Coordinated Service Delivery: Issues Challenges .

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Incorporated Service Delivery: Issues
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Incorporated Service Delivery: Issues & Challenges by Raj Kumar, IAS Secretary to the Govt. of Gujarat, Department of Science & Technology. Date: 18 th January 2008, New Delhi.

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Integrated Service Delivery: Issues & Challenges 1. Introduction 2. Service Delivery Preparedness (Back-end) (i)Databases (ii)Information (iii)e-status of Back end handling 3. Service Delivery Framework (Front-end) (i)CSCs (ii)Integrated Service Portal (iii)Fee Structure 4. Infrastructure Readiness (i)SWAN including last mile network (ii)Data Center 5. Administration of e-Governance (i)Business Process Reengineering (ii)Performance based reward framework for stakeholders.

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Integrated Service Delivery: Prologue Currently, utilizing e-administration a portion of the national administrations are being conveyed in a decentralized way . E.g. One Day Governance & e-Dhara focuses in all Mamlatdar workplaces (Block Level); City Civic Centers in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, e-Stamp Registration in Stamp Duty Registrar workplaces. Thus, Education Board gives comes about on site. Contd..

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Integrated Service Delivery: Prologue Limitations of existing administration conveyance system(s): Necessitates Citizen\'s visit to separate govt. office; No. of administrations are constrained to a specific line deptt./office(s). Advancement of administration conveyance crosswise over various workplaces/line deptts. in the State has brought about varieties in methodology, charge structure, programming, database structure, conveyance component (departmentally/PPP mode) and so on. Such administration conveyance activities have advanced through Individual endeavors instead of framework arranged approach.

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Integrated Service Delivery: VISION "To encourage comprehensive development for all by giving administrations to the residents at their entryway venture in a simple, compelling, effective and straightforward way." Realization of this vision by 2010 is one of the Golden Goals of Gujarat.

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Integrated Service Delivery Portal

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Integrated Service Delivery: Service Delivery Preparedness (Back-end) Databases: Electronic information bases are fundamental for simple, successful and proficient administration conveyance. Accessibility of electronic information bases; Uniformity of database structures inside the line deptt.; Interoperability of databases of various line deptts.; Availability of provincial dialect programming devices for better administration; Regular updation of databases. Promptly accessible Statewide Electronic Databases in Gujarat : ( i)Land records (all land holders) ( ii)Ration Cards (all card holders) (iii) BPL list (all studied BPL families) (iv) Employment trades (all trades) (v)Electoral list (whole state\'s voter populace) (vi) Soil Health Card for every one of the 18000 towns (vii) Secondary Education Board comes about (most recent 10 years) In a large portion of the above cases, frameworks for information base updation are set up.

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Integrated Service Delivery: Service Delivery Preparedness (Back-end) Information arranged information: Availability and openness of resident driven data. Customary upkeep/updation of data. Status of Information sort database in Gujarat. By and large kept up on sites (surpassing 200) e.g. Agribusiness product value data, High court case data framework, business trade information data and so on. Consistent support of data database(s) is a test.

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Integrated Service Delivery: Service Delivery Preparedness (Back-end) E-Readiness of back end handling: Availability of network/LAN in individual workplaces, Hardware & application software(s), prepared & responsive workforce. Gujarat\'s Status: A huge no. of line deptts. have given PC h/w and created application S/w utilizing 2-3% assignment out of Plan gives every year. Many of national driven administrations are being conveyed from Collector/Mamlatdar workplaces i.e. One Day Governance Centers. Govt. has made PC learning mandatory for enlistment/advancement over all frameworks of class I to III. With a specific end goal to give benefit conveyance on a practical premise, District E-Society has been framed. At times PPP model is likewise taken after.

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Integrated Service Delivery: Service Delivery Framework (Front-end) Common Service Centers (CSC): Schemes formalized by GoI. Many states are selecting SCAs . Without govt. administrations, best case scenario, it will convey private business arranged administrations. Building believability of CSC as dependable conveyance focus of taxpayer supported organizations would be a test. Availability including data transfer capacity quality/speed. Power Infrastructure in the towns. Accessibility of prepared labor to man CSCs. Budgetary practicality of CSC operations. Contd..

