Contrasting one type with a totally different type to Pomegranates: A National Audit of Regular postal mail, Online and .

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Contrasting one type with a totally different type to Pomegranates: A National Audit of Post office based mail, Online and Multi-Channel Contributors Key Discoveries Standard mail Benefactors Have Been Recharged, While Another Gathering Of Online Suppliers Has Risen
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Contrasting one type with a totally different type to Pomegranates: A National Review of Direct Mail, Online and Multi-Channel Donors

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Key Findings Direct Mail Donors Have Been Replenished, While A New Group Of Online Givers Has Emerged Direct Mail And Internet Donors Are Two Different Segments That Inhabit Two Different Universes Donors Tend To Be Spontaneous, Flexible, And Reactive In Giving Donors Value: Public Education/Grassroots Mobilization Accountability For How Money Is Spent Demonstrating Real Progress Toward Goals

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Methodology Poll of 1,200 National Progressive Donors 600 Direct Mail 600 Online Donors Conducted March 12-20, 2007 Margin Of Error +/ - 2.8% Overall; Higher For Subgroups

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Direct Mail Donors Have Been Replenished, While A New Group Of Online Givers Has Emerged

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Who Are Today’s Progressive Donors? How Do They Compare To Our Base Over A Decade Ago? 1995 Progressive Donors 2007 Progressive Donors They Are Mostly Women… Gender Is Now Balanced… half They Are Still Well Educated… They Are Well Educated… 30% school instructed 46% post graduate 26% school taught 46% post graduate 37% 63% More Identify As Strong Partisans And Are Increasingly Liberal… They Identify As Democrats… 84% Democrat (54% solid) 40% exceptionally liberal 30% fairly liberal 79% Democrat (42% solid) Media Has Changed, Which Has Created New Donor Channels They Are Not At The Extreme Liberal End Of The Ideological Spectrum… 25% extremely liberal 37% to some degree liberal Direct Mail Online

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Rather Than Dying Out, As Seemed Possible In 1995, The Pool Of Direct Mail Donors Has Been Replenished, Though It Continues To Age Direct Mail Seems To Be A Lifecycle Phenomenon; It’s More Efficacious With Older People As Explained In 1995: “In 2005, more than 2 in 5 of the dynamic contributor base will be dead.... It is basic that endeavors be made to connect with youthful progressives to recharge this basic contributor base.” <40 years old 40-59 years of age 60+ years of age

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Direct Mail And Internet Donors Are Two Different Segments Inhabiting Two Different Universes

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Online Donors Are Younger, More Educated, And More Liberal Than Their Direct Mail Counterparts Religious Attendance Ideology Age Education Gender Mean Direct Mail 68 yrs Online 52 yrs Very Lib Mail 35% Online 45% lib mod male 60+ month+ female <40 40-59 coll< coll post graduate from time to time or less

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Direct Mail Donors Rely On Traditional Media Forms, While Online Donors Are Web-Centric News Sources Internet Penetration 38% regularly news papers 19% Mean Hours Online Direct Mail 13.4 Online 23.3 14% neighborhood television news 14% link news 13% online news/mags 15% 35% 9% radio 15% companions/fam political sites/sites 12% DK Direct Mail Online other home both home & work no entrance work

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Direct Mail Donors Rely On Offline Sources, Including Earned Media, To Learn About Organizations, Whereas Online Donors Rely On Email And Websites Which of the accompanying is the way you MOST OFTEN get some answers concerning a dynamic association to which you make a commitment? Second most? Standard mail Donors Online Donors newsp/mag article 27% regularly 12% post office based mail 25% 10% news/television portion 18% notice 7% informal 7% email from organization 40% frequently organization site 11% online web journal Dem party site don’t know

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Three Quarters Of Online Donors Contribute Online Consistently, While Nearly The Same Proportion Of Mail Donors Are Consistently Offline Which of the accompanying techniques do you utilize when making money related commitments to dynamic associations? Standard mail Donors Online Donors Send a check because of mail Pledge on telephone Attend occasion Donate online in light of email Browse a site Donate online in light of website email Click on pennant Other don’t know

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Online Donors Make Most Of Their Contributions That Way, While Mail Donors Do Not Overall, what percent of your money related commitments to political or dynamic associations do you make online? Post office based mail Donors Online Donors Don’t know Don’t know 0%-25% 76%-100% 76%-100% 51%-75% 26%-half 0%-25% 26%-half 51%-75%

