CONVERGYS in France.

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Brazil Rio de Janeiro. Brasilia S o Paulo. Best in France contextual investigation. 9 ... 7 of the top enhanced budgetary firms, 6 of the main 10 Mastercard guarantors, 3 ...
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CONVERGYS in France Best in France Case Study January 2004 – May 2004 Alexandre Phung Fabrizio Signorin Laure Sureau Nitin Govila Xueyi Hu

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Purpose The Best in France contextual analysis goes for : Identifying what adjustments firms must make when opening specialty units in France, Assisting understudies, organizations and government services by distinguishing and benchmarking administrative techniques that increase the value of the French economy and to firms working in France, Creating a database of the nitty gritty studies, accessible to the taking part firms. Best in France contextual analysis

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Executive Overview What is Convergys? Organization Products and Clients Why did Convergys come to France? Organization Values Constraints in France Adaptation to France Key Constraint Costs Key Benefits Takeaways Best in France contextual investigation

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What is Convergys? Convergys Corporation gives (NYSE: CVG) gives coordinated charging, client care, worker consideration and exchange administration programming and administrations to make significant client and representative connections for its customers (government elements and top organizations in broadcast communications, Internet, link and broadband administrations, innovation, money related administrations, and so on.). Best in France contextual analysis

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Key Figures/Data More than 45,000 representatives in 49 client contact focuses, two cutting edge server farms and different workplaces in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, India, Israel and Asia. Market standing 40% of the remote charging market in the U.S. 1.5 million individual solicitations day by day for 120 million supporters overall Recognition S&P 500, Forbes\' Platinum 400, Fortune\'s Most Admired Companies Best Overall Product at TeleStrategies\' Billing World 2002 Financial highlights Double-digit development in yearly income, working pay, profit per share and free income from 1998-2002 $2.3 billion in incomes for 2003, Net Result/Sales = 7.5% Best in France contextual investigation

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Worldwide Presence 5O nations on 5 landmasses Best in France contextual analysis

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Worldwide Presence North America World Headquarters in Cincinnati United States Canada Arizona Illinois Oklahoma Virginia Alberta Tucson Chicago Oklahoma City McLean Edmonton California Kansas Pennsylvania Reston Lethbridge San Francisco Kansas City Media Vienna Red Deer San Ramon Louisiana Philadelphia Washington British Columbia Colorado Baton Rouge Tennessee Seattle Kamloops Denver Mississippi Chattanooga Wisconsin Manitoba Pueblo Hattiesburg Clarksville Appleton Winnipeg Connecticut Missouri Texas Nova Scotia Woodbury St. Louis Brownsville Halifax Florida Nebraska Dallas New Glasgow Ft. Lauderdale Lincoln Houston Truro Ft. Pierce Omaha Killeen Newfoundland Jacksonville New Jersey Lubbock St. Johns Orlando Morristown Pharr Ontario Tallahassee North Carolina Utah Ottawa Georgia Greenville Cedar City Welland Atlanta Ohio Logan Valdosta Cincinnati Ogden Idaho Toledo Orem Pocatello Salt Lake City Best in France contextual investigation

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Worldwide Presence Asia Pacific Regional Office in Singapore Australia India Philippines Thailand Melbourne Bangalore Manila Bangkok Sydney Chennai Singapore Reston China Hyderabad South Korea Beijing New Delhi Seoul Hong Kong Japan Taiwan Tokyo Taipei Europe, Middle East, Africa Regional Office in Cambridge, UK Belgium Fareham Germany The Netherlands Scotland Evere Guildford Frankfurt Utrecht Edinburgh England London Israel Portugal Spain Bristol Newcastle upon Tyne Herzlia Lisbon Madrid Cambridge France Tel Aviv Russia Switzerland Paris Italy Moscow Geneva Milano Latin America Regional Office in São Paulo, Brazil Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brasilia São Paulo Best in France contextual investigation

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History 1990: Matrix, organization claimed by , represented considerable authority in call focuses Acquisition of two French organizations: -Phone Market Systems (outbound calls) -Syscall (inbound calls) => 1 structure in France, 2 exercises 1998: Spin off from Cincinnati Bell => Convergys Strategy of European development: -France (first decision) -United Kingdom (beginning) -Sweden (obtaining) 2001: Sale of call focus exercises in Europe (France, Sweden) Big contract with Orange France in charging Best in France contextual analysis

