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Conveying Your Presentation PREVIEW. Strategies for Speech DeliveryEffective Verbal DeliveryEffective Nonverbal DeliveryEffective Presentation AidsFinal Tips for Rehearsing and Delivering your presentation. Routines for Speech Delivery. Original copy SpeakingRarely done alright to be interestingGuidelinesType your composition to put it plainly, simple to-output phrasesUse suitable nonverbal messagesDo not read t
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Conveying Your Presentation HCOM-100 Instructor Name

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Delivering Your Presentation PREVIEW Methods of Speech Delivery Effective Verbal Delivery Effective Nonverbal Delivery Effective Presentation Aids Final Tips for Rehearsing and Delivering your presentation

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Methods of Speech Delivery Manuscript Speaking Rarely done all around ok to intrigue Guidelines Type your original copy to put it plainly, simple to-output phrases Use proper nonverbal messages Do not read the discourse too rapidly Vary the musicality, intonations, and pace of your conveyance Use signals and development to include nonverbal intrigue

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Methods of Speech Delivery Memorized Speaking Guidelines Do not convey your remembered discourse too quickly Avoid examples of vocal affectation that make the presentation sound recounted Use motions and development to add intrigue and accentuation to your message

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Methods of Speech Delivery Impromptu Speaking "without any preparation" Guidelines Consider your gathering of people Be brief Organize Draw upon your own involvement and information Use motions and development that emerge normally from what you are stating Be mindful of the potential effect of your correspondence

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Methods of Speech Delivery Extemporaneous Speaking Method of conveyance favored by most crowds Guidelines Use a full-content readiness layout when you start to practice your presentation Prepare an abridged conveyance diagram and talking notes Do not attempt to retain your message word for word As you convey your presentation, adjust it to your group of onlookers

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Methods of Speech Delivery RECAP Methods of Delivery Manuscript Reading a discourse from composed content Memorized Giving a discourse word for word from memory without utilizing notes Impromptu Delivering a presentation without propel preparation Extemporaneous Speaking from a composed or retained framework without having remembered the correct wording of the presentation

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Effective Verbal Delivery Using words well Crafting critical word structure

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Using Words Well Specific, Concrete Words Refers to a question or activity in the most particular way that could be available Unbiased Words Do not insult any sexual, racial, social, or religious gathering Vivid Words Add shading and enthusiasm to your dialect Simple Words Immediately justifiable Correct Words Grammatical and utilization blunders impart an absence of planning

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Crafting Memorable Word Structures Figurative Language Metaphors (suggested examinations) Similes (over correlations) Personification (attribution of human qualities to non-human things or thoughts)

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Crafting Memorable Word Structures Drama Omission (strip an expression or sentence of trivial words that the group of onlookers expects) Inversion (modify the standard subject-verb-protest sentence design) Suspension (sparing a catchphrase or expression for the end of a sentence)

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Crafting Memorable Word Structures Cadence Parallelism (at least two statements have the same linguistic example) Antithesis (the two structures differentiate) Repetition (rehash watchword or expression) Alliteration (redundancy of an underlying consonant sound a few circumstances in an expression, condition, or sentence)

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Effective Nonverbal Delivery Eye contact Physical conveyance Gestures Movement Posture Facial expression

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Effective Nonverbal Delivery Vocal Delivery Volume Pitch Rate Articulation Appearance

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Effective Nonverbal Delivery RECAP Characteristics of Nonverbal Delivery Gestures ought to be casual, distinct, fluctuated, and suitable. Development ought to be intentional Posture ought to feel normal and be proper to your point, group of onlookers, and event Eye Contact ought to be set up before you say anything and managed all through your presentation Facial Expression ought to be ready, well disposed, and suitable Volume ought to be sufficiently uproarious to be heard and fluctuated Pitch ought to be differed to maintain crowd financing cost ought to be neither too quick or too moderate Articulation ought to be clear and particular Appearance ought to comply with what the gathering of people expects

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Effective Presentation Aids The term presentation help alludes to any question that your gathering of people can take a gander at to help them comprehend your thoughts. Points of interest Gain and keep up crowd consideration Communicate your association of thoughts Illustrate successions of occasions or methods Help your gathering of people comprehend and recall your message

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Types of Presentation Aids Objects Models People Drawings Photographs Maps Graphs Bar Pie line

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Types of Presentation Aids Charts Video Tapes CD-ROMS and DVDs Audio Tapes and Audio CDs

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Computer-Generated Presentation Aids Create and introduce proficient looking visual guides cheaply and effortlessly PowerPoint Adapt to groups of onlookers that expect refined specialized support

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Guidelines for Preparing Presentation Aids Select the correct presentation helps. Adjust to your gathering of people Be mindful of your particular reason Consider your own particular aptitude and experience Take into record the room in which you will speak Make your presentation helps simple to see Keep your presentation helps straightforward Polish your presentation helps

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Guidelines for Using Presentation Aids Rehearse with your presentation helps Maintain eye contact with your crowd, not your presentation helps Explain your presentation helps Time your presentation helps to match with your talk of them Do not pass objects, or other little things among your group of onlookers Use gifts viably Use little youngsters and creatures with alert Use innovation insightfully

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Final Tips for Delivering Your Presentation Finish your full-content layout a few days before you should convey the presentation Practice, Practice, Practice great conveyance abilities while practicing If conceivable, hone your presentation for another person Tape record or tape your presentation

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Final Tips for Delivering Your Presentation (Cont.) Re-make the talking circumstance in your last practices Get a lot of rest the prior night you speak Arrive early Review and apply the proposals in Chapter 11 for turning into a more certain speaker. After you have conveyed your presentation, look for input from individuals from your gathering of people.

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