Condition of Iowa Microsoft Authorizing.

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Condition of Iowa Microsoft Authorizing. Moderators: John Stapleton Martha Brushes. Microsoft Authorizing Motivation. Who underpins the State's Microsoft Understandings? Volume Authorizing Programs Select SAM Endeavor Programming Certification redesigns New advantages Where to get help
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Condition of Iowa Microsoft Licensing Presenters: John Stapleton Martha Combs

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Microsoft Licensing Agenda Who bolsters the State’s Microsoft Agreements? Volume Licensing Programs Select SAM Enterprise Software Assurance overhauls New advantages Where to get assist What with ising the PSSA understanding Consulting Support

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Microsoft Support Resources Microsoft Martha Combs, Account Exec 515-770-6318 Mark Wernet, HQ Sales Rep 800-426-9400 x11857 John Stapleton, Local Gov Rep 800-426-9400 x11778 Aaron Vincent, Technical Account Manager 970-217-7534 Steve Burger, Consulting Engagement Manager 309-287-5329

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ASAP Software Support Resources ASAP Software Lynn Tumen, Account Exec Aimee Ballenger, Inside Rep 800-883-7173

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Different Types of Licensing OEM Licenses Pre-introduced on new machines Available through System Builder program & major OEMs Limitations: Can just be sold with new machine or new machine segments. Programming can\'t be exchanged to diverse machines Retail Licenses FPP (Full Packaged Product) Available from Retail and Business Resellers Volume Licensing Open License, Select, Enterprise, and Enterprise Subscription Agreements Open License accessible from any affiliate Select, accessible from Authorized LARs just (Large Acct Resellers) Enterprise, accessible from Authorized LARs just

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Volume Licensing Programs Select Volume License Agreement Select Enrollment Enterprise Agreement Enterprise Enrollment

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In Simple Terms What’s the Difference Between Select and Enterprise? The Select Agreement is a straightforward vehicle for purchasing individual licenses. You pick the items furthermore decide to incorporate Software Assurance on those items. The Enterprise is an approach to oversee and lessen the expense of your Microsoft Environment – Establish your center items Additional Training and Technical Support for Your Environment Licensed for the most current renditions of those items. Direct access to Microsoft for advantages that decrease your aggregate expense of registering. Likewise, your expense will diminish in years 4,5,6 on the off chance that you decide to restore the EA understanding

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Select Volume Licensing Existing Features and Benefits: Purchases followed by means of enlistment novel to every office. Buying Software Assurance is at first discretionary. When a client decides to purchase SA they are resolved to purchase every year of the agreement and may pay on a yearly premise. Current understanding lapses June to be supplanted with new three year assention. SA clients have choice to proceed on this new contract. Month to month report of use is needed.

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Enterprise Agreement Licensing Three year assention estimated per desktop every year. Relationship: more straightforward association with Microsoft Pricing secured for full term of EA Annual Reporting Requirement instead of month to month

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Enterprise Price Levels Enterprise Agreement 6.1 Platform Products: Office Pro, Win Pro Upg, Core CAL Price Levels: Level A: 250 – 2,399 Level B: 2,400 – 5,999 Level C: 6,000 – 14,999 Level D: 15,000+ Additional Products Pricing : Priced by Enterprise Product level Prices equivalent to Select True Up L + staying entire years of SA term + ½ SA for establishment year Renewal Pricing: Discounted value All Iowa Government Enters at Level C What in the event that you have under 100 PCs?

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Products Included in EA Office Professional Enterprise and Software Assurance XP Professional Upgrade and Software Assurance Core CAL and Software Assurance - Client access permit that gives the rights to “desktops” (i.e., gadgets) to get to the accompanying servers: Exchange Windows Server SharePoint Portal Server SMS Servers must be authorized independently – or they may be added to your EA enlistment! PSSA scope might likewise be added to your enlistment! You Have the Ability to Design Full Environment Coverage!

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How Does the Price Compare?

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Software Assurance Offerings Budgeting Productivity Support Tools Training

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No expanded expense for Software Assurance Offerings accessible in September 2003 Desktop Servers Home Use Program Problem Resolution Support Both Desktop and Servers Spread Payments New Version Rights TechNet Online Concierge Chat Corporate Error Reporting WinPE eLearning Employee Purchase Program TechNet Plus Government Source Licensing Program Extended Lifecycle Hot-fix Support Exchange Intelligent Message Filter Training Vouchers Software Assurance Features

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Desktop Offerings

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Server Offerings Servers

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Desktop/Server Offerings Servers

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Microsoft Volume License Services MVLS Support 866-230-0560 Training MVLS User Guides One aide for each SA Benefit Downloadable from Microsoft Licensing Web webpage

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Next Steps Work with your Microsoft Rep and your Large Account Reseller to figure out whether an Enterprise Agreement is ideal for you Complete Enrollment under State Select Agreement Review SA Benefit advisers for help with directing SA Benefits Talk to your Microsoft group about how Microsoft can help you in assessing and sending of Microsoft Technologies

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Thank You! Questions?

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Microsoft Support Resources Microsoft Martha Combs, Account Exec 515-770-6318 Mark Wernet, HQ Sales Rep 800-426-9400 x11857 John Stapleton, Local Gov Rep 800-426-9400 x11778 Aaron Vincent, Technical Account Manager 970-217-7534 Steve Burger, Consulting Engagement Manager 309-287-532

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