Contextual investigation: Microsoft Enterprise.

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Educator Rajendra K. Lagu Bureau of Electrical Building email: Contextual investigation: Microsoft Partnership Framework of the Presentation Chronicled Point of view Corporate Essentials Items Forms and Authoritative Society Budgetary Execution Future
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Educator Rajendra K. Lagu Department of Electrical Engineering email: Case Study: Microsoft Corporation

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Outline of the Presentation Historical Perspective Corporate Fundamentals Products Processes and Organizational Culture Financial Performance Future

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Historical Perspective: Dateline Company fuse Growth Market Dominance Saturation Decline

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Corporate Fundamentals: Dimensions Products Processes and Organizational society Financials

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Timeline January 1975: Popular Electronics reports the arrival of Intel 8080 based chip unit - Altair August 1975: Microsoft Corp consolidated by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico October 1975: Basic compiler for Altair April 1978: Intel declares 8086 processor, Microsoft adds COBOL compiler to its extent January 1979: Microsoft moves to Seattle, Washington February 1980: Microsoft ports Unix to microcomputers under the name Xenix August 1980: IBM administrators visit Microsoft

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Timeline ... February 1991: MSDOS keeps running for the time on an IBM PC model March 1982: Microsoft discharged FORTRAN compiler for IBM PC March 1983: Microsoft makes its distributed division - Microsoft Press January 1985: IBM discharges “TopView” April 1989: Microsoft discharges SQL server May 1990: Microsoft discharges Windows 3.0 June 1995: Microsoft discharges Windows 95

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Products Operating Systems - DOS, Windows 98/2K/XP Office Productivity Suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Front Page Back-office: SQL Server, MTS, IIS, SBS Developmental Platforms: VC++, .Net Web administrations fleeting trend Games and excitement: Flight test system, Encarta

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Processes and Organizational Culture Chaos and absence of structure Emphasis on quality enlisting Extremely dedicated staff, protection Pride in the organization and its items; practically circumscribing to egotism Global mentality Infighting, cannibalization, monster personalities Non-existent programming designing procedures

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Financial Performance Market Capitalization Revenues per representative every year Number of moguls through investment opportunities Growth: income development, profit development

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Numbers… Stock cost on NASDAQ: USD 45-55 Market Capitalization: USD 254 Billions Number of shares: 5.4 Billions P/E proportion: 34.8 Book Value/Share: 10.03 Sales: USD 28.3 Billion Earnings (Net Profit): 7.83 Billions Net Profitability: 27.6 % Head Count: 50,000 Revenue for each worker: USD 600,000 Reference: - MSFT

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Future End of Client-Server worldview Saturation of development in desktop entrance Mobile registering: hand-helds, PDAs Web administrations: Sun ONE versus .NET versus IBM ?? Refusal of clients for Office updates Do need to move up to Windows XP?? Linux and free programming development

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References Daniel Ichbiah and Susan Knepper,”The Making of Microsoft”, BPB Publications, 1992 G. Pascal Zachary,”Show-Stopper”, Little, Brown and Company, 1994 Michael A. Cusumano and Richard Selby,”Microsoft Secrets”, The Free Press, 1995 Julie Buick,”The Microsoft Edge”, Pocket Books,

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