Convenient Media Devices .

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Class Outline. Patterns in versatile media devicesDatabase implicationsStand-alone devicesNetwork of devicesExamplesVehicle navigationS-CITI clearing mappingTerm venture. Compact Media Devices. They\'re everywhere!Cell phonesMp3 playersPortable DVD playersPDAsCamerasVideo gamesVehicle route frameworks.
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Compact Media Devices And Implications on Database Design and Queries By Mark Zalar

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Seminar Outline Trends in convenient media gadgets Database suggestions Stand-alone gadgets Network of gadgets Examples Vehicle route S-CITI clearing mapping Term extend

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Portable Media Devices They\'re all around! Mobile phones Mp3 players Portable DVD players PDAs Cameras Video recreations Vehicle route frameworks

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Portable Media Devices Trends Decrease in size Decrease in cost Increase in elements

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Trends: Cell Phones Remember the auto telephone? In the first place mobile phones Voice calls Now Voice calls Text informing Picture informing Video with sound

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Trends: Cell Phones Other elements now accessible Email GPS Bluetooth Sophisticated ring tones Games Calendars Calculators Etc.

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Trends: mp3 Players iPod Decrease in size 1G… … 4.02" x 2.43" x 0.78" 6.50 oz. 5G… … 4.10" x 2.40" x 0.55" 5.50 oz. Nano… … 3.50" x 1.60" x 0.26" 1.41 oz. Rearrange… … .1.07" x 1.62" x 0.41" 0.55 oz.

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Trends: mp3 Players iPod Increase in number of components Video Pictures Games Improved battery life (up to 20 hrs.) More storage room (up to 80 GB) Search highlight

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Trends: mp3 Players iPod Decrease in cost 1G (2001-2002) $399 5GB $499 10GB 5G $349 30GB $449 80GB

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What Does It All Mean? Diminish in size More conveyability Decrease in cost More openness Increase in number of elements More capacity

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What Does It All Mean? Driving advances in innovation Improved sound and video pressure methods Improved battery execution Higher limit stockpiling gadgets

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What Does It All Mean? Expanded correspondence among individuals Almost everybody has a phone! Podcasts Web 2.0 philosophy Ability to get news and other data in new settings rundown of free scholarly Podcasts

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What Does It All Mean? Mind boggling accommodation Driving headings Scheduling & association Social systems administration Entertainment Save time!

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Database Implications Stand-alone gadgets Device-database collaboration Querying inside a gadget Network of gadgets Concurrency issues Dynamic questioning

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Database Implications Stand-alone gadgets Portable mixed media gadgets frequently hold information Where does this information originate from? By what means can this information be overseen?

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Device-db Interaction Synchronization Mobile gadget - > fixed, focal db Mobile gadget is a form of the focal db Changes are made to the focal db Mobile gadget syncs with focal db for overhauled information Examples: iPod + iTunes Podcasts GCALSYNC

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Querying Within A Device More stockpiling limit implies more information Cell Phones Search contacts iPod seek include

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Database Implications Network of gadgets Many versatile sight and sound gadgets impart through remote systems Data is shared among hubs in the system How would we be able to make sure the information is exact? How would we get to this information?

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Concurrency Data simultaneousness is harder to keep up in portable circulated ongoing database frameworks Data is continually changing How much blunder can be endured? Cases: area, speed, temperature

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Concurrency Mobile systems are not as effective or dependable Interference Signal quality Ad-hoc remote systems may experience the ill effects of segments

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Dynamic Querying Exact information isn\'t generally accessible Predictors in some cases vital Multiple information sources Querying may not be restricted to one information source Mobile conveyed information framework

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Example: Navigation Systems Telemantics benefit Becoming more normal in new vehicles Telemantics = media transmission + informatics Provides data to a versatile source Often consolidate GPS and cell innovation with vehicle\'s installed hardware Provide wellbeing, accommodation, vehicle diagnostics, and excitement

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Navigation Systems How they work GPS 24 GPS satellites circling Earth GPS collector decides its separation from no less than 3 caught satellites Trigonometry used to figure scope and longitude Gyroscope Directional data Map coordinating Speedometer Map coordinating Digital Map Algorithms used to decide course

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Navigation Systems

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VDO Dayton Navigation System Special Feature: Traffic Message Channel Capabilities Receives continuous activity data by FM band utilizing RDS (Radio Data System) Alerts the driver verbally and outwardly of up and coming movement issues Gives driver alternative to sidestep movement delay, and will compute new best course!

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Navigation Systems: Queries Dynamic Query Example 1 "Where am I?" Ask the GPS satellites Not generally! Utilize indicators to make sense of it Gyroscope+speedometer+last known position

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Navigation Systems: Queries Dynamic Query Example 2 "How would I get from here to there?" Determine position Consult advanced guide Listen to TMC Revise course if fundamental

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Navigation Systems: DB Design Digital guide goes about as the database Flexibility! Put away on CD/DVD, streak memory, hard plate, or some blend Common for a base guide to be put away in ROM which can then be increased with more point by point data for sought areas Detailed data can originate from CD/DVD, memory card, downloaded, and so forth

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S-CITI Mission: The Self-secure and strong Critical Information Technology Infrastructure extend (S-CITI for short) goes for giving backing to Emergency Managers (EMs) that are confronted with administration of assets and with choices some time recently, amid, and after crises or debacles. Approach: We will utilize new and existing sensors to assemble information from the field, prepare this information to identify and foresee crisis/calamity circumstances, and disperse this information among the suitable authoritative units. The information stream will be done in a solid and secure way and EMs will organize activities in a Virtual Coordination Center, which require not be in a settled (and consequently powerless) physical area. The EMs are in charge of showing what sort of information is more profitable, so that S-CITI can show that data fittingly. From S-CITI extend site

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S-CITI Evacuation Mapping Motivation Rescuers frequently are not acquainted with building format Building inhabitants may freeze or get to be distinctly confused amid a crisis Both rescuers and tenants can without much of a stretch convey a compact media gadget, similar to a PDA, to send and get remote correspondence

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S-CITI: Evacuation Mapping Check in User checks in when they go into a room Centralized server monitors everybody\'s area Hazardous occasion area known All clients offered guide to exit

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S-CITI: Evacuation Mapping Position assurance Wireless gadget decides its area from the construct station situated in light of flag quality Not compelled to rooms User does not need to check in

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S-CITI: Evacuation Mapping Dynamic questioning People\'s areas will differ and may change continually Location of unsafe occasion will shift and can change always

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Improving Clustering Search Interfaces By Mark Zalar & Perry Rajnovic

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Project Goal Implement an inquiry site with an exceedingly usable interface for question refinement Backend Clustering strategy to take into account simple refocusing of scan themes Frontend AJAX for adaptability

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Backend Design Database plan MySQL usage Clustering instrument Interface amongst database and frontend Glue code amongst frontend and backend PHP and JavaScript code to converse with database

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Backend Design Focus on question refinement Goal to outline database in a manner that question refinement is generally straightforward Clustering order Refinement in view of bunch level Measures of comparability Refinement in view of level of similitude

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