Conveying Safe Pediatric CRRT: Development of a Multidisciplinary Program .

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Delivering Safe Pediatric CRRT: Development of a Multidisciplinary Program. Cheri McEssy RN, BSN, CCRN CMH CRRT Program Coordinator Children’s Memorial Hospital Chicago, IL. Historical Perspective “The Way It Was”. Management Team Members – independent decision making; practical disconnect
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Conveying Safe Pediatric CRRT: Development of a Multidisciplinary Program Cheri McEssy RN, BSN, CCRN CMH CRRT Program Coordinator Children\'s Memorial Hospital Chicago, IL

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Historical Perspective "The Way It Was" Management Team Members – autonomous basic leadership; reasonable disengage Expert Support at the Bedside – assets not accessible; under used or conflicting data Errors – not able to guarantee persistent security; failure to distinguish reason for blunder; count and pump administration botches Staff Dissatisfaction

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Evolution of the CRRT Program Identified the requirement for process change; change started with one individual Development of the program was conceivable through the dynamic support of all orders (doctors, attendants, directors, dialysis administrations, drug store, focal supply, merchants, bolster staff, Biomedical Engineering, and so forth.)

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Evolution of the CRRT Program Development of CRRT particular Nursing Procedures Compilation of data in regards to the hypothesis and administration of CRRT into a Resource Binder for use at the bedside CRRT supplies open from in-healing center settings

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3 Main Areas Identified for Process Improvement Development of Effective Communication and Role Definition Creation of Expert In-Hospital Support Implementation of Education Programs

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Communication and Role Definition Identify the individuals from the group Who regulates the medicinal care of the patient and composes the requests How are those requests imparted How does Pharmacy stay overhauled on the patient\'s needs Who do you call, and for what Are there excessively numerous individuals included, or insufficient?!

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Communication and Role Definition Dialysis Services – DaVita Integral part of the CRRT conveyance prepare Specific obligations to CRRT notwithstanding the numerous different Dialysis treatment duties in the healing center On Call framework Coordination of nursing parts

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Expert In-Hospital Support Who regulates and oversees CRRT Critical Care Units just Formation of PICU based group of CRRT Specialists

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Expert In-Hospital Support CRRT Specialists Who are they? What do they do? Chain of correspondence at the bedside Data accumulation Advanced instruction

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Education Nurses Initial Ongoing Competencies Physicians PICU Fellows and Attendings Support Services as well as other Patient Care Departments NICU, OR, ECMO Pharmacy

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Outcomes of Process Improvement Have we built up a powerful multidisciplinary group way to deal with CRRT? Is it true that we are ready to guarantee understanding wellbeing while overseeing CRRT? Have we been totally fruitful, or do we have additionally work to do?

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Future Ongoing Data Collection Quality Assessment Research New Technology Sharing of encounters with different projects

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