Coordinated Group Values Approach..

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Meet with the chairpersons of every games club in the zone. ... Create nearby the club mentor club level groups. Must be prepared in SAFA authorize ...
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´╗┐Incorporated Community Values Approach. Sascol Eastern Cape

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Integrated Community Values Approach NGOS HUB Church School In each ward Associate Churches Maximum 10 Sports Champion Principals/Schools Sports Educator Life introduction Teacher Life aptitudes Coach Sports Bodies Soccer Bodies 2010 NGO\'s/Business/Government Sports Bodies Schools Associate Churches HUB Business HUB Principals Sports Educators Government

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1. Places of worship the Main Driver Churches Determine what number of chapels are in the ward. Meet with the congregation pioneer that will have an energy for youth. Set up the HUB Church Establish the Associate Churches Establish a Sports Pastor in every Church

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2. Schools : the Focus Community Based Sports Academy Schools Determine what number of schools are in the ward. Meet with the Principal that will have an enthusiasm for Sport and Youth. Set up the HUB School Connect with the Associate Schools Connect with Sports Educator in every School F. Connect with the Life Orientation Teacher G. Establish a Life abilities Coach in every school

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3. Sports Bodies : The Next Level Sports Bodies Determine the decision sports Body in the locale or zone. Meet with the chairpersons of every games club in the territory. Interface with Current Structures Connect with different Sports Clubs Connect with Junior Sports Co ordinator in every Club Connect with Life abilities Coaches and Club mentors to cooperate. ( This will join the school and the Clubs) Arrange for a Ubabalo Life abilities training course for all the club mentors.

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4. Ward :Community Support Structures. NGO\'s/Business/Government Connect with government authorities for the range. Build up what number of NGO\'s are in the zone and what their line of business is. What number of organizations are in the range. Set up vital gatherings with them separately to be the agents of the vision and in addition give benefits that will inspire the economic wellbeing of youth.

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Forming a vital Team Hub Church Leader sets this getting together. Center point School Principal Hub Sports Club Chairperson Sports Champions from every Church Sports Champion for Juniors at Club level Life abilities Coaches Government Officials Business NGO\'s Set this getting together once per month or like clockwork.

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Key Agenda Critical Issues The congregation\'s part : The Prayer Base. The congregation\'s impact on good issues in schools and in addition sports clubs. The advancement of youth in game The change of wearing offices The Life abilities mentors The opposition at school and club level Youth Evangelism Model

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The Life aptitudes Coach Selection Criteria Role model : No criminal records Honest great report in the group Interpersonal abilities : High esteem on human nobility. Convey successfully Team individual : Be ready to submit to others in a collaboration. Post Matriculation Level Be a self starter

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Job depiction Develop composed game amid break times Develop the wellness level of the considerable number of youngsters at school Work in the project of the Life Orientation class. Create focused groups for school rivalry Develop nearby the club mentor club level groups. Must be prepared in SAFA certify instructing course and in addition Ubabalo life abilities honing aptitudes.

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Training Needs Management abilities : HUB Churches

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