Consistent Structuring Case Competition Training .

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Logical Structuring Case Competition Training. Strategy and Operations January 8, 2008. Logical Structuring Agenda . Purpose and Objectives Logical Structuring & Storyboarding Quantitative and Qualitative Observations Professionalism Do’s and Don’ts Appendix . Purpose
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Consistent Structuring Case Competition Training Strategy and Operations January 8, 2008

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Logical Structuring Agenda Purpose and Objectives Logical Structuring & Storyboarding Quantitative and Qualitative Observations Professionalism Do\'s and Don\'ts Appendix

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Purpose The reason for this session is to set you up during the current week\'s case rivalry. Goals By the end of this session you ought to have a superior comprehension of: How to coherently structure a case presentation: Logical Structuring & Storyboarding How to utilize quantitative and subjective information to bolster your examination Research Tips Example How to execute an effective presentation: Professionalism Examples of past presentations: DOs & DON\'Ts

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Logical Structuring Agenda Purpose and Objectives Logical Structuring & Storyboarding Quantitative and Qualitative Observations Professionalism Do\'s and Don\'ts Appendix

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Why does structure make a difference? Makes the message exact Forces the essayist to be "dead clear" about what they are imparting to the peruser, counteracting messages that are hazy, unintended, or mentally exhaust Reveals holes in speculation Enables the author to recognize holes by foreseeing and reacting to the peruser\'s inquiries before the correspondence is conveyed Provides clarity to the peruser Prevents the peruser from "working" to comprehend the message, in this manner killing the likelihood that your message is misjudged or disregarded totally Memo A John Collins called to state he can\'t make the meeting at 9:00. Hal Johnson says he wouldn\'t fret making it later or even tomorrow, however not before 10:30 and Don Clifford won\'t come back from Frankfurt until tomorrow late. The meeting room is reserved tomorrow, however free on Thursday. Thursday at 11:00 appears to be a decent time. Is that alright with you? Update B Could we reschedule today\'s 9:00 meeting to Thursday at 11:00? This would make it more helpful for Collins and Johnson, and would allow Clifford to be available. It is likewise the main other time this week that the gathering room is free.

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The Pyramid Structure Governing Thought: States the response to the question brought up in the perusers mind Explains how or why Key Line: Major focuses which, taken together demonstrate the answer Support: Data and certainties which bolster the key line

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An Unstructured Communication ABC ought to go on the web and the principal need ought to be to protect its present piece of the overall industry Primary advantages of the web technique Opportunities and dangers ABC\'s present clients will probably shop online than the all inclusive community ABC\'s rivals are expanding their online item collection Without an online channel ABC dangers losing a few clients to contenders ABC\'s online deals in 2005 could reach $100mm Defend piece of the pie Grow income Develop further associations with clients Support ABC\'s working methodology

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A Structured Communication Acme can lessen costs by $10mm in the following 2 years through some operational upgrades Governing Thought: Differentiate benefit levels to spare $2mm Re-design center capacities to spare $5mm Outsource non-center capacities to spare $3mm Key Line: Evaluate inward cost of center capacity Compare cost of capacity to best-in-class benchmarks Adopt best practices in light of benchmarks Select non-center capacities Evaluate cost and administration level of potential accomplices Choose one accomplice for every capacity Segment clients by esteem Determine financial level of administration for every fragment Shift bring down esteem portions to lower cost channels Support:

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Three Key Rules to Apply When Building a Pyramid Ideas at any level must be rundowns of the thoughts assembled beneath Derived from abnormal state thoughts Point of a section is an outline of the sentences it contains Idea in every gathering must dependably be a similar sort of thoughts All thoughts are from the same intelligent gathering Label thought with a plural thing Ideas in every gathering must be in a sensible request Deductively Chronologically Structurally Comparatively

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Elements of the Introduction Situation: An announcement about the subject with which you know the peruser will concur Complication: The convoluting occasion that make the pressure in the story Governing Thought: Question: The verifiable question that outcomes from the difficulty Answer Key Line: Support:

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Structuring a Response to How S: Acme must expand its concentrate on the coyote showcase C: Acme is not right now centered around the coyote advertise Q: How can Acme concentrate on the coyote advertise? Top must build up an incentivized offer custom fitted to the coyote advertise. Overseeing Thought: How? Key Line: Understand the one of a kind needs of coyotes Adapt product offering to address coyote issues Educate coyotes on Acme\'s capacity to address their issues Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

