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represents $70 million in income and costs every year. dependable ... interest and might keep a genuine record of all receipts and the consumptions in ...
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CORTLAND COUNTY Choice between an Elected Treasurer and an Appointed Comptroller

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County Government Structure Public Legislature Treasurer Budget & Finance Committee Human Services Committee Judiciary Public Safety Committee Buildings & Grounds Committee Planning & Ag Committee Health Committee Highway Committee Personnel Committee County Administrator Department Heads Support Staff

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History of the Treasurer\'s Office County Law, Article 13, Section 550 : The County Treasurer might perform the obligations recommended by law as the Chief Fiscal Officer of the County. Such County Treasurer should perform such extra and related obligations as might be recommended by law and coordinated by the leading body of managers.

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History of the Treasurer\'s Office Section XXIX of the 1777 NYS Constitution expresses that the most punctual County Treasurers were delegated - they stayed named until the 1821 New York State Constitutional Convention, alongside Co. Representatives, Sheriffs and Surrogates, who were then chosen. In 1852, the aggregate Cortland County spending plan was $20,000. In 2004, the aggregate Cortland County spending plan is around $70 million.

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Duties of the treasurer or representative: reports the current money related position of the province to the region governing body so they can settle on educated choices on region issues and spending plan arranging in charge of contributing region finances astutely in charge of obtaining for the benefit of the district administrative obligation regarding the staff, 4.5 full time positions oversight of offers duty conveyance to different regions in the region represents $70 million in income and costs every year in charge of compromise of books in charge of advantage administration record reports with the State Comptroller\'s Office gather reprobate property charges supervises region finance organization obligations, for example, charge administrations and authentications of residency

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Duties of the Treasurer CHAPTER ELEVEN OF THE CONSOLIDATED LAWS ARTICLE 13 - COUNTY TREASURER County Law § 550. Area treasurer; obligations. 1. The region treasurer should perform the obligations recommended by law as the boss monetary officer of the province. Such district treasurer might perform such extra and related obligations as might be endorsed by law and coordinated by the leading group of chiefs. 2. The region treasurer should get and be the caretaker of all cash having a place with the province or in which the area has a premium and might keep a genuine record of all receipts and the uses in books gave by him to the detriment of the region. 3. At the very latest the main day of March in every year the province treasurer might outfit an announcement of and pay over to the state specialist all punishments or funds having a place with the state. Any state charge demanded as a major aspect of the region charge should be paid to the state representative at the latest the fifteenth day of May in every year. The region treasurer, the area and the surety or sureties on the official undertaking of such district treasurer might be obligated to the state for all cash gathered and having a place with the state and for any state charge collected as a part of the province assess together with premium not surpassing ten for each centum per annum, to repay the state for any getting occasioned by any inability to pay the same to the state. 4. At the latest the tenth day of January in every year, the region treasurer might transmit to the town representative of every town inside his area an announcement of all cash paid by said province treasurer to the director of the town amid the former year. 5. The province treasurer might dispense all cash got from the fish and untamed life administration of the United States bureau of the inside in accordance with segment seven hundred fifteen-s of the transitory fledgling protection follow up on a relative premise to those units of neighborhood government, including, yet not constrained to class locale and the district itself in suitable cases, which have caused the misfortune or lessening of genuine property charge incomes by reason of the presence of such zones. Where such funds are to be paid to the chiefs of towns, for a situation where any such natural life shelter terrains are found entirely inside the limits of a consolidated town, such cash should be paid to the leading group of trustees of such town. Such funds might be utilized only for town or town interstate purposes, all things considered. Where such cash are paid to treasurers or other financial officers of a school area, such funds might be utilized only for government funded school purposes. Upon solicitation, an area administrator of schools might outfit to the region treasurer such information as he may require to effectuate the payment of funds under this subdivision. 6. The leading body of chiefs may, by determination, decide to go into an agreement to accommodate the store of the occasional finance of the region in a bank or trust organization for disbursal by it as per the procurements of area ninety-six-b of the managing an account law.

