Consultative Boards of trustees.

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Counseling COMMITTEE UTILIZATION. 11-Month ContractSupervised Work ExperienceJob ShadowingField TripsGuest SpeakersApplied CommunicationBusiness Panel. Usage (cont\'d). Specialized Expertise ResourceStudent Job PlacementEquipment SuggestionsValidate CurriculumMock InterviewsJob FairBusiness of the WeekPublic Relations for Career Tech.
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´╗┐Consultative COMMITTEES Lavon Holtzinger Gina Hubbard Melissa Hula Barbara Leathers

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ADVISORY COMMITTEE UTILIZATION 11-Month Contract Supervised Work Experience Job Shadowing Field Trips Guest Speakers Applied Communication Business Panel

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UTILIZATION (cont\'d) Technical Expertise Resource Student Job Placement Equipment Suggestions Validate Curriculum Mock Interviews Job Fair Business of the Week Public Relations for Career Tech

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QUESTIONS FOR ADVISORY COMMITTEE What programming and equipment is used in your business? What industry affirmations do you search for in potential representatives? How might you assess our educational programs content? What is the clothing standard in your association?

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QUESTIONS (cont\'d) Do you have an inclination between electronic portfolios and paper portfolios? What delicate aptitudes would it be advisable for us to stretch in the classroom? What are the pay rates our understudies can anticipate from your association?

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QUESTIONS (cont\'d) In what limit do your workers use the Internet? What is your arrangement with respect to individual Internet use and email? Would you serve as a visitor speaker in our projects? Can we visit your office with our understudies?

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QUESTIONS (cont\'d) Are you willing to give work shadowing and at work preparing for our understudies? Was the admonitory advisory group meeting held at an advantageous time and place? What is your general impression of our projects?

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BENEFITS TO ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERS Networking with other industry pros Sharing aptitude with specialists in the field Become mindful of preparing/staff improvement open doors for their association

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BENEFITS TO US! Stay up with the latest Create open doors for our understudies Provides course for our system Establishes importance in educational programs Workplace association for abilities Professional association with industry pros

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SHARING TIME How would you use your counseling panel?

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