Connecticut Social Buyers.

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2008 outside history (n>5,000 from 13 US galleries) - 2008 Association of Science-Technology ... Groups of onlookers at workmanship, history exhibition halls skew more seasoned (50 ), female ...
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Connecticut Cultural Consumers Connecticut Humanities Council Connecticut Landmarks Research by Reach Advisors

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The Research 􀂃Connecticut Cultural Consumers study -n=4,450 from 24 CT social establishments -Review of CT demographic and macroeconomic pointers extensive guests studies -2007 Association of Children\'s Museums (n>5,000 from 33 US historical centers) -2008 outside history (n>5,000 from 13 US galleries) -2008 Association of Science-Technology Centers (n>14,000 respondents) 􀂃Consumer research/demographic investigation -Spring \'08 way of life study (n=2,275 grown-ups in 20s and 30s) -10,000s family units for customer work

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The Big Questions ? 􀂃Who is the social buyer in CT? 􀂃What are Museum Advocates, and why are they critical? 􀂃What are their elucidation inclinations? 􀂃What is the part of noteworthy house historical centers?

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Why They Visit 􀂃53% drenching ever, workmanship 􀂃53% inquisitive, affection to learn 􀂃49% feeling of spot 􀂃30% critical to group 􀂃29% validness 􀂃26% family learning

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Why They Join 􀂃62% bolster group associations 􀂃58% enhance programs/displays 􀂃50% support social associations 􀂃25% pay for administrations got 􀂃17% spares cash 􀂃6% in light of the fact that "I was asked"

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Interpretation Preferences

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Interpretation Preferences - Topline 􀂃68% on own, with content boards/pamphlets 􀂃48% programs/occasions 􀂃45% guided visits 􀂃34% sound visits 􀂃29% hands-on exercises 􀂃25% chatting with staff 􀂃17% classes/workshops 􀂃9% recordings/electronic media

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H istoric House Museums

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Historic House Museum and Guided Tours 􀂃45% appreciate guided visits 􀂃7% some of the time appreciate guided visits 􀂃48% detest guided visits

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Historic House Museum and Guided Tours While 49% of Museum Advocates appreciate guided visits . . . . . . just 39% of Core Visitors appreciate them . . . . . . do guided visits keep the overall population away?

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Tours: A Polarizing Interpretation Method 􀂃Respondents feel: -caught, controlled, forced … or invigorated 􀂃Other guests are: -irritating, diverting … or astute 􀂃Guides are: -tedious, stooping, dull, scaring … -or enthusiastic, brilliant, articulate 􀂃Tours are: -impaired, excessively organized, exhausting … or fun, enhancing

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Why People Enjoy Tours 􀂃68% inside and out data -"They give the profundity and extension that we\'d miss all alone." -"Frequently gives data you didn\'t know not about." 􀂃22% Interaction -"You can\'t get questions replied from a sign." 􀂃22% Personal touch -"Guided visits breath life into the gallery." -"There is nothing superior to the fervor and individual association that a dynamic aide can offer."

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Why People Dislike Tours 􀂃55% lean toward independently directed encounters -"Part of the reason I go to galleries is to investigate without anyone else, as a remedy to organized exercises." -"Possibly I need to go quicker or slower" -"On the off chance that I needn\'t bother with a manual for sit in front of the TV or go to a football game or to a craftsmanship exhibition hall, why do I require a manual for see a noteworthy house historical center?"

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The Challenge of Guided Tours 􀂃 13% refer to uneven nature of aides -"Most don\'t appear like they appreciate what they are doing." -"The punctilious and vain style of most visit aides is a genuine turn-off." -"Normally canned monologs" 􀂃11% say excessively swarmed -"Feel like a sheep being grouped starting with one room then onto the next." -"Too short to see over the heads of ball players."

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If they could do anything, what might they do? 􀂃29% nearer vicinity to/touch antiquities 􀂃15% eat and drink 􀂃14% hands-on exercises 􀂃13% go to/host parties 􀂃10% augmented stay 􀂃9% in the background 􀂃9% relief

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What They Would Love to do Instead –Women Over 50 􀂃Experience site at a slower pace - "Search." - "Visit gradually and charmingly without noise!!!" 􀂃Passive fellowship with surroundings - "Sit in an agreeable rocker, drink close by, and inundate myself in fine art specifically compelling." -"Take a seat and turn out to be a piece of the house. Sink into the lives lived there previously."

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The Challenges 􀂃Audiences at craftsmanship, history galleries skew more seasoned (50+), female 􀂃Engagement of mothers 􀂃Creating more Museum Advocates 􀂃Dissatisfaction with guided visits

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Historic House Museums 􀂃Create different alternatives for access 􀂃Incorporate hands-on components 􀂃Expand open doors for nearer associations 􀂃Present layers of subtle element 􀂃Show alcoves and corners 􀂃Encourage fellowship with past 􀂃Facilitate social encounters

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Museums Have It 􀂃Places of: -Thoughtfulness: "An incredible spot to learn and have fun" -Wonder: "I have encounters I don\'t expect" -Inspiration: "They grow my reasoning" -Connection: "Extremely valuable memory shared between family/companions" -Solace: "I overlook this present reality for some time" -Community: "They are the establishments of modern life, society"

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