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Duties of the Comptroller CHAPTER ELEVEN OF THE CONSOLIDATED LAWS ARTICLE 14 COUNTY COMPTROLLER §577. Region Comptroller Powers and obligations. 1. The province controller should: (a) have general superintendence over the financial undertakings of the area; (b) review all cases, records and requests that are legal district accuses of the same impact as though evaluated and coordinated to be paid by the leading body of administrators; (c) keep books and records to the detriment of the region demonstrating all appointments, assets and consumptions together with the name of the petitioner and the sums and nature thereof; (d) keep and save all cases, records and requests, number them successively and embrace consequently their stipend or forbiddance in entire or to some degree; (e) keep a different record with every region officer or division and exceptional assets; (f) keep and safeguard all agreements for the outfitting of warmth, light, phone, supplies or different administrations; (g) keep a record of all fortified obligation and different credits and lead the offer of all securities compliant with the procurements of the neighborhood money law; (h) get bank proclamations from depositaries of region assets in any event once per month and accommodate them with his books and that of the region treasurer; (i) subject to the procurements of the common administration law, ensure the accuracy of payrolls for the installment of pay rates of officers and representatives paid from region supports and convey a guaranteed transcript to the region treasurer as approval for installment; gave that if the leading body of bosses goes into an agreement in accordance with subdivision six of segment five hundred fifty of this part such confirmed transcript might be conveyed to the fitting bank or trust organization; (j) in any event once per year survey all books and records, vouchers and different papers relating to the cash, assets and property of the region and render a report subsequently to the leading group of directors in the matter of whether appropriate books and records have been kept and all funds and property of the region represented; (k) cause to be printed inside thirty days after the end of the monetary year for dispersion to the leading group of managers, region officers and people in general, a checked explanation in rundown structure demonstrating the receipts of cash from all sources, the uses and adjusts by assets, and reinforced obligation together with the terms of installment and the equalization unpaid and such other data as might be esteemed legitimate or coordinated by the leading group of chiefs; (1) in the region of Nassau, inspect and review all alone movement or when coordinated to do as such by determination of the leading group of managers all records, contracts, books and records of the Nassau region modern improvement office as set up by segment nine hundred twenty-two of the general metropolitan law, and all bank articulations from depositaries of such office stores; (m) perform such extra and related obligations as might be endorsed by law or coordinated by the leading body of bosses. 2. The initially chose area representative might have energy to utilize to the detriment of the province and as approved by the leading body of administrators such master bookkeepers as might be important to introduce a money related framework for the region. 3. All warrants coordinated to the region treasurer for installment might express the asset whereupon it is chargeable. No asset might be overdrawn nor should any case be charged to some other asset. 4. All vouchers should be checked or ensured as required by area three hundred sixty-nine of this section and affirmed by the province officer or leader of the division bringing about same. 5. He may require any province officer or leader of a division to outfit a stock of supplies and hardware close by and any essential buys contracted for or thought about.

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Qualifications of a chose treasurer: US Citizen 18 years old Resident of Cortland County Elected by the general population

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Qualifications of a designated Comptroller: Minimum common administration capabilities which were drafted after audit of capabilities utilized by different regions which incorporate a mix of metropolitan bookkeeping background and accreditation

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Qualifications of a named Comptroller: A. At the season of arrangement, the County Comptroller might have the accompanying preparing and/or experience: (1). Graduation from a territorially certify school or college, or one authorize by the New York State Board of Regents to give degrees, with a Master\'s Degree in Accounting, Public Administration or Business Administration or a related field, which more likely than excluded or been supplemented by no less than twelve credits in bookkeeping AND four (4) years of paid full-time supervisory involvement in get ready and keeping up monetary records and records, which more likely than not included planning of money related proclamations and additionally other bookkeeping exercises, two (2) years of which should be in legislative accoun

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