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Integrated Service Delivery: Service Delivery Framework (Front-end) Gujarat\'s Status: M/s 3 i Infotech, CMS and Reliance correspondence designated as SCA in 4 zones of the State (oct.07). There will be 6000 CSCs covering 13693 Village Panchayats. All offers are negative i.e. govt. gains income from them. Availability:- Work granted to M/s Airtel in oct. 07 for giving VSAT based broadband network (54 MBPS on sharable premise among CSCs & town panchayats) to every one of the 13693 town panchayats in Gujarat. All significant government workplaces upto Taluka associated through SWAN. All CSCs would be housed in Gram Panchayat structures. All towns have 24 hrs control supply.

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Integrated Service Delivery: Service Delivery Framework (Front-end) Integrated Service Portal: On Line Integrated Service Delivery Portal is an unquestionable requirement for the achievement of CSC plan. Slightest, it ought to be assigned as a mission mode extend under NeGP. One of a kind Citizen ID? E-installment? Proceeded..

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Integrated Service Delivery : Progress Status of Gujarat On Line Integrated Service & Information entryway is being created. Focal Portal Server would be associated with information base servers in the State Data Center. We plan to give completing significant administrations entryway:

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Integrated Service Delivery : Progress Status of Gujarat furthermore, we expect to give taking after other major govt. administrations to the general population in 1 st Phase:-

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Integrated Service Delivery: Service Delivery Framework (Front-end) Fee Structure: Value for cash. Prepare for lease chasing and energize rivalry at the appropriate time. Gujarat\'s Status: Fee structure for CSC is as taking after:

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Integrated Service Delivery: Infrastructure Readiness SWAN: Must for gathering/updation of information and handling of administration solicitations. The greater part of the States are in different phases of SWAN execution. Arrange adjustment requires significant investment. Giving last mile availability to different field workplaces of line deptts. is a tedious and testing assignment. Gujarat SWAN Status: (i)Operational since Dec 2001. (ii)More than 3500 workplaces associated over the state. (iii)Currently GSWAN upgrade is in progress. (iv)Quality of the last mile availability to workplaces other than Collector/Mamlatdar workplaces is an issue.

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Integrated Service Delivery: Infrastructure Readiness Data Center is a necessary piece of SWAN. To some degree, NIC server farm support is accessible in the States. State Data Center plan yet to be finished by GoI. Collection of decentralized databases. Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Gujarat Data Center Status : GSWAN Server Farm & NIC do give sensible support. Mail and site facilitating administrations are given by Server Farm. As a major aspect of BCP, Gujarat is setting up DR at NIC, Hyderabad.

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Integrated Service Delivery : Governance of E-Governance (1) Demand Measurement : Dynamic system required for s urvey & estimation of movements in national request designs. Request Creation: Communication and attention procedure at national and nearby level. Business Process Reengineering: Necessary for development in nature of administration conveyance. Changes required in tenets/regulatory techniques. E.g. System for gathering of administration charges and its exchange to different line deptts./neighborhood specialists, expert for physical check of candidate, validation of testimony and so on. Change doubt based administration frameworks into shared trust based frameworks by actualizing instrument for cross check of multi layered electronic databases e.g. appointive information, apportion card information, BPL information and so on. Make focused structures for administration conveyance, wherever conceivable as innovation empowers it.

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Integrated Service Delivery : Governance of E-Governance (2) Institutional instrument for administration of Integrated Service Delivery framework. Execution based reward framework for partners. In a fruitful conveyance framework, governments would, likely, watch more elevated amounts of native fulfillment. Client profits by decrease in existing exchange cost/time. Front interface profits by income partake in the salary from exchange charges. Back end interface may wind up with disciplines as it were. Coherently, proficiency ought to be compensated.

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