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Structuring a Response to Why S: Approval for DrugsRUs new way of life medication Antizak is taking longer than anticipated C: DrugsRUs can burn through $25 million to quicken the endorsement procedure Q: Should DrugsRUs burn through $25 million to quicken the endorsement procedure? DrugsRUs ought to burn through $25 million to quicken the endorsement procedure for Antizak Governing Thought: Why? The Antizak market is relied upon to best $1 billion every year Earlier endorsement permits DrugRUs additional time before patent security lapses, which is worth $200 million in benefit Competitors are building up a substitute that may catch the market if propelled first Key Line: Reason 1 Reason 2 Reason 3

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Which Question is Raised - How or Why? S: The plant is not meeting its gadget creation objectives C: The generation line is as often as possible halted in light of deficient parts Q: What ought to the plant do another way? A: The parts obtainment prepare should be updated to lessen satisfaction time S: Sow\'s Ear Inc. built up a silk tote product offering 2 years prior C: Since then, the silk handbag division has been unfruitful Q: What ought to Sow\'s Ear do? A: Sow\'s Ear Inc. ought to desert its silk satchel product offering S: ABC, a book retailer, is thinking about building up an online channel C: The online retail book market is overwhelmed by 2 in number players Q: Should ABC build up an online channel? A: Yes, ABC ought to go online S: You have embraced various activities to enhance client benefit C: Customer benefit keeps on bringing about diminished consumer loyalty Q: How would we be able to enhance clients benefit? A: We should overhaul client benefit

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List the Points Identify the Type of Point Summarize the Points Order the Points Clarifying Grouped Ideas Synthesize discoveries from meetings, research and investigation Create a rundown of key focuses Put the focuses into classifications by characterizing the sort of issue being talked about, endeavoring to utilize comparative level of deliberation crosswise over classes Write a sentence that expresses the "embodiment" of every classification Put the focuses in intelligent request, for example, request of significance or time arrange Activities:

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The Importance of MECE Example Making Dinner: Select menu Buy fixing Prepare courses Do any of the focuses cover? Totally unrelated MECE Mobile Phone Types: Analog Digital GSM Reasons to get contender ABC: Complimentary client base Superior innovation Digestible size Have all potential outcomes been secured? By and large Exhaustive Points crosswise over even levels of the pyramid ought to be MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive)

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Storyboarding Creating a storyboard gives a blueprint to the presentation and the way you will take after: Uses Pyramid Structure as an establishment Maps out the storyline of a presentation Establishes group and judging board\'s assumptions about what is to be delivered and conveyed Helps compose work and characterize information needs Establishes assessment systems and criteria utilized as a part of the evaluation Facilitates more prominent profitability and higher quality Keeps an engagement centered

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Creating the Storyboard Situation Complication (Question) Page 1 Cutting Edge Corporation ought to close its razor producing operation in Wisconsin and make razors in Mexico Page 2 Governing Thought: Overall expenses in Mexico are 75% lower than in Wisconsin, bringing about recuperation of moving expenses in 6 months Mexico gives a working domain that is as steady as Wisconsin, guaranteeing progression of operations Manufacturing innovation is more best in class in Mexico than in Wisconsin, empowering Cutting Edge to influence driving edge abilities Each requires a set-up page Key Line: Support: One page for every thought

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Logical Structuring Agenda Purpose and Objectives Logical Structuring & Storyboarding Quantitative and Qualitative Observations Professionalism Do\'s and Don\'ts Appendix

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Quantitative and Qualitative Observations It\'s imperative to utilize both quantitative and subjective perceptions to bolster your recommendation Qualitative information and examination is required as hard avocation for your recommendation (e.g., dollar funds, head check diminishment) Qualitative information can be utilized to bolster and clarify the significance of quantitative research Combining techniques prompts to an adjusted, powerful contention

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Research Tips Structuring your exploration utilizing a characterized approach can help you look into successfully in a brief timeframe Several models can be connected to help you structure your exploration. One illustration is Porter\'s Five Forces Your way to deal with case research ought to reflect the sensible organizing of your presentation Governing Thought (Recommendation) ��  Key Lines ��  Support But how would you know what your suggestions are before leading your exploration? Reply: Guess. In light of your underlying impressions of the case, create a few speculations on what you think the organization ought to do. At that point, in view of your theories, search for

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