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Contact Information. Mary Anne Alvin National Energy Technology Laboratory Research Group Leader  Advanced Materials Research Separation & Fuels Processing Division Office of Research and Development Pittsburgh, PA 412-386-5498
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Contact Information Mary Anne Alvin National Energy Technology Laboratory Research Group Leader  Advanced Materials Research Separation & Fuels Processing Division Office of Research and Development Pittsburgh, PA 412-386-5498 Materials and Component Development For Advanced Turbine Systems

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Experience/Expertise Thirty years of involvement in the territory of cutting edge vitality frameworks at Westinghouse and Siemens Westinghouse. As a Fellow Scientist, program administration and central specialist endeavors between 1987-2004 included obtainment and fruitful direct and fulfillment of projects in the territory of high temperature, particulate evacuation, permeable earthenware (oxide-& nonoxide-based, solid & CFCC/CMC), intermetallic, and metal/superalloy channel materials and segment improvement/seat scale evaluation; execution in residential and seaward pilot-and showing scale, pressurized, gasification and burning coal-terminated power era offices focused for hot gas filtration commercialization & incorporation with the gas turbine control island. In 2000, innovation ranges were extended to incorporate improvement of cutting edge high temperature impetus frameworks and substrate bolsters for ignition turbines, and gas partition layer segments. In 2005 joined DOE/NETL where essential center incorporates ORD program improvement and execution by means of direct and administration of both interior and community oriented outer materials innovation endeavors for 2015 propelled arrive based syngas, hydrogen-let go, and oxy-fuel gas turbines. Extend incorporates >25 experts in industry, independent ventures, colleges, and the National Laboratories. Extend envelops materials improvement, aerothermal warm exchange, and NDE innovation regions. Seat of the Materials TAT Technology Team for the Power Propulsion Systems Alliance (DOD, DOE, NASA, WPAFB, Army, Navy, and FAA Collaboration). ORD Representative on NETL\'s PM Turbine Technology Team & NETL\'s PM Gasification Technology Team.

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Materials-Related Facilities and Other Assets RESEARCH FOCUS: MATERIALS/AEROTHERMAL/COMPONENT DEVELOPMENT Advanced Land-Based Turbine Applications  1425-1700 ºC, High Steam-Containing, Pressurized Hydrogen-Fired and Oxy-Fuel Systems  ADVANCED MATERIALS Development of new novel security coat frameworks and propelled warm obstruction coatings (TBC)  MAAlvin* (NETL-Pgh); Commercial Suppliers; Westinghouse Plasma Corp; Testing/Assessment: FPettit/JMeier/MYanar (UPitt) Advanced APS YSZ improvement  JMeier/FPettit/MHelminiak/MYanar, (UPitt) & Praxair/GE Advanced HT overlay TBC framework advancement  Commercial Suppliers; SMao (UPitt) ODS combination improvement  BKang (WVU) Advanced obstinate (Mo, Nb) and nickel-based dispersion security coat advancement  BGleeson (UPitt) AEROTHERMAL/HEAT TRANSFER Internal and outer warmth exchange computational displaying appraisal including film, transpiration, beat cooling arrangements; Experimental approval & setup/part advancement  MChyu/SSiw/PGanmol/WSlaughter/VKaraivanov (UPitt); TShih (Ames/Iowa State Univ) Predictive 3D life evaluation demonstrating of airfoil high temperature crawl, weariness, and split development; Experimental approval of prescient models  WSlaughter/VKaraivanov/MChyu/SSiw (UPitt) Aeorthermal test offices advancement; Current center: Air/steam/CO 2 cooling; Film cooling gap arrangement  MChyu/SSiw (UPitt) & KCasleton/DStraub/TSidwell (NETL-Mgn) NON-DESTRUCTIVE ENABLING TECHNIQUES Development of small scale space philosophy and RT/HT hand-held gadgets showing solidness, Modulus, and material existence of warm hindrance coatings and propelled substrate lattices  BKang/CFeng/JTannenbaum (WVU) Development of acousto-ultrasonic NDE strategies for evaluation & expectation of TBC life  RChen/BZhang (WVU) * Collaborative Effort on All Task Areas

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Near-Term Technology Area Focus Assessment of Commercial CMC/CFCC & ODS Alloys HT Cyclic Oxidation (>1150 C for CMC/CFCCs) Predictive Life Modeling for Oxy-Fuel Applications Design/Develop Automated, NDE Micro-Indentation Stiffness/Modulus Measurement Hardware for Full-Scale Turbine Airfoils Alternate Component Geometries Alternate Power Applications TBD Long-Term Technology Area Focus  Stretch Goals  Integration of Materials-Aerothermal Approaches for Enhanced Component Manufacturability, Durability, and In-Situ Monitoring Interdisciplinary NETL-University Collaborative Team Concept Design Development of Advanced Architectures Bench-Scale Proof-of-Concept Assessment TBD Future Research Interests in the Energy-Related Materials Area Materials and Component Development For Advanced Turbine Systems Programmatic Interagency & OEM Involvement NASA, DOD, Turbine Manufacturers, and so forth. Connected Technology Transfer/Product Commercialization Materials (Bond Coat/YSZ/Overlay/Substrate) Aerothermal Component Architecture NDE Techniques

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