Configuration of All encompassing Financial aspects for a Worldwide World.

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The Primary Prague Workshop On Fates Thinks about Strategy CESES, Charles College, Prague September 16-18, 200 4 Configuration of All encompassing Financial matters for a Worldwide World Ivan Klinec Establishment for Anticipating Slovak Institute of Sciences Modern Age Financial matters Unthinking Worldview
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The First Prague Workshop On Futures Studies Methodology CESES, Charles University, Prague September 16-18, 200 4 Design of Holistic Economics for a Global World Ivan Klinec Institute for Forecasting Slovak Academy of Sciences

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Industrial Age Economics Mechanistic Paradigm Economic Theory as Ideology Information Age Economics Holistic Paradigm Plurality of Economic Theories Holistic Economics

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New Economic Theories New Economics Humanistic Economics Real-Life Economics Bioeconomics Biological Economics Green Economics Steady-State Economics Geonomics Network Economics

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Holistic Methodologies and Approaches Dissipative Structures – Ilya Prigogine Implicated Order and Holomovement – David Bohm Creative Destruction – Joseph Schumpeter System Approach – Fritjof Capra Entropy Law – Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Networking – John Arquilla, David Ronfeldt, Jessica Lipnack, Jeffrey Stamps Network-Centric Organization – Arthur Cebrowski, John Garstka Swarming – Kevin Kelly, John Arquilla, David Ronfeldt General Semantics – Alfred Korzybski Hidden Civilization Code – Alvin Toffler Information Theory of Value – John Naisbitt

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Holistic Economics Economy as Open Subsystem of Higher Systems – Society, Nature, Universe Economy as Undivided Whole Economy as Implicated Order and Globalization Process as Holomovement Economics as Map, Economic Theories as Partial Maps of Economic Reality Irreversibility of Economic Processes Economy as Dynamic Organism

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Holistic Economics Economic Process as Process of Creative Destruction Implementation of Concept of Entropy into Economic Theory Information as In-Formational and Structure Creating Factor in Economy Information Theory of Value Economy as Dissipative Structure Productive Factors as Civilization Attractors Laws of Economy same as Laws of Nature and Universe Renewing the Original Significance of Economy as Householding

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Economy as Open Subsystem Economy is open subsystem and a piece of higher frameworks similar to the general public, Nature and Universe Laws of Economy depend on laws of Nature and Universe

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Economy as Undivided Whole Economy is one undivide entire Each piece of economy on each levels – worldwide, national, neighborhood – is interconnected with every single other part Development of worldwide world economy is interconnected with the advancement of all national and territorial economies

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Economy as Implicated Order Economy is kind of ensnared request Hidden code of progress is kind of involved request Form, structure and standards of national economies are type of explained request Globalization procedure is sort holomovement

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Economics as Map Economics is guide Economics is not economy Economic hypotheses are incomplete maps of financial reality All monetary speculations are constrained in time, space and reason No financial hypothesis is conceivable to be total in at whatever time and any space

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Irreversibility of Economic Processes Economic procedures are basicly irreversible Economy is alterable creature not a static kind of machine Economy is transformated through the procedures of Creative Destruction Creative Destruction is lasting procedure of pulverization and remodel of financial equillibrium each time on new level

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Entropy as Fundamental Concept of Economic Theory Entropy is crucial idea of financial hypothesis empowering perspective of economy as sybsystem of Nature and Universe Entropy has relationship to entire economy rather than idea vulnerability with relationship just to choice procedure and administration

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Information as In-Formational and Structure Creating Factor Information is in-formational and structure making component, which is making another structure of economy, society and human progress – data society Information is new beneficial element Information is new type of capital Information is new type of asset

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Information Theory of Value Economic quality is making by data Economic worth is incorporating so as to include by data Economic benefit is genereting more data into items and administrations Generating of data is disequillibrium making procedure Diffusion of data is equillibrium restoring procedure Networking procedure depends on better access to data thusly more systems means more prominent quality and more benefits

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Economy as Dissipative Structure Economy is dissipative structure Economy is disseminating vitality Economy is dispersing materials Economy is scattering capital Economy is scattering data Developed markets are empowering the dispersal of all monetary gainful variables

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Industrial Age Civilization Attractors Land Work Capital Information Age Civilization Attractors Information Knowledge Attention Economic Productive Factors as Civilization Attractors

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Economic Productive Factors as Civilization Attractors Economic and progress change is procedure of progress of development attractors Economy and human advancement are rebuilding around new development attractors as monetary profitable elements Platform-driven association of progress is substituted by system driven association

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Industrial Age Structure of Economy Platform-Centric Organization Information Age Structure of Economy Network-Centric Organization Basic Structure of Economy

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Renewing the Original Significance of Economy as Householding Emerging worldwide economy and globalization procedures are the test and chance for recharging the first hugeness of worldwide economy as worldwide householding and financial aspects as the science about householding

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