavia, the Beach Cologne (Kã¶ln): Roman exhibition hall, house of God, the Rhine Margraten American WWII Cemetery

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Requirements Class participation & association Daily readings Periodic short assignments: perception, reflection, meeting, and so forth 2 tests: Midterm & Final Journal: alloted subjects Approved Research Paper on Multicultural Topic

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