Correspondence and Coordinated effort: Working with Personnel for Data Familiarity.

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Craftsmanship Libraries Society of North America. Atlanta, Georgia. April 27, 2007 ... Credit Courses and Other Instruction for Art and Art History Students ...
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Correspondence and Collaboration: Working with Faculty for Information Fluency Jennifer Parker Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos Jeanne Brown Claudia Covert Art Libraries Society of North America Atlanta, Georgia April 27, 2007

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Working with Faculty to Create Credit Courses and Other Instruction for Art and Art History Students Jennifer Parker Art and Architecture Librarian University of Colorado at Boulder

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From Graduate School, to Library School, to Internships and Assignments

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Instruction at CU-Boulder Collaboration between CU-Libraries and the Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) RIOT Tutorial and Instruction Session Few set up connections between scholarly offices and the Libraries No subject or train particular guideline for human expressions

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Getting the Department Involved Collaborations are fundamental Patience and industriousness vital Presence was the key

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Collaborating with Studio Arts Studio Artists have diverse necessities from the library Few consider library to be an asset for their understudies Few believe that they have investigate needs

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Foundations for Studio Art Intro class required for all approaching studio expressions majors – around 450 a year Focused on routine of specialists Faculty intrigued by consolidating brief exploration task

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The Assignment 3-4 page research paper on a contemporary craftsman the understudy has found out about in class Paper is to incorporate a catalog and a picture Students must use no less than 3 assets Students must visit the Art and Architecture Collection

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The Instruction Webpage Steps for looking into a contemporary craftsman: Search Chinook for a book Search ArtBibliographies Modern for an article Search Lexis/Nexis Academic for a survey Search the Internet for a site approximately the craftsman Evaluation and reference of materials

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Research for Art History Grad Students Proposed at an Art History Faculty Meeting One credit course educated in conjunction with the Art Theory course Required for all approaching graduate understudies Recommended for cutting edge students

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The CU Library System and Refworks Bibliographies, Biographies, and Images Iconography Ancient to Medieval Renaissance to Modern North and South American Contemporary and Non-customary Non-western and Multi-Cultural The Course

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Outcomes 700 understudies in the Foundations program Credit course recorded for this fall Increased nearness in the libraries New coordinated efforts crosswise over grounds

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Thank You. Jennifer.Parker@Colorado.EDU

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