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A Substantial Minority Of Online Donors Will Forward Email To Encourage Others To Donate Few Direct Mail Donors Will Do So How likely would you be to forward an email from a political or dynamic association to urge others to make a money related commitment online? Post office based mail Online 11% 29% 6% 59% Likely Unlikely Don’t know

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Though Convenience Was The Most Important Reason To Donate Online, It Is About Much More Than That Ranked by % a standout amongst the most vital Giving online is more helpful I could utilize my charge card I took after a connection that was sent to me by an association I believe I skimmed the organization’s site before I made a commitment I could give the minute the idea hit me The cash would arrive speedier than through a telephone or mail gift

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Donors Tend To Be Spontaneous, Flexible, And Reactive In Giving

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Most Contributors Donate Because They Were Asked In A Piece Of Mail Or Email Responses To Events, Phone Calls Or Banner Ads Are Much Less Common Which of the accompanying strategies do you utilize when making monetary commitments to dynamic associations? [multiple reactions accepted] Which one technique do you utilize regularly when making money related commitments? Sending a check, because of a mailing from a competitor or association 26% frequently Donating on the web, in light of an email from a hopeful or association 31% Browsing an organization’s site and making an online commitment 12% Donating on the web, in light of an email from a website or an online group 9% Making a promise via phone 9% Attending a raising support occasion 6% Clicking on an online standard notice to contribute Other Don’t know

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A Majority Of Progressive Donors, Including The Largest, Have No Set Budget For Their Financial Contributions Do you have a financial plan when choosing the aggregate sum of monetary commitments that you make to dynamic associations, political applicants, and political gatherings in a run of the mill year? Yes No

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Donors, Especially Those Online, Prefer To Be Flexible In Making Contributions I precisely plan out my gifts every year ahead of time. I realize what associations I will give to and the amount I will give. I tend to strike a harmony between arranging out my money related commitments to associations and being adaptable and unconstrained in reacting to demands I am exceptionally liberal in terms of choosing which association to give to and the amount to give. 12% solid 28% solid 28% solid (darker shading=stronger force)

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Donors Value: Public Education/Grassroots Mobilization Accountability For How Money Is Spent Demonstrating Real Progress Toward Goals

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Donors Prioritize Education And Grassroots Advocacy Over Lobbying Congress Or Suing In Court To which of the accompanying dynamic associations would you be well on the way to add to this year? instructing general society about dynamic issues working at the grassroots level to create support for dynamic approaches empowering Pres. possibility to resolve to clear positions on issues impt to the dynamic comm. campaigning Congress to pass dynamic enactment campaigning Congress to square Bush’s plan testing the legitimateness of conservative enactment in government courts blocking radical legal arrangements to elected courts Don’t know

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Donors Want To Support Groups That Educate The Public, Spend Money On Programs Not Overhead, And Demonstrate Real Progress Ranked by % totally fundamental Mean Do more to instruct the more extensive open rather than simply their own benefactors Describe what rate of the cash goes to overhead versus genuine projects Demonstrate that they are gaining genuine ground on their objectives Explain all the more obviously precisely how the $ they gather is being spent, demonstrating a track record… Keep their issues unmistakable through TV, radio, daily papers or other media Be more responsible to contributors in regards to how they spend commitments Provide news overhauls that give you the most recent data on the reason Offer more open doors other than contributing, for individuals to end up included Works on issues that have an immediate effect on your group Provide surveys of the organization from outside sources like trusted dynamic bloggers and indp inspectors Offer more helpful approaches to make commitments or gifts Create an online group where similar individuals can correspond specifically with one another.:

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Online Donors Emphasize Broad Outreach, While Direct Mail Donors Prioritize Accountability To Maintain Support

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While A Majority Feel They Know Where Their Money Goes, Few Are Certain Large Donors Are Most Confident When you consider the cash you add to dynamic associations, do you feel as if you know an extraordinary arrangement about where your cash makes a go at, something about where your cash goes, not all that much or very little at all about where your cash goes? 18% Great arrangement Know where Don’t know where Don’t know

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Lessons Learned: Strategic Implications For Non-benefit Fundraising

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Donors Are Searching For Organizations With Real Accomplishments And Genuine Accountability… 74% Want More Accountability 79% Want Broader Public Education 75% Want You To Keep Issues Visible 80% Want/Demand Financial Transparency

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Reports Of The Death Of Direct Mail Fundraising Were Greatly Exaggerated The Fundraising World in 1994 and Today Lifestyle Issue Not a Genera

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