Concordia Libraries Workmanship History 200 Workshop.

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Reference books are recorded on the Art History Subject Guide on the library web ... Different databases are recorded on the Art History Subject Research Guide ...
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Concordia Libraries Art History 200 Workshop Kenojuak Ashevak Enchanted Bird , 2004 Precolumbian Smiling Face Alfred Laliberte. Le semeur. Claude Tousignant. Sans titre , 1964 Leon Golub. Hired soldiers II, 1979

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ARTH 200 Assignment 2 You ought to distinguish and give brief photocopied or printed data from the accompanying sources: reference books and word references (pick 2) books or display inventories (pick 2); periodical databases or lists (pick 2); For the information base pursuits give print-outs demonstrating the ten most encouraging references you found and print out hunt history diary articles (pick 3, in light of your database seeks) sites (pick 1). Arrange this data in a winding bound booklet, obviously composed and partitioned into areas. For each printed source incorporate the cover sheet and up to five important pages with key entries showed.

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Tips for Researching Get an outline of your examination subject by skimming reference book articles and the web Identify ideas applicable to your exploration and get ready watchwords Check the lists of sources of significant records to conceivably recognize different archives you can utilize. (Note: To utilize databases & online sources from home you require a Library PIN)

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Document Types: Books/Exhibition inventories, Chapters, Journal articles What sorts of reports are these? Emison, Patricia. The Shaping of Art History : Meditations on a Discipline . College Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, 2008. Jenkins, Ian. "The Mausoleum at Halikarnassos." Greek Architecture and Its Sculpture . Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2006: 203-236. Varner, Eric. "Perusing Replications: Roman Rhetoric and Greek Quotations." Art History 29.2 (April 2006): 280-303. Reference and Style Guides are accessible on the library site under QuickLinks.

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Finding Encyclopedias are recorded on the Art History Subject Guide on the library site You can likewise utilize CLUES to recognize different reference books Keyword seek : model and encyclopedia* Note: Print reference books are kept in the Reference Collection – Webster Library 2 nd floor

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Finding Books & Exhibition Catalogs Finding Books Library Catalogs: CLUES & Other library lists Check lists of sources of reference books or different archives Finding Exhibition inventories Use KEYWORD look – painting and presentations Finding Chapters in Books Some databases give references to parts in books Use Google Books Check Other Libraries in Montreal Get a CREPUQ card at the Circulation Desk to acquire from other Quebec college libraries Use the Interlibrary Loans administration to demand books, and so forth

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Finding Periodicals: (Journals, Magazines, Newspapers) Concordia Libraries subscribe to numerous workmanship diaries and magazines. A few diaries are accessible both online and in paper yet a few diaries are accessible in paper as it were. Paper diaries are kept in the Webster Library periodicals accumulation on the 3 rd floor. You require the call number of the diary to discover it on the racks. You should verify whether the library has the date of the diary you require. Verify whether the diary is in the present showcase range or bound on the racks. Diaries can\'t be taken of the library, You can photocopied in the library; you will require a duplicate card… .or… … You can utilize Article Delivery administration to demand that articles be examined and messaged to (you require a Library PIN).

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CLUES record for diary Dates accessible Check to see whether bound or flow

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Use Databases to Identify Articles on a Topic Art Databases Art Full-message & Art Index Retrospective Covers all workmanship periods and media around 500 magazines and diaries from 1929 to show ARTbibliographies Modern spreads 19 th century to contemporary craftsmanship; doesn\'t cover engineering extensive variety of global diaries, display inventories, and books from 1976 to introduce Avery Index to Architecture Literature covers design diaries furthermore brightening expressions Wide scope of worldwide diaries BHA: Bibliography of the History of Art spreads Covers all workmanship periods and media extensive variety of universal diaries, presentation lists, and books from 1976 to present Check Art History Research Guide for different databases to consider

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Research Example Alfred Laliberté Le semeur .. Around 1911 Bronze figure  

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Prepare your pursuit: recognize ideas & watchwords Title of Work: Le semeur Artist and dates: Alfred Laliberte (1878-1953) Medium: bronze model Period/Dates: mid 1900s or twentieth century Country/Region: quebec or canada Education and educators: Paris – Ecole des beaux expressions (1902-07) Influenced by: Jules Dalou, Suzor-Cote Subject/Genre: habitant or rustic or laborer Other applicable terms: patriotism, patriotism

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Strategies for Searching Start with particular catchphrases: craftsman\'s name and primary words important to title laliberte and habitants If you don\'t discover enough references, widen your hunt by class, topography, era, or different perspectives "alfred laliberte" quebec and model quebec and (habitants* or provincial) habitants or provincial Nationalis* and quebec* If you get an excessive number of results, use LIMIT alternatives or more exact watchwords Limit by record sort – peer checked on diaries, highlight articles, date… . (You may need to attempt various different blends)

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Combining Keywords and Connectors and – searches for all words laliberte and habitants or – searches for any of the words habitants or laborers * - searches for foundation of word and different mixes shape * searches for model or artist or sculpteur " - searches for words as expression " alfred laliberte "

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Use databases from different controls You may wish to look different databases to hunt down articles on the more extensive chronicled, social and social setting or even reasoning, writing databases for other hypothetical methodologies Some databases include: America History and Life – Canada, Mexico, and United States history Francis – vestige and early periods Historical Abstracts – non North American history after the Renaissance Iter – Renaissance CBCA Complete – covers extensive variety of Canadian magazines Repere – covers Quebec magazines Other databases are recorded on the Art History Subject Research Guide

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If you have Questions, ask at Reference Desk Email or visit reference Contact me:

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Library PIN in MyCLUES Create a Library PIN to: Renew books online Place asks for on books that are out or "In Process" Access library electronic databases and diaries Make Interlibrary Loans asks for by means of COLOMBO Request articles

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Where you can inquire about? In Libraries Reference Area – 2 nd floor NETNAME & secret word required Wireless Laptops All workstations are associated with printers Debit card required to print out Off grounds CLUES open to everybody Databases and online diaries – Library PIN vital

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Webster Library - Layout 2 nd floor – Reference Desk & Collection Also PC work stations & printers Reference additionally accessible online (email and visit) 2 nd floor - Circulation Desk (passage/exit) Reserve materials likewise kept here 3 rd floor – Periodicals & Media Paper diaries – single issue & bound Media accumulations Computer stations, portable PCs, scanner, shading printer Photocopiers 4 th floor – Books & Exhibition indexes

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Reference Area - 2 nd floor Use Reference Books to discover foundation data in reference books & lexicons definitions & implications of images… and more Check gifts for arrangements of real Reference works Paper duplicates on 2 nd floor Listed on Library Web Site – Research Subject Guide Reference Desk on 2 nd floor Chat & E-mail Reference

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Periodicals & Media – third floor Periodicals (diaries, magazines, daily papers) Paper and/or online and/or microfilm Many workmanship diaries are still just accessible in paper In library utilize just COPY cards required Media gathering (recordings, dvds, … .) 3 day advances

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