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Products/Services Employee Care Payroll organization and preparing Health and welfare organization Benefit arrangement organization Job posting and candidate bolster Learning administration HR information administration 2/3 of turnover from IMG 1/3 of turnover from CMG/Employee Care Customer Management (CMG) Customer administration Customer securing Technical bolster Sales bolster Marketing research Information Management (IMG) Service actuation and provisioning Mediation Rating and Billing Customer Care Best in France contextual analysis

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Clients Who are the organization\'s customers? Enormous multinational gatherings -7 of the top enhanced money related firms, 6 of the main 10 charge card guarantors, 3 of the main 5 business banks -8 of the main 10 link administrators in the U.S. - 3 of the main 5 portable administrators in the U.S. and in addition the biggest versatile administrators in South America and Europe What are their desires? Inventive arrangements that advance their client connections for an upper hand Delivery of prevalent administration, innovation and profitability How does a French nearness help the organization\'s capacity to fulfill customer requests? Abnormal state of training, skills and administrations to customers Best in France contextual investigation

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Some Clients Best in France contextual investigation

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Why it came to France Expansion of Convergys global operations = a way to become quicker and to catch a greater amount of the worldwide charging, client consideration and representative consideration markets Strategy of European extension: Target nations = 7 major nations in Europe: France, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Benelux France spoke to an imperative business sector. Vicinity to customers (Orange France = greatest contract in the EMEA zone) Best in France contextual investigation

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Corporate Values Seven center qualities inside Convergys: Unparalleled customer fulfillment Integrity Shareowner\'s trust Teamwork Respect for the individual Diversity Corporate citizenship Good fit between the initial 5 center qualities and the French society Cultural stun about assorted qualities since Diversity is not a noteworthy issue in France while it is predominant in the U.S. Few separation cases in Europe and France A significant number of dialects and societies in Europe Best in France contextual investigation

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Corporate Values Cultural stun about the part of the organization Clear qualification between corporate life and private life in France => workers are not slanted to group citizenship inside their organizations Some encounters have been attempted (e.g. nourishment drives, beneficent works) however unsuccessfully in France, and were not rehashed. France was the most hesitant nation (in opposition to U.K., Spain, Germany). A few measures taken to fill social holes A French general supervisor was sent to the U.S. for a long time. Two American account executives were sent to France also for a time of 4 years altogether. An American IT chief was sent to France for a long time. 40 US exiles for learning exchange amid the Orange France venture. Best in France contextual investigation

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Constraints in France Two principle imperatives in France: Labor costs Lack of adaptability because of the social framework Labor costs Wage costs: charge rate of 35% in France (versus 12% in UK for instance) half of overheads in France => a great deal of gatherings settle their home office in UK in spite of the cash conversion scale (and advantage from the dialect, more social adaptability and free-showcase economies) 35 hours/week 217 workdays/year in France versus 240 in a large portion of European nations Best in France contextual analysis

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Constraints in France Lack of adaptability because of work enactment and social environment Rigidity of working hours, pay rates Layoffs Daily administration of associations with unions and works boards Application of the work enactment to the letter Convergys confronted hits with call focus exercises However, the development of Europe and the will of EC to institutionalize work enactments ought to diminish these distinctions over the long haul. Different imperatives Poor remote dialect abilities of French representatives toward the starting => requirement for inside trainings and advancement of enlistment criteria Best in France contextual investigation

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Adaptation to France Recruitment/Selection Requirement of English-talking expressed Use of the worldwide corporate arrangement of skills Same various leveled structure overall Compensation Adjustment to wage scales in France Stock Purchase Plan not actualized in France (excessively costly) Workforce arranging Performed at the Business Unit level Performance Appraisal Use of the worldwide corporate execution evaluation framework Problem toward the starting with the dialect … Best in France contextual investigation

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Adaptation to France Motivation Each worker is required to characterize his/her self-awareness through the "Self-awareness Center" for preparing. Some U.S. inspiration techniques were not adjusted to France (rank commemoration cards, thank-you motivational cards). Overall remuneration plan Training sessions, CBTs, e-learning, and so on. The yearly spending plan speaks to 2% of the pay bill and 10% of the working time. Work Design, Job Assignment Everyone has a perceivability to all employments accessible. Performing corporate device to match abilities with employments But identicalness defaults between some U.S. work titles and French occupation titles (e.g. secretary  trilingual "assistante de course") Best in France contextual analysis

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Adaptation to France International Transfers, Use of Expatriates Abo

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