Corporate and School Associations: Best Practices and Managing Standards October 4, 2001.

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Business official subjective study with 50 expansive, medium and little organizations ... Business meetings included officials from little, medium and extensive organizations. ...
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Corporate & School Partnerships: Best Practices & Guiding Principles October 4, 2001

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Research Context & Role Schools keep on needing assets and subsidizing Increased number of open private connections in schools Increased consideration regarding deals and showcasing of items in schools Increased media center has brought on reevaluation of estimation of open private connections Danger of constraining connections to assuage faultfinders Educators bolster open private connections Recognized requirement for rules to make an interpretation of connections into proper and compelling corporate and school associations

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Research Objectives Conduct an investigation of school directors to decide: how regularly school business organizations happen what are the targets of these organizations how these associations capacity level of fulfillment with organization plans Conduct an investigation of business officials to accumulate: itemized and extensive case of associations amongst enterprises and training meaning of progress calculates best class models Use the information to build up an arrangement of Guiding Principles to lead companies in building fitting and successful open private associations in instruction

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Research Methodology Two periods of exploration for venture (September 2001): School head quantitative review of 260 School Administrators 20 minute phone meeting Sample - national rundown of school principals School needed to have Business or Corporate Foundation association Administrator who dealt with the association included Principals, Assistant Principals or Business Coordinator Qualitative overview of 47 School Board individuals and Superintendents 20 minute phone meeting Sample - national rundown of board individuals, and administrators Business official subjective study with 50 expansive, medium and little organizations Respondents enlisted by telecast fax 1 hour phone meeting Sample - Partners in Education database Knowledgeable about business inclusion

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Council Work Group The Best Practices Research has been guided by insight from individuals from the Best Practices Sub-Committee. Dr. Bruno V. Manno The Annie E. Casey Foundation Dr. Patricia E. Newby Superintendent, Grand Rapids Public Schools Ms. Delia Pompa Executive Director, National Association for Bilingual Education Dr. Gerald N. Tirozzi Executive Director, National Association of Secondary School Principals

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The Best Practices Research Team To guarantee the objectivity of the discoveries, an outsider was contracted to counsel and deal with the Best Practices research. The National Association of Partners in Education drove the exploration venture utilizing two groups of specialists. National Association of Partners in Education Daniel W. Merenda, President and CEO Ranjit Sidhu, Executive Vice President and COO Consulting Research and Information Services E. Judy Barokas, Ph.D., President Kane, Parsons and Associates, Inc. Herman W. Kane, President R. Wayne Parsons, Executive Vice President

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An Overview of Growth & Change Partnerships have expanded in number, measure of volunteer hours and quality to class. Source: Partnerships 2000: A Decade of Growth and Change

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An Overview of Growth & Change Growth of organizations is being energized by private business. 74% 76% 63% 61% 59% 42% 41% 38% 34% 29% 23% Parent Organizations Non Profits Associations Small Business Medium Corporations Large Corporations Source: Partnerships 2000: A Decade of Growth and Change

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Approach to Developing Guiding Principles Research Steps: Data Collection, Analysis, and Synthesis Research Synthesis & Analysis Guiding Themes Guiding Principles School Administrators Business Executives Partners in Education Industry Analysts Council Subcommittee The Council Detailed strategy found in Appendix

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Mutual advantages characterize associations. Generous Process Business School Commerce Process Business School Partnership Process Business School

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Key Research Findings School Administrators

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General Partnership Overview The greater part of school overseer organizations are produced with business. 95% 43% 29% 22% Business Corporate Foundations Other Non-Profits Private Foundations Government Organizations Base: 261 School Administrators Q. Does your school have any sort of organization or joint action with?

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General Partnership Overview Importance Of Partnerships To Schools (Percent Extremely/Very Important) The most vital regions bolstered with associations concentrate on understudy improvement and progression. Territories of less significance address the extension of blocks and mortar. 72% 60% 49% 44% 28% Base: 261 School Administrators Q. How critical are associations to your capacity to give the accompanying projects?

