CONTENTdm for Workmanship Showing Pictures.

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CONTENTdm for Art Teaching Images. The Rough Road in Reno. Joy Willis Digital Projects Librarian University of Nevada, Reno. Each way to another comprehension starts in disarray. Bricklayer Cooley. This is the account of our political adventure as we
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CONTENTdm for Art Teaching Images The Rough Road in Reno Glee Willis Digital Projects Librarian University of Nevada, Reno

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Every way to another understanding starts in perplexity. Artisan Cooley This is the tale of our political trip as we figured out how to fabricate our specialty design accumulations .

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What Will I Cover? » Why CONTENTdm for workmanship instructing pictures? » The "collaboration" to assemble the accumulation (and, goodness, coincidentally, wind up with worthy metadata) » Where and how we\'ve faltered en route » What\'s not too far off?

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Why CONTENTdm for workmanship instructing pictures? » Started by considering more particular instruments for working with showing pictures (MDID and Almagest) » Immersed myself in taking in the "language" utilized by VRA people » Coaxed Greg Zick into including more "classroom presentation apparatuses" in CONTENTdm » Introduced UNR\'s craft history "ring pioneer" to MDID; Almagest\'s code wasn\'t prepared for open discharge; same VAGA from U of Denver » Proceeded with CONTENTdm in light of the fact that we were at that point extremely acquainted with its abilities, though MDID was deficient in so a large portion of them

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The "collaboration" » Glee reached Ed Teague at the U of Oregon about his straightening of the VRA Core into the CONTENTdm VRA Template » Art history ring pioneer "ventured up" to define the information word reference for our leveled VRA layout » Glee worked with new media prof to load his pictures » Glee worked with the workmanship history ring pioneer to load her pictures » Art history ring pioneer requested authorization from Gardner to load its specialty pictures into CONTENTdm as confined things

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CONTENTdm\'s VRA Template Title.Variant:title:title Title.Translation:title Title.Series:publis:title Title.LargerEntity:contri:title RecordType:typea:type Type:typeb:type Measurements.Dimensions:date:format Measurements.Format:type:format Measurements.Resolution:format:format Material.Medium:identi:format Material.Support:source:format Technique:langua:format Creator.Role:relati:creato Creator.Attribution:covera:creato Creator.PersonalName:rights:creato Creator.CorporateName:creata:creato and so on

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VRA Template Implementation Ed Teague\'s Crosswalk – Our Starting Point

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VRA Template Implementation UNR\'s Field Properties

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Our limited access craftsmanship and design gathering

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Our confined access humanities accumulation

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Where and how we have staggered en route » Mac proprietors would not like to "play well" with others » Slide libraries are "distinctive" » Difficulty in relegating bunch consents for whole classes » Understanding CONTENTdm\'s way to deal with signing into confined accumulations » PowerPoint module not able to handle JP2s » Expense of running the Acquisition Station on Macs for group loads, alters, and thing level consents assignments

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What\'s On The Horizon? » Finish stacking Davis Art Images bought to date » Train earthenware production and book expressions educators to stack their pictures » Incorporate more "fancy odds and ends" taking after Reed College\'s lead; make geospatial access(?) » More "scouring" of the metadata for enhanced client access » Creation of "address sets" and "study sets" » Linking from online course syllabi

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THANK YOU! Contact information: Glee Willis Digital Projects Librarian University of Nevada, Reno Our advanced activities are at:

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