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General Partnership Overview Food, drink, and eatery organizations are said regularly as far as vital associations. Most Important Partnership To The School 33% 17% 19% 11% 8% 7% 5% Food Bev Misc. Benefit Don\'t Know Non Profit Retail Mftr. Money related Base: 261 School Administrators Q. What organization is included with the most imperative association you depend on to meet your destinations?

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Specific Partnership Evaluation School overseers are exceptionally satisfied with the execution of their most critical business accomplice. Level Of Satisfaction With The Selected Partnership Somewhat/Very Dissatisfied 3% Somewhat Satisfied 10% Extremely Satisfied 38% Very Satisfied 49% Base: 261 School Administrators Q. By and large, how fulfilled would you say you are with the capacity of this association in gatherings its objective?

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Characteristics of Effective Partnerships Satisfaction with an association is exceptionally corresponded to these qualities: 1. Capacity to determine issues emerging from association 2. Clear correspondence of parts and obligations 3. Very much arranged project 4. Estimation of project to class or understudies 5. Finish preparing for educators and staff 6. Bolster materials for educators and staff 7. Nature of administrations and items Characteristics recorded by request of quality of connection

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Specific Partnership Evaluation Likelihood Of Continuing The Partnership Beyond The 2001-2002 School Year Almost 100% of the school managers hope to proceed with the organization next school year. Not Likely 4% Very Likely 30% Definitely 67% Base: 261 School Administrators Q. How likely would you say you are to proceed with this association past the 2001-2002 school year?

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Commitment to the Partnership Of the directors certainly proceeding with the chose organization, the characterizing attributes of responsibility are: Goals of the association and school are flawlessly adjusted Goal of the association is to propel understudy training Formal administration framework is set up School conducts formal assessments of the association Teachers are positively arranged towards the association Written strategy bolsters business organizations in the school There is no rank request for Commitment Characteristics. Qualities are profiled from inquiries where conferred Administrator answers are particularly not quite the same as the less dedicated Administrators.

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Specific Partnership Evaluation Attitudes Of Various Constituencies Towards The Partnership except for the media, school executives trust the school and group see associations to be ideal. Base: 261 School Administrators Q. How might you depict the demeanors toward the association among the accompanying constituents?

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Perceptions & Attitudes Perceived Benefits Of The Partnership For The Business Partner School executives plainly perceive advantages of school organizations for their business accomplices running from "Goodwill" to "Producing Revenue". Goodwill of group and folks Building brand dedication Receiving positive media scope Advancing part as group pioneer Direct showcasing to understudies Generating income Base: 261 School Administrators Q. Do you feel the organization advantages the business accomplice by? (Percent reacting YES)

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Perceptions & Attitudes Appropriateness Of School Providing Public Recognition Of A Business Partner School overseers feel it is fitting to openly perceive business associations. 35% Extremely suitable 41% Very proper 17% Somewhat fitting 3% Not exceptionally or not in the slightest degree fitting Not certain 4% Base: 261 School Administrators Q. How proper is it for the school to give open acknowledgment of the endeavors gave by the business accomplice?

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General Partnership Overview Companies in the Food, Beverage and Restaurant industry are most much of the time refered to as Best Class Partners. Inside that classification, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the two organizations frequently specified by name. Best Class Partnerships Coca-Cola 11% Pepsi 10% McDonald\'s 5% Gen. Mills 1% Kroger 1% Other 6% 20% 14% 13% 6% Food Beverage Restaurant Non Profit Misc. Benefit Retail Financial Don\'t Know Base: 261 School Administrators Q. Could you give me the name of an organization you feel is making a particularly decent showing with regards to with school associations?

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Key Research Findings Business Executives

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Participating Companies Business interviews included administrators from little, medium and extensive organizations.

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FINANCIAL Increased income Customer faithfulness HUMAN CAPITAL Employee resolve through work on unselfish project Employee enrollment & maintenance Economic soundness of group COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Better schools build estimation of group Well taught understudies fortify the work power Community training and generosity HUMAN CAPITAL Better readiness for universe of work Successful occupation arrangements COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Increased assets for schools Higher test scores Increased understudy accomplishment Benefits to Busin

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